23 September, 2012

White Genius

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John Moses Browning (above; 1855-1926), famous gun designer. Not only did Browning invent almost every famous gun known to man (e.g., the Winchester lever-action rifle and the .45 automatic pistol), but, his guns looked great as well. They were “art which also functioned superbly.” There is no Black, Brown or Jew who came close to matching Browning’s mechanical or aesthetical genius.

[Photo of Winchester lever-action rifles].

[Photo of .45 automatic pistol]. [Another here].

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  7. 10 Responses to “White Genius”

    1. Jürgen Says:

      Yes, the White European invents everything:
      the list here would go on for pages on end.

      The Japanese come in at a distant second,
      since they only are able to improve on what
      others invent, and not come up with the
      original idea themselves.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Herr Jürgen, I would have awarded you a thumbs up for your comment but apparently we are only allowed to receive one or sometimes two thumbs up nowadays. Must be the bad economy.

      The weapons shown above are great indeed but my favorites would be the 1908 Luger Parabellum and the MP40 “Schmeisser”. Nothing like German engineering.

    3. fd Says:

      Browning 12 gauge automatic shotgun — a household staple growing up in Texas.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What yo mean? y’all honkies ain’t gots nuffin to compare to deh mahvelous inventions like peanut buttah, ya know what am sayin?? We is duh creative ancestors of Ham, duh Hammanites, say so in de good book. Fuck fo massa yacub de mad scientist fled Mecca, yo all was libben in dem caves, an massa yacub gib yo some edumucation , turn yo in to white debbils

    5. Howdy Doody Says:


    6. archer Says:

      Always thought the browning hi-power pistol was a beauty.

    7. The RED SKULL Says:

      We should award a postumous medal to him for all the Indians,Niggers,Mexicans,and assorted Riff-Raff that Brownings weapons have eradicated over the decades. A Solid White Boy,and Smart too!!

      His weapons have held their value more than Whites in general since that time.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      A nice weapon, effective too, but let’s not get cream our jeans over hi-tech weaponry. We are going to have to devise tactics around simple kit the way the Viet Cong did. This is especially relevant in Euro-zog were Whites have no access to firearms.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mr. Browning looks like the late character actor Keenan Wynn.


    10. John Q. Republic Says:

      Our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms is steadily being eroded in America. The amendment itself is not being attacked because the usual freedom-hating suspects realize they can’t directly challenge a “right”. It’s like the difference between the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, (whatever that is really supposed to mean), and a “privilege” to drive a car. Rights, in theory, they can’t take away, yet, but privileges they can.
      The Government wants to make everything a “privilege” for the serfs that live here. That being said, however, what’s been happening since at least the sixties, is that government at all levels, but especially the Federal Government, has been waging an unrelenting campaign to not directly challenge the Constitutionality of the Second Amendment itself, but to do something sneaky, underhanded, extralegal, and absolutely UNCONSTITUTIONAL,………..(in other words, completely JEWISH), by having, (or I should say ordering), a disloyal, traitorous, corrupt, spineless, and thoroughly jewish-fearing/loving Congress pass “their master’s laws” to CIRCUMVENT the Constitution, therby rendering it worthless. As the Constitution is supposedly the “Law of the Land” this circumvention of the Second Amendment by such means is, without a doubt, ILLEGAL and should not be obeyed by ANY White American.

      And it’s not just the Second Amendment, either. It’s any amendment the jewy Government wants to tinker with at any given time. Whatever gives them more power and control over you is what they’re after. Guns today, your life tomorrow. Life for them…………genocide for you. It’s their wet dream.

      How many historical examples of what having the toxic waste of judaism means to any White civilization throughout history do the saltines of the world need before it dawns on them to take action for themselves and their posterity? To truly live on their feet rather than die on their knees. Like those hearty, heroic, Germanic kinsmen of nearly 70 years ago who truly fought the “good fight”. At least THEY really “LIVED” free for 12 years! How long have we really “lived” free???

      And yes, I realize that the Constitution, for all practical purposes, is dead in this sovietized, marxist/communist so-called “nation” we live in, but for the present they still have to at least give the illusion of adhering to it until we are finally and utterly disarmed. Then their “fun” really begins.