25 June, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court’s SB1070 Ruling

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The 3-down/1-up ruling is disappointing, but it’s still a victory for Arizona. Cops can now try to verify, during their field interviews, if a person is in America illegally. That is the key part of the law, and it has been upheld by the court. Other states can now copy that part of the law.

So far, media coverage of the court’s ruling has been surprisingly mild. Why? Perhaps because the liberal/Jewish/Puerto Rican wing of the court upheld the key SB1070 provision. Or, maybe the media feels that it’s better to play it low-key in an election year and spin this ruling simply as a victory for federal power and against state’s rights. Or maybe the media is waiting until after the dozens of “civil rights” lawsuits that will no doubt be filed by Mexicans before it attacks Arizona. (The shitskins will of course accuse Arizona cops of “racial profiling”).


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  7. 22 Responses to “The U.S. Supreme Court’s SB1070 Ruling”

    1. torrence Says:

      I knew early on this was one feature of the law that would be upheld.

      This is merely another expansion of police powers under cover of immigration control. While most Amerikwans are applauding this, I can see where this is taking us. Once we become comfy with police approaching us requesting documentation on citizenship status, police privileges will be expanded – again without uproar – to demand we account for other circumstances about us they wish to be informed on.

      May I see your papers, please.

    2. John Q. Republic Says:

      Hey, torrence:

      Welcome back, brother! Where ya been?

      And, yes, you’re post is probably quite correct. The government never does anything by accident. It’s always cold, hard, and calculating. It is seemingly always and forever diametrically opposed to our interests.


    3. old dutch Says:

      The whole thing is mute, because the Obama administration has announced that they will not enforce the law. So, let’s say a state cop pulls over 30 Mexicans in a van with no id, the Federal government will not take them, so best case the Mexicans have been delayed, or have gotten free room & board for the night at local taxpayers expense.

      It might slow illegal immigration down a little?

      Anyone who expects that the six Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court are going to do anything to hinder the 99% Roman Catholic Latinos from entering or staying in the US is kidding themselves.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      O.D., all this Catholic vs Protestant stuff is not only counter-productive it is pretty old fashioned. I wasn’t aware 6 catholics are on the Supreme Court, but I bet they haven’t been into a church in their lives, and the only religion they follow is the Church of Big Jew Bilderberger.
      It is like saying the Kennedys, and in particular Ted Kennedy, are/were Catholics!
      Go ask the average suburban US White catholic who he would prefer as a neighbor, a White Protestant or a Beaner Catholic. We know the answer to that question!

    5. CW-2 Says:

      PS John Kerry masqueraded as a catholic for a long time until somebody discovered his grandfather was a big time rabbi. His response, ‘gee I never knew that’!

    6. old dutch Says:

      There are Six Roman Catholics, and Three Jews on the Supreme Court.

      You Roman Catholics are all in denial, are you afraid the Catholic Sister Holy Whips & Chains will beat you with a stick for seeing reality as it is?

      The facts are the Roman Catholic Church, its heirarchy & priesthood, and its politicians are all pushing for more legal & illegal immigration. You can’t dispute that!

      It’s time to really start to push back, to a greater or lesser degree, on Roman Catholics—including the one’s who claim to be White. The word will get back to their priests & politicians!

      Will the Supreme Court rule next that it’s a hate crime for a White Protestant to knock a Roman Catholic down?

      If you check the Roman Catholic voting patterns in Congress, they vote almost in lockstep with the Jews on immigration, and on all Jew & Israel agenda items.

    7. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      These comments drip with more jew-ignorance than kwans blaming proxy Obanana for ‘his’ policies. And if a logical examination of the high-level class of jew-tools [congress and upward] yields anything it’s that individual jeebooistic orientation is negligible or non-existent as a motivation compared to the monies, gratuities, blackmail and sheer personal evil involved.

      But anybody dumb enough to believe that the revolutionary tribunal (still called the supreme court) is a collection of independent actors with no higher coercion and directorship most likely plans to vote in 2012, too.

    8. Arkan Says:

      We must strive harder to be like the Israelis and kick out all the non-Jews in this country. Remember: Be like Israeli, think like Israeli and above all, ACT like Israeli. But NOT.. because guess what, we’re not ACTUALLY Israeli.. we are all White and pure fucking Aryan except that an embarassing few of us does not know how to spell correctly. They must be culled from the ranks.
      Sieg Heil.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Old Dutch, I’m going to pray the Rosary for you at Mass. In the meantime here is a novena you can pray to Our Lady:

      O Mary, Queen of All Hearts,
      Advocate of the most hopeless cases;
      Mother most pure, most compassionate;
      Mother of Divine Love,
      full of divine light,
      we confide to your care the favors which we ask of you today.

      Consider our misery, our tears,
      our interior trials and sufferings!
      We know that you can help us
      through the merits of your Divine Son, Jesus.
      We promise, if our prayers are heard,
      to spread your glory,
      by making you known under the title of
      Mary, Queen of the Universe.

      Grant, we beseech you,
      hear our prayers,
      for every day you give us so many proofs of your love
      and your power of intercession to heal both body and soul.

      We hope against all hope:
      Ask Jesus to cure us, pardon us,
      and grant us final perseverance.

      O Mary, Queen of all Hearts, help us,
      we have confidence in you.

      ***Remember, you must repeat this prayer 3 times a day for 9 consecutive days or you will NOT get what you want for Christmas.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’ll tell you what’s unconstitutional. It’s not Arizona’s SB1070 law, it’s the Unsupreme Court telling states that they have no right to defend their borders. All those wetbacks swarming in here require lots of taxpayer funded services, like emergency care and court-appointed translators. Tell me, your honor, is it constitutional to force taxpayers to foot the bill for those services, many of which aren’t even available to American citizens?????

      Death to the Empire and to its black-robed high priests of Baal. (Supreme Court judges)

    11. Dave Says:

      Oh. ok. I will allow myself to post here again. A lot of people back and with intelligent posts! Thank uh,god.

    12. Dave Says:

      Hey Arkan. You who correct peoples spelling and call them niggers. Check your phrasing. Re-read your post.

    13. Arkan Says:

      Hey, Dave.

      (“,” <— comma, bitch.)

      What's up with my above post?

    14. The RED SKULL Says:

      Some Good Posts here!–Athough am forced to To agree with Torrence in his first and probably accurate post about where this “law” is heading.

      Whatever takes US Closer to the Zionist-Marxist Police State they Like.

    15. The RED SKULL Says:

      So it is not suprising that the Supreme Court allowed that first part of the the Law to pass as it will support the police state agenda.

      We also have 2! -Jewish -Zionist -Marxist Female Pigs on the court -!!

      Ruth Bader Ginsberg– and the other sour -faced man-hater–Kagan.

      Who By the way –recused herself on the ruling as she had done work i believe under King Obongo on immigration as a Jew Lawyer Bitch Before.

      And i’ll let you boys and girls guess which way that C–T would have Voted!—

    16. Arkan Says:

      Skull, is this shocking to you that Jews have evolved into some kind of harbingers of democracy for the fleeting refugees from the South Americas? It’s only empathy and probably because they can relate to the history of their own. America turns people democratic – there must be some kind of stigma associated with that.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh yes, the Jews have so much sympathy for Mud refugees that they always keep the borders of Israel wide open for them. You see, the Jew doesn’t care if the unfortunate refugee is a fellow Jew or a gentile, the refugee just needs help…after all, the Jewish Bible commands G-d’s Chosen to show compassion to the stranger among them.

      HeeehheeehaHahAahahHHA! Ho-ho!

    18. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Don’t worry, the assistant head nigger in charge at the (in)Justice Dept. will file a flurry of lawsuits should Arizona impose the only provision allowed to stand. Or, Obongo, the executive order nigger will just issue another EO making what remains of SB1070 unlawful. And the conservatives will snivel that it’s unconstitutional.

      True to his African DNA, Obongo is behaving just like a potentate and dictator.

    19. Arkan Says:

      Tim, I only said that America turns people democratic. What the Jews do in Israel is beside the point.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      I have lived in America all my life and if anything it’s turned me into a government-hating, Molotov-cocktail throwing, flag-burning, bridge-detonating maniac, not a democrat. To blazes with those Establishment pigs who are forever oinking about their infernal “democracy”.

    21. Arkan Says:

      You forgot to add the word, “cyber” to all those descriptions. You wouldn’t be here with us today, otherwise.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Speaking of the Supreme Court, the homosexual Supreme Court justice John Roberts voted to protect his fruity mulatto boyfriend Barry Soetero by voting for Obongocare. Roberts let his lust for Soetero blind him to the fact that SoeteroCare is clearly unconstitutional. Faggot!

      Under NO circumstances will I submit to that nigger’s illegal and immoral health care “reform”, especially that god damn “individual mandate” business. Under NO circumstances. You read it here first.