30 August, 2012

Open Thread

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Post whatever you want…

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  7. 54 Responses to “Open Thread”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:


      Hmm, wonder who has owned this coin over the last 2500 years of stealing, robbing, murdering around the world ?

      Hope a joo buy’s it, and not some joo money manager of a White retirement fund.

    2. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      You gotta read this….


    3. Annie Oakley Says:

      Howdy Doody – I saw that link. I don’t trust any of those people.

      40 years ago my uncle had purchased rare gold coins (he was a collector) from 3BC, apparently from Caesar’s rein.

      Oddly enough, about a month after he bought those coins, his apartment in NYC was robbed. He never saw those coins again. He was literally sick over the loss.

      I’m sure the kikes that sold it to him took them back. Evil bastards.

    4. Howdy Doody Says: