21 August, 2012

Jewish Intellectual Culture

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“All the ideologies constructed by secular Jewish intellectuals, from the Haskalah to Reform Judaism, from Marxism to Freudianism, from assimilationism to Zionism, form a continuing tradition which I call ‘Jewish Intellectual Culture.'”

— from the book “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity” (New York; Basic Books, 1974) by John Murray Cuddihy, page 8

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  7. 13 Responses to “Jewish Intellectual Culture”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Jews really do fancy themselves, they have a grossly exaggerated and totally misplaced opinion of themselves. Marx, Freud, Levi-Strauss….et. al., all phonies. If a White medical man were to write the ravings of ‘Herr Doktor Fraud’, would he have been taken seriously? Not likely! The jew control of the news media renders these fraudsters immune to reasoned refutation.
      A poem;

      “There is a family named Stein,
      There’s Gert, there’s Epp, and there is Ein,
      Gert’s poems are bunk,
      Epp’s statues are junk,
      And nobody understands Ein.”

    2. Robert Cardillo Says:

      My feelings exactlly CW-2. The “tribe” are nothing more than a bunch of shameless, self-promoters. Look at how the plagerist, Einstein, is made out to be the greatest mind of all time. Overrated and over-worshipped, that’s the jew for you.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jews have contributed nothing of substance to civilization….except for the atomic bomb. All they’ve given us are a bunch of nightmarish “ideas” and poisonous “philosophies” that have resulted in devastating wars, disastrous revolutions, mass murder, race mixing, the brutal coarsening of culture and countless trillions in debt. “Jewish intellectual culture” my tookas! It’s a culture of disease and death.

    4. The RED SKULL Says:

      Well –ultimately jewry is about a people so in love with themselves,that with their overall MSM control,is as easy as matzo balls in the oven to shamelessly self-promote—-and most of the Goyim never have a Clue!!

    5. The RED SKULL Says:

      @ Obersturmbannfuhrer McGreen

      Terrible Tim—your post above makes the Skulls File of “Quotable Quotes” as to when somebody axes a question in skool as what jews have done for(to) mankind!

    6. The RED SKULL Says:

      @ Tim

      Ps Tim –you forgot Atonal Music–which the Nazis (gratefully) banned,and Pornography and Homo rights and Snivel Rights ,and i could go on but……

    7. fd Says:

      The mental qualities of the Jew have been schooled in the course of many centuries. Today he passes as ‘smart,’ and this in a certain sense he has been at all times. But his intelligence is not the result of his own development, but of visual instruction through foreigners. –A.H.

    8. fd Says:

      The founders of culture, the bearers of culture, the destroyers of culture. The Aryan belongs to the first group; the Jew belongs to the last group.

    9. The RED SKULL Says:

      How about “Kommunist Kike Kulture” when referring to the Marxist/Liberal/Jewish Left an an overall term!!

      Original Credit goes to Terrible Timmy McG tho.

    10. The RED SKULL Says:

      Typo!Alert! –AS an overall term!!

    11. -jc Says:

      “Jews have contributed nothing of substance to civilization except for the atomic bomb.”

      Watched the “An American Coup” version of Loose Change and it is an improvement over an earlier version a friend copied and distributed. See especially the group photo of German scientists airlifted from Berlin near the close of the war. They comment that “paperclip” employed about 150 thousand individuals. Like someone pointed out recently, Jonas Salk didn’t develop the first polio vaccine in a vacuum but the shameless self-promoters put him on the cover of TIME magazine.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Did Dr. Pierce ever meet with Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver ?

      April 14, 1967, amazing, and to hear it today is could be depressing, as his clarity those years ago were very precise.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      A very clear and impressive talk by Professor Oliver! He seems to reach two conclusions: 1. We must appeal to our inherent sense of honor and to the nobility of our cause, and, 2. This is a fight to the finish, we must play the race card for all it’s worth.