10 July, 2012

New Book About Jews/Genetics

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Not long ago, a reader at VNN hit the nail on the head: he said that Jews act like a race, so they must be treated as a race, regardless of whether scientists call them a race or not.


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  7. 15 Responses to “New Book About Jews/Genetics”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Contrary to what Terrible Tommy says (and others who buy into that distracting “Khazar” business) Jews do in fact share at least some genetic characteristics with each other. It’s not just religious and cultural bonds that keep The Tribe together…those bonds alone would never be sufficient to achieve the racial solidarity that the Jews enjoy.

      The fact that Tay-Sachs disease only afflicts Jews is but one example of Jewish genetics. I’m sure there are other such diseases peculiar to the Jewish Race, like Hooknose-itis and Ugly Face Syndrome. Like the great Richard Wagner said, no matter how much Jews breed with other groups the Jews always retain their Jew identity. Someone may only be one-fourth Jewish, but that will be enough for other Jews to accept him as one of their own.

      The movie “Rosemary’s Baby”, directed by the Jew Roman Polanski, is about a White mother who is forced to give up her baby to Satan and his followers, a cursed people who consider the baby to be one of their own kind and who will raise him as such. Obviously an unintentional(?) reference to the Jewish practice of raising half-breed mishclinge as Jews!

    2. fd Says:

      Jews are Asiatic at root. They are a promicuous mix of the ancient Mideast racial cauldron. Their biggest con is Judaism. The highly ethnic Jew uses Judaism to run interference in tight places. No doubt they breed as much as possible within their ethnic group. Tony Shalhoub (Monk), Seinfeld, and Billy Crystal have similar facial features.

      Not a fan of TT. He fabricates American history to his liking, especially when it come to the Blue and Gray. He’s the king of libel.

    3. torrence Says:

      The choice is yours. Decide.
      With so much available to read and study, what do you reach for that fills your mind and soul?
      Do you read more on Jews than on that which pertains to you, your Folk and your history? Is it wise to be so overweighted on Jewey things that not enough is left to pursue understanding in other more important areas?

      My recommendation? Drop the book on Jewish genetics and instead make the time to read ‘Hitler – Beyond Evil and Tyranny’. This is the single most important book ever written about that man, even outweighting the contribution of David Irving’s books. Military historian Stolfi finally has written THE book that needed to be written. You will come to understand Hitler the man and what drove him forward more from reading this book than any other.

      Past critical biographers have written lamenting how ‘Hitler may never be explained or comprehended.’ Well, he can now.

      Springtime for Hitler – A Review of the Book ‘Hitler – Beyond Evil and Tyranny’


    4. fd Says:

      The best way to know Hitler is to read his words, especially the speeches of 1930s and early ’40s. He simply didn’t like Jew ridden democraies.

    5. Arkan Says:

      Hitler shot himself after swallowing cyanide with Eva. Almost everyone committed suicide in that bunker because they were scared of being put on trial for starting WW2.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      No, Arkan, it was Churchill, Chamberlain, the Japanese Emperor, Tojo, FDR and his Jewish cabal, along with the belligerent Governments of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland who were chiefly responsible for what would become WWII. Actually, it wasn’t a World War until the USA got involved, just like WWI wasn’t a World War until President Woodrow Wolfsohn made it so.

    7. Arkan Says:

      Sorry, Tim, you’re right. Let me rephrase my post:

      Hitler shot himself after swallowing cyanide with Eva. Almost everyone committed suicide in that bunker because they were scared of being put on trial for being Nazis.

    8. Socrates Says:

      Tim McGreen Says: “No, Arkan, it was Churchill, Chamberlain, the Japanese Emperor, Tojo,”

      I disagree, Tim. Japan didn’t want war, but was forced into war by America. No FDR and his Jewish cabal = no WWII.

    9. Arkan Says:

      On the contrary, there wouldn’t have been a war in Europe if the Nazis blitzkrieged and invaded the frozen steppes of Siberia instead of the rest of Europe.

      I love how you all tip-toe around blaming the German imperialists for the war. Maybe next we can take up other notable imperialist causes such as that of the Welsh and Maltese. Fools.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I take your point, Socrates. Japan certainly didn’t want to go to war against the West, nor were they responsible for starting WWII. But Japanese expansion in the 1930s was heading straight towards the Dutch East Indies, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines, Australia and Indochina….all of which were White-ruled colonies of the West.

      That being the case it was only a question of time before the West would be at war against Japan for control of the Pacific. In fact, in 1920 Lenin predicted an eventual war between America and Japan–possibly by 1928, he said.

      I understand there was some controversy in the Reich about an alliance with Japan. After all they were on opposite sides during the First War, something that resulted in Japan grabbing all of Germany’s colonies in the Pacific. Some of the NS leadership actually thought an alliance with China would have been a better move.

      Siding with the beleaguered Chinks against the Japanese (who were waging aggressive war against China at the time) might have made Germany look like “good guys” in the eyes of the world. And that would have made it a lot more difficult for the Jews to sell their anti-Nazi baloney.

    11. Arkan Says:

      Germany was sided with the Soviets, off and on – so, an alliance with the Chinese wouldn’t have been some great hurdle forward, just more fuckin’ details in the interest of German imperialist land grabs.

    12. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Without a doubt jews are a race, or is it social construct? Not only do they act like one per the comments of the VNN poster cited by Socrates, but they see themselves as a genetically distinct people in conflict with the gentile world.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      As I said earlier, the Jews definitely possess some distinct genetic characteristics, yet most Jews living today are heavily mixed with non-Jew elements. Therefore, they’re hardly in any position to whine about “Anti-Semitism®”. But despite all their non-Jew ancestry the Jews still stubbornly retain their Jewish identity and mentality, do they not?

    14. Arkan Says:

      Fascinating, isn’t it?
      Yet, they choose to be Jew’y Jews and not like wildebeasts.. I’m stumped.

    15. CW-2 Says:

      There are a few exceptions but it is fairly easy to spot a jew either by that ‘look’ or particular mannerisms and general behavior. So in that respect they are an identifiable group or ‘race’.
      We don’t need a PhD in genetics to know the jew is our mortal enemy, the painfull lessons of history should have taught us that fact.