19 August, 2012

More About Diversity

Posted by Socrates in Cultural Marxism, dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, egalitarianism, jewed culture, multiculturalism, race, race-mixing, Socrates, Western civilization, Western culture at 5:55 pm | Permanent Link

A VNN reader writes:

“Diversity is against the experience of mankind. In all the pages of history, there is no instance that Negroes and Whites were congenial towards each other in every day society.”

That’s a great point. Historically speaking, Blacks, Whites, Asians and Mexicans did not live together, e.g., in New York City or Philadelphia. Multiculturalism is abnormal and freaky.

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  7. 13 Responses to “More About Diversity”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The word “diversity” is related to the words “divide” and “divisive”, as in the Jewish plan to divide and conquer the Aryan race. Diversity is, for some reason, only important for Whites to practice and never any other race. Every other group has the right to its indigenous territory, national integrity and cultural heritage…..except for ol’ Whitey. Only he is obligated to be tolerant of invaders and required to celebrate multiculturalism.

    2. The RED SKULL Says:

      Man oMan!!

      I posted twice on this thread and both are in the void WTF??!!!!

    3. The RED SKULL Says:

      Finally my shit shows up!!!

    4. The RED SKULL Says:


      I feel like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football on this one!!

    5. The RED SKULL Says:

      How can the RED SKULL share his Genius and Insights with the Peasantry when the spam filter is wacko???

      Watch this one show up.

    6. The RED SKULL Says:

      Atim McG– Tim i tried 3 Frigging times to compliment you on you definition of DIEversity above—5 fiery swazis to you Brother!!

    7. The RED SKULL Says:

      Christ Almighty!! –I GIVE UP ON THIS FU88ED UP THREAD!

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks for the compliments, Red. And you’re right, the word “flaming” has a negative connotation, so “fiery” should be used instead. Those damn homos, they ruined the words “gay”, “stonewall” AND “flaming”!

    9. The RED SKULL Says:

      ok –lets try the this thing again–

      Why i don’t know whatever you mean Tim, that some Flaming Cupcakes could ever be really Happy and GAY about Stonewalling some Gerbils where they don’t belong.Snipe -hunting would never be the same with a HOMO – Scoutmaster who’s –“close to the boys”.

      You can see in the twisted Paragraph above how these ‘people’ add to the sickness and decay that is Jew -Run Western Society.

    10. archer Says:

      I think we’re all falling pray to the jew tubes depiction of a happy “diverse America, when in reality almost all whites prefer to live in predominately white neighborhoods. If the racial makeup of their area changes most know enough to leave if it’s financially possible.
      Diversity often leads to genocide, most whites are not aware of what happened in Haiti at the end of the 18th century, when over 40,000 whites and half breeds were slaughtered by former slaves. The same thing happens in other parts of the world where the boundaries of countries have been arbitrarilty set with no consideration of the racial and ethnic makeup of the new “country”, Yugoslavia was a great example.

    11. The RED SKULL Says:

      @ Archer

      Exellent points Komerade!

      “Happy and Diverse” America is a BIG JEWISH LIE.

      To correct this Communist thinking requires a stay in some racially hostile areas so that the brainwashed lemmings can experience what being a persecuted minority and hated YT is really like.

      Only certain Muds are portrayed by the ZOG media and Hollywood as “civilized” or sometimes their the president or God.

      In sports Whites have been taught especially to worship the negro male as “all powerful”.

      This is an insidious poison that takes root over time that i have personally encountered in some alot of White males who feel free to state their admiration of Negro sports stars.

      If we are ‘Blended out” with other races then we simply will cease to exist as a separate Race and the NWO Jews and their slaves will rule over a slave planet devoid of Civilizing White People.

    12. The RED SKULL Says:

      The HUGE amount of Black -on -White Crimes of Violence that happen EVERYDAY in this Country IS JUSTIFICATION ALONE BY ITSELF,not to mention all the other reasons of race mixing and continuous Jew Zio-Propaganda,for US to want to Separate from the Union.

      This Enemy-Occupied Government is no longer meeting OUR needs as a People and Therefore, WE have the right to abolish it and form one that does meet OUR needs!

      However,this will not go Down with BIG JEW very well——–

      So you can expect a Bloody Civil War to Follow Shortly after any New Declaration of Independance.

    13. Sgt. Skull Says:

      It should be noted that white kwans are the only people who fervently believe in die-versity and multiculturalist dogma. The muds only support it insofar as they derive some immediate and tangible benefit from it, which they clearly do at this time at our expense.

      And following up on The RED Skull’s comments; the jewish occupation government is not only not meeting our needs, but is creating genocidal conditions and indeed, white people have the right to alter or abolish it to our satisfaction.