21 November, 2012

Top Jewish Banker Says America Must Raise Debt Ceiling

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What was I just saying a week ago? The Jews almost ruined America once (via the “Great Depression,” which was part of another manufactured “boom-and-bust” cycle [1]). Why would a country in financial trouble even consider increasing its debt limit? What if White people controlled America, instead of Jews?


[1] as noted by congressman Louis McFadden, the 1929 stock-market crash was planned, not accidental

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  7. One Response to “Top Jewish Banker Says America Must Raise Debt Ceiling”

    1. Shane Says:

      I agree, I think secession is the best option for WN’s. It’s more likely we can influence state politics than overtake TV media or dictate immigration policy. I also don’t think we can win the masses over through education. We should only care about the top 5%. William Pierce spoke about this as well as Nietzsche. We need the best of us to provide local leadership in our communities and state and do whatever we can to gradually secede.