17 August, 2012

Jew’emberg: Fake Trials That Were All About Revenge

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Many people are unaware that traditional rules of evidence were not followed at the Nuremberg trials of German officers. Instead, half-baked and hearsay evidence was allowed. In fact, president Dwight Eisenhower’s brother, Edgar, who was a lawyer, said the Nuremberg trials “cannot be justified by any line of reasoning.”


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    1. Luke Says:

      I tend to go back and forth a lot, on the subject of just how smart and devious and conniving the jews are and whether or not White Nationalists over estimate or underestimate our enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.

      However, when discussing the subject of the holy-cost, and whether it has any basis in truth or whether its simply a pile of typical, grossly exaggerated hebrew manure – I often think about what I’ve read about the jews trying to float the idea that 6 million of their tribe were slaughtered back during the period that encompassed World War I. The tale didn’t fly that time, so nothing really came out of it.

      Then, they instigate World War II – and while not one of the major players (Eisenhower, Churchill, or Roosevelt) mentioned one word about the ‘holy-cost’ in the thousands of pages of their post-WW2 memoirs, along comes the Nuremburg show trials and out pops a literal parade of jews who took turns testifying as to all sorts of easily discredited and impossible to prove nasty things that those ‘evil Nazis’ supposedly did to them during the war. If first you don’t succeed, try, try again – so, out comes the 6 million dead jews story for the second time.

      I’ve watched the excellent video documentary titled ‘One Third of the Holocaust’ and also the one by Eric Hunt titled ‘The Last Days of the Big Lie’ – and both documentaries are devastating to the official pile of steaming Hollywood-hebrew manure that has been fed to the entire White Western world for the last 67 years. Those two documentaries should be required viewing by all White Nationalists, and considered mandatory viewing for all white children who attend public school and who are being force-fed Cultural Marxist anti-white propaganda and endless holy-cost guilt tripping.

      Anyway, it is my understanding that the jews waited until about 1967 to roll-out their big Holocaust howitzer and that’s when the massive push began to cram that holocaust bullshit down the throat of the entire White Western world in earnest. Why did they wait 22 years to get this scam off the ground? Were they waiting for the passage of time, so the memories of people who were involved in WW2 could become clouded and dim? Were they waiting for their pals in Hollywood to have time to crank out movie after movie, TV show after TV show, that were filled with jewish propaganda and massive exaggerations of the suffering of the poor innocent jews in Germany and also filled with endless demonizations and negative portrayals of our German ethnic kinsmen who fought in that war? Did they wait 22 years, to allow time for the media to brainwash millions of White Americans and to properly condition them to feel guilty and sorry for the jews and then, once they felt the time was right, they rolled out the Holocaust howitzer?

      And, most importantly – was this whole scam planned as far back as World War I, and implemented in stages inside America and other White nations and timed to coincide with the Cultural Marxist, anti-White subversion of those nations? Or, did the idea of using their exaggerated version of what did or didn’t happen in WW2 to help them wage war on White Western civilization just pop into their heads in 1967?

      I do know this: Listening to the narrator of One Third of the Holocaust dissect and literally destroy the written record of the testimony provided by those ‘eye-witness’ jews at Nuremburg makes me think that they didn’t do a very good job of coaching their witnesses and trying to make sure that these people’s tales would hold up under scrutiny. I mean, some of the whoppers that were told at Nuremburg were so easy to shoot massive holes through – that I found myself laughing out loud while watching the documentary.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      When Herman Goering was called by the Allied judges to speak he simply stood up and shouted “LIES!!!”, then sat down again. Well said, Herr Reichmarschall.

    3. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I have been gone awhile and it is still refreshing to see the opinions stated here. I think just about EVERYBODY has had their fill of the Holohoax, the kikes and their destructive behaviour. Some of the lies to come out from the “survivors” just in the past few years. Lets not forget, when it comes to payments from whoever the kikes decide to fleece, see how many of the “chosen” still are walking around almost 70 years later.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      The so called professional’s as a group are still cowered, and not willing to face the Wall of joos ruling the West.

      Just because we are awake, remember the majority of White’s due to jooo media and regime suppression in school are not.