8 September, 2012

The West: Everything We Do, We Do for the Jew

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All of the White countries work hard to please Israel.




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    1. CW-2 Says:

      A quote from the second article: ‘Mr Baird said that Canada viewed Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today.’ Does this idiot actually believe that! If he had half a brain he would see Israel and its muscle boy the ‘Kwa empire are the biggest threats to peace, in fact the whole focus of big jew is on war and destruction.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Based on information like this, I would estimate that approximately 40% of the White Race deserves to be liquidated. That number would include ALL White politicians, lobbyists, fundamentalist Christians, race-mixers, judges, prosecutors, bureaucrats, corporate executives, stockbrokers, speculators, bond traders, hedge fund managers, journalists, wiggers and pornographers. Approximately half of all White doctors, half of all White piggies, 2/3rds of all White sports fans and 3/4ths of all White lawyers would likewise have to be eliminated.

      So when you add them up it comes out to around 40% of the White population. But not to worry, since bulldozer operators will have plenty of work plowing all those bullet-ridden corpses into mass graves.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      They’ll have to “cull the Herd”—–thats for sure.The “self-hating” liberals and predatory capitalists will be among the first.

      The DNC was a bunch of ass-kissing Lemmings who mostly tow the Party Line.The only dissent in the DNC was proper “worship” of Israel,and how to squash the Ron Paul Revolution at the RNC.

      There is no real vehicle for political dissent and Non-establishment thinking in this dying country.

    4. DMS Says:

      But whatever we do, it’s never enough.


      “According to sociologist Steven Cohen, Jewish school attendance increases a Jewish child’s likelihood of marrying another Jew by 14 percentage points. Naturally it also impacts other arenas of an individual’s Jewish identity. What issue today poses a larger threat to the American Jewish community than the sweeping tide of assimilation?… tuition at American Jewish schools averages $14,000 a year, and it’s a heavy burden to pay for many parents…why should Jews be taxed to pay for public schools which don’t provide a curriculum geared towards securing our people’s future?”