26 July, 2012

Summer Donations Thread, VNN Forum

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Alex wrote:

As I said, will do these quarterly. We have a bill coming up middle of August, I really could use your help. Notice that heroic Varg has got the server tweaked to run much more quickly! I’m looking to raise 300k. Wait. I think I got the wrong number there. Yep. I’m actually look to raise $300. Thanks for your help, it is very much needed and appreciated.

Send donations to:

A. Linder
POB 101
Kirksville MO 63501

[VNN Forum thread].

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  7. 2 Responses to “Summer Donations Thread, VNN Forum”

    1. Luke Says:

      I’ll have $25 in the mail by tomorrow. 11 more VNN regulars match that, and this bill is a paid puppy.

    2. torrence Says:

      I’m in for $25 as well, Luke; thanks for taking the lead.
      If every VNN reader/contributor sends in just $10, VNN is good to go for many months out.