14 November, 2012

Enron, Fastow, and the Looting of America

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The general pattern is this: Jews will move into an area of economic activity and with a lot of fast patter and sleight of hand persuade the Gentiles in charge that they are financial geniuses who can benefit the economy generally with their activity and along the way can make a lot of money for any Gentiles fortunate enough to be allowed to collaborate with them. The greediest among the Gentiles climb on board, and for a while there is a flurry of activity, with a great deal of money changing hands and moving to and fro. Then the bubble bursts, the Gentiles all find that their wallets are missing, and the Jews claim that it wasn’t their fault, while they count their profits.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “Enron, Fastow, and the Looting of America.”

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    1. bjt Says:

      Limbaugh, hannity, beck, and several others I could mention
      but the point here is no one can trust a traitor not even a jew.
      I just wonder if these so called patrot’s to der juden realy think
      they are going to be ahead of the rest of us when der juden
      comes a calling for the traitors of the White Humans??
      I don’t think so.
      Traitors to thier own country always go first.
      14 88

    2. RadicalTraditionalist Says:

      In the sense that this Pierce article is about greed, here is the following. Ayn Rand was a Russian-Jewish immigrant to the United States.

      From Alexander Dugin’s book, ‘The Fourth Political Theory’:

      Therefore, when we speak of ‘modernisation’ in the liberal vein, of necessity we mean the enhancement of the social, political, cultural, spiritual, and informational scenario within which the absolute aggression of the strong against the weak can be implemented.

      American liberal Ayn Rand (Greenspan was one of her greatest admirers) created an entire philosophy (called ‘Objectivism’) based on the following blunt idea: if one is rich, then he is good. She reached the limits of Weber’s idea about the origin of capitalism in the Protestant ethic and said that he who is ‘rich’ is always and necessarily the ‘good’ – almost a saint, while the ‘poor’ man is evil, lazy, bad, and corrupt – a ‘sinner’. Being poor, according to Ayn Rand, is to be a sinful villain, whereas to be rich is to be a saint. She proposed to establish the ‘conspiracy’ of the rich (meaning the strong, bright, sacred, and powerful capitalists) against any kind of labour movement, the peasants, and against all those who stand for social justice, or those who are simply poor. Such a crusade of the rich against the poor is the basis of the Objectivist ideology. People like Greenspan and the current head of the United States Federal Reserve, Bernanke, are ‘Objectivists’ – that is, those who interpret modernisation, progress, economic growth, and development in the liberal vein.