25 May, 2012

The EU = Marxism With a Briefcase

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“At the end of this war I see Europe recreated, not by diplomats, but by the proletariat. The Federated Republic of Europe—the United States of Europe—that is what must be. National autonomy no longer suffices. Economic evolution demands the abolition of national frontiers. If Europe is to remain in national groups, then Imperialism will recommence its work.”

Leon Trotsky, 1917 [Note: Zionism is Jewish imperialism].

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    1. Arkan Says:

      The idea of a consolidated European continent has been construed by everyone from Bonaparte to Trotsky. Albeit, the socio-technical credo of pax-Napoleonica could’ve been best understood by Woodrow Wilson’s private regard toward America when he said:

      “America was not created to generate wealth among men but to realize a vision, an idea to maintain liberty among men.”

      The Soviet style preached equality but it certainly did not practice it through its famines, gulags, rapes and executions.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      The Ejew had a number of disguises and name changes. It initially grew out of the European iron and steel trade agreements of the 1950’s, then became the ‘Common Market’, the ‘European Economic Community’, the ‘European Community’, and finally the ‘European Union’.
      For the time being the EU is not openly Marxist, it doesn’t have to be, it’s policies of bureaucratic globalization and stripping of national soverignty are working as intended to prevent any protest at the suicidal importation into Europe of every form of turd world vermin.
      There is a glimmer of hope, big jew’s determination to integrate the disparate Euro countries is driving the national economies so far from any natural equilibrium that dangerous instability will be normal.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Europe obviously cannot be turned into a unified superstate. Everyone from Caesar to Sarkozy has tried it and ultimately failed. Nor can the nations of Europe peacefully co-exist, what with all those old ethnic rivalries and territorial disputes. I’m sure there’s a solution but I’m kind of sleepy right now. All I can say at this point is that the solution will involve eliminating Jews, Turks, Negroes, Arabs and Gypsies once and for all.

    4. William Jonson Says:

      Here’s irony: while the Zionist powers-that-be in America relentless suppress the average American through globalist and multi-cultural protocols (the likely end, conscription for a ‘total war’ against Islam), in Israel, illegal aliens are met with the most vigorous protest:

      “Israelis worry that their national identity as a Jewish state is being threatened by unauthorized African migrants, who now make up less than 1 per cent of Israel’s population.

      “It’s the crumbling of the Zionist dream,” Interior Minister Eli Yishai warned on Thursday.

      Officials claim the overwhelming majority of the migrants are not bona fide refugees escaping persecution and war, but economic migrants looking for jobs. Israeli leaders use terms like “infiltrators,” ”cancer“ and ”national scourge” to describe them, setting an inflammatory tone.” 1

      Dare I say, makes White Nationalist look positively genteel by comparison.

      1 http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/05/25/tensions-increase-as-israeli-leaders-call-for-expulsion-of-african-migrants/

    5. Arkan Says:

      I don’t think there’s a reason to eliminate anybody. The only real thing that needs to take place is for all non-Europeans to have their citizenships revoked and deportations need to start taking place. Of course, this will never happen because White people are too soft and virtually nobody sees the world beyond the desires of their own individual. This is the White condition. The Jews have been persecuted throughout history and now they’ve got a strong ultra-nationalist patch of sand in the desert. This is the shit that probably needs to happen to White people too, our kind would have to come close to being completly wiped off the fucking map before they could come to terms with their own identity.

      Hence, Europe is set for racial and cultural destruction and there is nothing being done to stop that, not even a ‘good idea’ has been put together to stop the impending doom and I dare anyone to show or prove that anything will change for the better of our plight.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Plenty of ‘good ideas’ have been stated by many WN authors over the past century, but the prevailing climate of consumerism and junk culture has prevented the mass of Whites from seeing just how they are being lead to the slaughter.
      It’s difficult, but we must remain optimistic if we are to take advantage of the turmoil which is sure to occur.

    7. David J Says:

      Have any of you guys heard of ‘BUGS’?

      We’re a pro-White activist site that works on the internet imposing pro-White terminology and attacking the genocidal anti-whites.

      We don’t mention the Jewish role at the moment because we’re just raising awareness about the White genocide issue and imposing keywords like ‘anti-white’, ‘naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews’ and the phrase ‘anti-racist is a code word for anti-white’.

      Here’s the site if anyone’s interested in helping out:


    8. Arminius Says:

      This poor “proletarian” (note: proletariat are Jews living off the money of their rich brethren-in-faith, to do their dirty jobs, remember Karl Marx) had excellent connections to Wallstreet banksters and WW, who provided him with passport, free journey and cash to revolutionize Russia.
      As usual when after success a huge spoil is to be divided, Jews like any gangsters start to fight each other. Lev Bronstein-Trotsky lost and was “expelled”. The day of reckoning came later, and it is hard to imagine a more cruel end he found at the hands of comrades-in-pay.
      So, CW2 could be quite right:
      “we are to take advantage of the turmoil which is sure to occur.”

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Stabbed in bed by a STD-ed spic/Mongol female, is my memory correct ?

      The bastard larvae-d up on 127th street on the upper East side of Manhattan and then leaves on a ship with around 25 million in U.S. cash and Gold head for Russian and the murder of Czar Nicky, his dear wife and all their children. Our military at the time should have shot Vilson the vile black mailed garbage and then launched an all out invasion to rescue the Czar. HE and Russia deserved that much from US, but WW 1 did US in IMO.

    10. DMS Says:

      A forward-thinking story about people of different races and sexes, united as one under the direction of an educated visionary:


    11. Arkan Says:

      Brilliant film.

    12. Arkan Says:

      Of course, not neary as cool as the nigger that the cops in Florida recently put down when they spotted him eating another dude’s face.

      Pah-dah-dap-dap-dah …

    13. The Red Skull Says:

      Trotsky was the best of the Bolshevik Leaders.He comes across as somewhat “likeable” to me.He also turned out to be an astute military commander,who saved the Reds A$$ when the Whites had them on the ropes for a time.So he had charisma,and ability.

      What he wasn’t as good at was the the power struggle between him and Stalin after the military victory was achieved.In the game of “Gangster Snakes Collide” Trotsky failied to oil the machinery of success with plenty of the right snake oil and found himself exiled.No mention of thanks from Stalin for saving the Reds militarily,and he started the MYTH that HE won the great victory-not Trotsky.

      When Trotsky didn’t shut up about Stalin,he was silenced by an Ax to his head.

      My point is–of all the enemy leaders to learn about-i find Lev Bronstein the most interesting and it might benefit us to learn from him.

      If nothing else,his life should be held up as an example to liberals and commies everywhere that no matter how much you did for the “cause”—you can still end up in a gulag or with an ax in your head for “displeasing” certain higher ups.

      Thats Communist “Gratitude” for you—a bullet ,an ax,forced labor,exile,torture,starvation,etc,etc,etc,—soon coming to America under King Obongo.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent post, Red Skull! I have read it several times over and I agree not only with what you said about Lev Davidovitch but also the way you said it. I have read several books by Trotsky, including his last one, which was a very funny and unflattering assessment of Stalin and his betrayal of the Revolution. Writing that book is what probably cost Trotsky his life. And like you say he is the most interesting figure in the Bolshevik pantheon, although Lenin was also someone who I find quite fascinating.

      Lenin was not only the one who brought Stalin up through the ranks, he, along with his friend Trotsky, also tried to remove Stalin from power before it was too late. Lenin then died quite unexpectedly a short time later. Stalin then had Trotsky fired from his post as Soviet War Minister, then stripped him of his Party membership, exiled and ultimately assassinated.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      Yes, Red Skull, Time excellent !

      HOW did this animal scum get his support for all his murdering from the beginning.

      Could Stalin had done all alone and Stayed in Power Alone.

      My guess is the TPTB wanted some one who would Obey first and then kill/war as needed.

      Stalin’s build up of huge military supplies and men after the killing of ten of millions of White Russian, hardship, tears and displacement need a War Threat to keep them corralled for the Stalin/NYC and London use to smash the heart of freedom and LONDON.

      The USSR was a criminal pirate state run by murdering CRIMINALS who FDR recognized ASAP after he was sworn in as POTUS! The US was the first Nation on Earth to recognize a Criminal gang murderously running Robbing Russia, and who had murdered in Cold blood not its Czar who was our friend,but his whole family.

      Notice what group murders whole families and relatives.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      National autonomy no longer suffices. Economic evolution demands the abolition of national frontiers.

      NPR worshiping White Race traitor Useful idiots believe it today.

    17. The Red Skull Says:

      @Tim McG and Howdy

      Thanks guys!–glad you enjoyed my commentary!–just because they are the enemy doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be informed about them or their “methods”–in fact we should strive TO BE INFORMED about them!

      I also find Lenin to be interesting Tim,and Stalin too from the Perspective of him being a narcississtic Psycho like King Obongo—-I am also suspecting Stalin was a “cryto-Jew” and tried to hide it.His last real name is the clue–please excuse butchered spelling—DugaShvili??

      Whether we like them or not —Lenin and Trotsky we both “Successful Revolutionaries”—-and their methods should be studied by all who wish to turn the Vicious Anti-White System “our” Guv’t has become on its head.

    18. The Red Skull Says:

      Pardon my typo—Thats “crypto-Jew”

      Hey!Not bad for spell-check when its only my brain doing the proofreading!

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know about Stalin being Jewish. From what I can see, that rumor is just an old right-wing smear. For one thing, Stalin’s parents were very poor…Vissarion was an alcoholic cobbler and Ekaterina was a nearsighted seamstress and laundress. How many Jewish parents can be described thus?

      For another thing, Stalin hated the Jewish revolutionaries he was forced to work with, like Trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev, although whether he hated them because they were Jews or for some other reason is not clear. What’s more, Stalin’s mother wanted “Soso” to be a village priest…hardly the kind of job a Jewish mother would want for her son!

      Stalin was also eager to make an alliance with the Third Reich, something that the Jew Trotsky would never, ever have done. Even after the war Stalin praised Hitler. I would hardly call that a sign of Jewishness. Of course, Stalin, like the Jews, was a ruthless, scheming Asiatic, but that can be said of all Asiatics, not just the Jews.

      The jury has returned with its verdict….Stalin was NOT a Jew.

    20. The Red Skull Says:

      @Obersturmbannfuhrer McGreen

      Sieg Heil !! —Thanks for the clarification on that aspect of the ever-evolving EVIIIILLLLL Plot to Rule the Masses —Terrible Timmy!

      Then again–howcome ol Uncle Joe Continually ESCAPES the “Crucifixtion Treatment” the Jews give Hitler unendingly…………in the Zionist/Marxist/Jew/Mainstream Media?

      Lets hear what the VNN Swami of Smerk has to say about that.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think the Jews have mixed feelings about Uncle Joe. He led the fight against Hitler and Fascism, but he was privately hostile to the Jews. Actually, I think there has been a pretty good amount of criticism and condemnation aimed at Stalin by the establishment crowd, including among the Jews themselves. In fact, Hitler’s BFF Benito Mussolini is condemned much less strenuously by the System than Stalin is.

    22. The Red SKull Says:

      I have to agree with you Tim,Stalin was enigmatic,maybe even moreso than the Fuhrer,Being an “Asiatic” as you described.

      But if he was “privately hostile to the Jews” as you say then i guess we have to like him a little bit then don’t we?

      Wasn’t he planning some sort of Pogrom against the Yids prior to his death?

      Aslo i believe he had some unsavory things to say about the
      “Chosen Ones? ” didn’t he?_i n that Movie way Back–Stalin–With Robert Duvall>

      Still–Victor Suvuvrov says he was planning to invade Europe to expand the Revolution,and the Fuhrer Pre-empted him.

      At least Stalin had the BALLS to personally sign your death Warrant!!

      Thats what he went to and did EVERYDAY for a job!!

      I wonder if Communist King Obongo will have the Balls to do the same??

    23. CW-2 Says:

      Mrs Stalin: Did you have a nice day at the office, Honey?
      Uncle Joe: Yes Dear, I authorized Kaganovich to start killing Whites.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      Kevin MacDonald responds:

      [Recently by Kevin MacDonald: Immigration And The Unmentionable Question Of Ethnic Interests]

      Fundamentally, Eugene Girin does not like Yuri Slezkine’s findings. In response, seeking to make these conclusions easier to dismiss, he adopts the stratagem of trying to convince his readers that I have misrepresented Slezkine. But I did not.

      No one is saying that all Jews supported the USSR or denying that some Jews suffered from the regime, even at the height of Jewish power. But Slezkine provides overwhelming evidence that Jews constituted an elite in the USSR and that the great majority of Soviet Jews supported Bolshevism and benefited from it—evidence that fits well with previously existing data that I have summarized in my writing on this topic.

      Girin provides some Slezkine figures on Jewish representation in early Bolshevism to suggest that Jews did not play a particularly outstanding role. However, he fails to note how Slezkine contextualizes these findings. After all, the title of Slezkine’s book is The Jewish Century. It would be odd to find that Slezkine’s real view is that Jews were not much of a factor in arguably the most significant upheaval of the 20th century.

      For example, Girin quotes Slezkine that “the vast majority of Bolshevik party members (72 percent in 1922) were ethnic Russians.” But he fails to note Slezkine’s basic argument that the Jews formed an elite within the Bolshevik movement: Jews formed 40 percent of the top elected officials in the army, 5 of the 12 members of the Bolshevik Central Committee that voted to launch an armed insurrection in 1917, and much else (see Slezkine, pp. 175–180).

      Jews did not form a particularly high percentage of the Cheka, says Slezkine, “but even in the Cheka, Bolsheviks of Jewish origin combined ideological commitment with literacy in ways that set them apart and propelled them upward” (p. 177).

      Slezkine’s views on this matter are entirely compatible with my previously published analysis of the Jewish role in Bolshevism: Jews formed an indispensable elite that was a necessary condition for the success of Bolshevism. (Even this is an understatement, as argued in the longer Occidental Quarterly version of my VDARE.COM article.)

      Historian Albert Lindemann makes the same point in his book Esau’s Tears:

      “Citing the absolute numbers of Jews [within the Bolshevik movement], or their percentage of the whole, fails to recognize certain key if intangible factors: the assertiveness and often dazzling verbal skills of Jewish Bolsheviks, their energy, and their strength of conviction” (p. 429).

      There is no claim that all or even most Bolsheviks were Jews.

      Jews formed less than five percent of the Russian population at the time of the Revolution, and they were underrepresented in the major urban areas of Moscow and Leningrad prior to the Revolution because of the Pale of Settlement laws. But having a very large, even dominant influence despite forming a small percentage of the population has been a theme of Jewish history, most notably in Eastern and Central Europe prior to the Revolution. The case of Revolutionary Russia once again underscores the importance of philosemitism and building alliances for the Jews. This has been typically necessary in Diaspora situations in order to advance their perceived interests.

      Girin makes the outrageous claim that I argued that “ex-Jews like Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, and the thousands of Cheka operatives and Bolshevik party members retained their Jewish identity and ‘Eastern European shtetl culture [his emphasis]””

      But in fact I explicitly granted the possibility that they did not. And I certainly did not say that Jewish Bolsheviks retained their Eastern European shtetl culture in toto, but that they had retained some aspects of traditional Jewish identity, specifically the ones I listed: a strong sense of estrangement from non-Jewish society, a fear and hatred of peasants, hostility toward the Czarist upper class, and a very negative attitude toward Christianity.

      Since this is a major issue on which I do not agree with Slezkine, I spend almost eight pages on the issue of the Jewish identity of Jewish Bolsheviks in the longer Occidental Quarterly review (pp. 75–82). I would urge readers to look at this material as well as Chapter 3 of my study The Culture of Critique.

      And in the end, as Slezkine actually says (p. 286), by the time of World War II most Jews

      “knew that they were, in some sense, Jews. They may never have been to a synagogue, seen a menorah, heard Yiddish or Hebrew, tasted gefilte fish or indeed met their grandparents. But they knew they were Jews in the Soviet sense, which was also—in essence—the Nazi sense. They were Jews by blood.”

      As for Girin’s other comments, they essentially contradict Slezkine’s argument that in fact the USSR was a Jewish haven and that Jews formed an elite until the post-World War II era, when issues related to Zionism and popular and official anti-Semitism combined to lessen Jewish power.

      The fact that Jews were an elite in the USSR shouldn’t be a surprise. As Slezkine and others have documented, Jews were an economically and culturally dominant elite throughout Eastern and Central Europe too, and they soon became an elite in the U.S. after the massive upsurge in Jewish immigration beginning in the late 19th century.

      Nor should it be surprising that there is a massive taboo surrounding Jewish involvement in the most murderous regime in history. After all, despite the fact that Jews constitute less than 3 percent of the U.S. population, the Holocaust has become a cultural icon as a direct result of Jewish activism and influence in the media, Israel has become a sacred cow in American politics, and the role of Jewish organizations in helping unleash massive multiethnic immigration into the U.S., as well as engineering the current American involvement in Iraq, goes unmentioned in public debate.

      Kevin MacDonald [email him] is Professor of Psychology at California State University-Long Beach.