30 July, 2012

‘Hostile Living Environment’

Posted by Socrates in dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, immigration, Jewed workplaces, mestizos, Mexcrement, Mexinvasion, nation-building/nation-wrecking, Socrates, White thought at 9:25 pm | Permanent Link

Seen at VNN Forum: a mention of how, if a man puts up a poster of a bikini-clad woman in his workplace, he has, according to modern employment law, created a “hostile work environment” for women. It’s considered a form of harassment, even though no one is forcing women to look at the poster.

Food for thought: America’s open-borders lobby has created a “hostile living environment” for Whites by flooding America with Mexicans and other foreigners (there are even Mexicans in Iowa and Kansas now). Needless to say, Mexican behavior is often at odds with White culture.

Note that a hostile living environment is much worse than a hostile work environment.

Maybe Whites can sue the open-borders lobby for creating a hostile living environment.

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  7. 8 Responses to “‘Hostile Living Environment’”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The wetback invasion is also damaging the environment along the border. The beaners shit all over the place and throw their litter anywhere they please. What’s more, the greasers cut down every tree they see and are inveterate fire-bugs. It’s a veritable bio-hazard along the US-Mexican border, but those swishy liberal environmentalists keep their yaps shut about it for fear of being called names by other liberal swishes.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Brown stubby White hating bandit bastards have thrown and stuffed Shitty Diapers all over EVERY county in the NATION!

      They have done this with with Willful Malice, and the jooos know it too.

    3. Luke Says:

      Speaking of hygiene, in my area – I’ve noticed an incredible increase in the filthiness of nearly every public restroom that I go into. Evidently, down in Mexcremento, being a third world shit hole – their sewer systems are not sophisticated enough to handle toilet paper, so mestizos who are here illegally tend to think that ours aren’t either. So, they wipe their nasty asses and then toss their filthy paper on the floors.

      As result, most business owners around my area are now placing trashcans INSIDE the stalls – in hopes that these stupid beaners will toss their dirty toilet paper into the trashcans, instead of on the floor. So, you have to learn to take a deep breath of fresh air, before going into stall to do your business because the stench in there is pretty nasty.

      Also, I’ve noticed that there seems to be another rather unique and totally disgusting ‘cultural enrichment’ that our mestizos and other third world aliens are bringing into our society, with regards to their latrine habits. Apparently, these third worlders consider it to be a sign of maximum machismo to take a massive dump and make sure they leave part of it splattered all over the toilet seat – or, in some cases, not even bother flushing it at all – so the next visitor who uses the restroom can see their body waste. This habit tends to remind me of how dogs will sometimes take a dump to mark their territory – and when another dog wanders by, they’ll sniff the pile to see if they recognize who their competitor is.

      Interestingly, years ago, I was having a conversation with a Filipino acquaintance of mine from work, and he once told me that the one thing that he noticed almost immediately – when he first stepped foot into America, was how ‘clean’ and orderly our society was, as compared to his own native country. That was back when America was still about 80 percent White European, though.

      Hence: Disease and epidemics are not widespread in the turd world without good reason – the places where non-whites live are a reflection of their piss-poor sanitation and third world hygiene standards, which are by-products of the culture and overall mindset of these people.

      And, this disgusting trend is now spreading across America as we slowly sink into a third world sewer.

    4. The RED SKULL Says:


      100% Straight on Luke!!

      If you think thats bad –try sharing a construction worksite porta-potty with these subhuman swine!!–

      #1 you find a ‘convenient spot’ outside if possible

      #2 you drive to a fast food joint or pray doesn’t happen.

      I think a great RE-EDUCATION TOOL for guilty white liberals would be to have them SHARE a worksite porta-potty (even if there is no work) with about 10 greasy taco- benders who’ve dumped some nasty burrito -inspired ‘La Raza’s’ in there for a month——

      They’d change their Tune about about ‘Diversity” really fast—and if not –another thirty days in the Hole!!

      Which by then, they will hopefully commit suicide by throwing themselves in —-because they realize======FINALLY!!!!!!!!———that those Eviiiiiiill,Horrible,Hateful Racists were right all along,——and rather than admit WE were RIGHT—they would rather kill themselves by suffocationg themselves in a pile of Mexicano Excremento Senyor. —Thats how Horrible the MENTAL DISEASE of GUILTY WHITE LIBERALISM IS!!!

    5. Shane Says:

      Yes but since the immigration courts are run by jews and the legal system in general is run by jews, it is unlikely anyone can sue them. A better solution might be armed state militias to deal with these invaders. It would have to be covert at first because the Feds are obviously not on our side either.

    6. fd Says:

      Bitter White women exact revenge against White men at each and every given opportunity. They consider themselves a minority. They have armed up with the non-Whites.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      fd Says:
      31 July, 2012 at 10:12 am

      Bitter White women exact revenge against White men at each and every given opportunity. They consider themselves a minority. They have armed up with the non-Whites.

      Most of them are on SSI or have a GOVERNMENT make work job, but I would like to be there to watch the day their skanky selves need help as an elderly they to their helpless horror find out how much the Brown Stubbies love them.

    8. Waldo Starr Says:

      I don’t know if the beaners are as bad as the Africans but a friend of mine use to work in central maintenance where city garbage trucks would come in for repair. He told me he hated to work on the trucks, not so much for the garbage smell, but for the urine smell in the cab. The blacks would take a piss on the door and with the inside of the door not covered the piss would collect there, and over time it would cause the door to rust out, and of course they never took the time to wash out the piss, so they stunk pretty bad. I could not imagine any white person fouling their work area and working in it day in and day out. Only an African could enjoy that environment.