22 December, 2012

Judge Robert Bork Dies

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Say what you will about Bork, at least he said this, in a popular book no less:

“What needs to be said is that American culture is Eurocentric, and it must remain Eurocentric or collapse into meaninglessness. Standards of European and American origin are the only possible standards that can hold our society together and keep us a competent nation.”

— from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996) by Robert H. Bork, p. 311

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      What needs to be said is that American culture is Eurocentric, and it must remain Eurocentric or collapse into meaninglessness. Standards of European and American origin are the only possible standards that can hold our society together and keep us a competent nation.”

      It’s because of quotes like the one above that I hate kahnservatives. Bork would never have said American culture is predominantly White and must remain so. No, he wimps out and says we’re Euro-centric, because like every Blight winger he was afraid of being called names by the Social Marxists. He probably also used that dumb phrase “Judeo-Christian”, a lot too, so he could please his Jew friends in the Neo-Kike faction of the Blight Wing. “Values”, “heritage” and “tradition” are other kahnservative buzz words I can’t stand.

      Conservatives = closet homos.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Jeez, Tim. A bit extreme, I think. And why are conservatives “closet homos,” dare I ask?

      I have never heard any neo-cons even use the word, “Eurocentric.”

      It harkens back to elegant Greece and glorious Rome, high French culture, the artistic expressions of Michelangelo and Leonardo, the music of Brahms and Beethoven.

      European = White

      I bite my thumb at you, sir.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Bork was at least trying to alert middle of the road White Americans to the peril they and their “Eurocentric” culture were facing. He was shouted down by the jewsmedia for using expressions like eurocentric, we can only imagine the shitstorm of liberal venom he would have faced had he used words like ‘white’. But as my Scots ancestors said, ‘it’s better to be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb’. So now is the time to state clearly and without euphemism what we mean.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ant., your hero Glen Beck is on the air right now, so you’re excused. I’m sure you don’t want to miss one exciting minute of what he has to say. Tom Metzger was right about the White Struggle being constantly held back by right-wingers and reactionaries like….well, like you, Ant. What can one say? A chazer bleibt a chazer.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim, name me one instance where Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh (or Sean Vanity, or Old Reilley) has used the word, “Eurocentric.”

      I bite both my thumbs at you, sir.

      Bite! Bite!

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      Timn is slouching toward Gomorrah.

    7. Thom McQueen Says:

      Furthermore, why indeed are conservatives homos in the closet, tIm?

      Are you projecting, friend Tim?

    8. fd Says:

      McGreen is right on both post. But I confess that I don’t care for Tom Metzger. He is extremely self-righteous — self-aggrandizing. Prefers rough companionship. His website feeds off the South with great hostility, because he has nothing to draw from in the North. He’s a 24 carat Yankee.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks for your support in this argument, fd. Yes, Tom Metzger is more of a rough and tumble Brownshirt in a Munich beer hall than an elegant Party theorist. I know Dr. Pierce had some issues with Metzer, calling him (allegedly) a “dirty little Bolshevik”.

      But in all fairness to Metzger’s home state of Indiana it was Klan Kountry USA from the 1920s to the 1970s. In fact there were many towns and counties in the Midwest where Negroes were required to leave by sundown. A mutilated remnant or faded vestige of those heroic times lives on in Indiana’s “conservative” Republican political establishment.

      Now, as for the closet homos in our friends’ cherished Right Wing…they would include characters like Karl Rove, Matt Drudge, Clarence Thomas, Michael Savage, Armstrong Williams, GW Bush, George Will, Orin Hatch and Rudy Guiliani. Hardly the type of people I’d want to associate with.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      And then there are those childless lesbians(?) Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. Hardly what I’d call ravishing specimens of conservative pulchritude. Bah!

    11. fd Says:

      It is true that Indiana was big Klan country for a long time. And they did a good job of it.

      Nigger don’t let the sun go down before leaving town is an expression that Metzger lifted from the South. Another Southern expression is Laughing Barrel, Louisiana. Niggers were not allowed to laugh in public. They had to stick their head inside a laughing barrel.

      The right wing is largely as ruinous as the left wingers they criticize.

    12. Mel Brooks Says:

      Hmm.. a lot of Metzger bashing going on here. Some of you broads sound like cuntry club Repubs in wing chairs, to paraphrase my namesake. So Metzger keeps “rough” company, eh? Like the Brownshirts, who were eliminated after they’d served their purpose, thanks to the facists whispering in the Fuhrer’s ear? I admire Pierce on a certain level, but he’d have ground up the likes of me..hell, any of YOU..in his conquest for power.

      Your hero Pierce was an elitist, like any other. I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I’d rather perish at the hands of my racial others than fight and die for the ambitions of a white man who would divide us by class or so-called intelligence. Pierce made it clear on more than one occasion that he’d happily send the least of us out to fight the Great White War, saving the “leadership class” for more “important” things. Just like the Founding Muthers intended. Land owners only need apply. Uh huh. Well, fuck that.

      It’s become clear to me over the last several years that ole’ Tom is right on. Leaderless resistance and the Lone Wolf principle are the way to go. Any organization is likely to be filled with traitors and spies. Any website or newsgroup is likely much the same. Anyone who thinks that Tom hasn’t paid dearly for his beliefs, as opposed to Pierce, who pretty much skated through his time in “The Movement”, has a case of encephalacolonitis so severe that a glass navel may be the only way they’ll ever see their way about.

      Thanks for the reminder, I’ll mind the door on my way out. I won’t be joining you in Carto’s Holy Land in the PNW, making an easy target of yourselves. Don’t drop the meringues on your cummerbund and spats, bitches.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mr. Brooks, I applaud what you said in your post above, even though I never thought any of your comedies were funny. Not in the least bit funny.

      The Brown Shirts, or SA, were rendered unnecessary after the more professional SS was developed, so the SA understandably became resentful towards Hitler and planned to overthrow him. Hitler responded with his Night of the Long Knives, killing off the SA’s leadership and sending the rest into the Army.

      Judge Bork died, but so has Lee Dorman from Iron Butterfly. I would rather listen to “Ball” than read Bork’s tendentious, reactionary bullshit.

    14. CW-2 Says:

      Good points raised by Mel, however many of us still hold Dr Pierce in high regard, if only for his outspoken broadcasts. Still, we must constantly refine and assess our tactics in light of their success or failure. Lonewolf stuff hasn’t been tried…yet.

    15. fd Says:

      Metzger has bashed more people than you can shake a stick at. If you dish it out you gotta take it too. Leaderless Resistance was made popular by Louis Beam and his famous essay. I have no problem with Lone Wolf ideology. In fact it is a smart concept. Although it did not originate with Metzger, I give him credit for making it popular. But it is undeniable that TT lashes out at people who don’t agree with his version of history or anything else. His self-righteous attitude comes from being a museum quality specimen of a Yankee. A Yankee Lincoln marching unionist who does not care for Hitler. If his website didn’t have the South feed off, it wouldn’t be worth a plug nickel.

    16. fd Says:

      It is my opinion that vanguardnewsnetwork is great place to express your will. It’s just good !

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Agreed, fd, agreed!

    18. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Tim McGreen is correct in his assessment of Bork. If pressed to elaborate while still alive, Bork would no doubt give us the usual kosher kahn claptrap about the powers of assimilation and the melting pot as concerns the numberless hordes of muds currently squatting on kwan soil. You can’t remain Eurocentric without a large preponderance of unadulterated European DNA in the gene pool – a fact some kosher kahns are acutely aware of, but which they are too cowardly to admit.

      After all, that would require the large scale removal of muds from the kwa and/or the creation of race based ethonostates to protect the white gene pool.

    19. Antagonistes Says:

      I would like to know your standard of judgment regarding who is, or is not, homosexual, Tim.

    20. Thom McQueen Says:

      A homosexual is anyone Tim McGeenstein hates.

    21. mrcrouton Says:

      I read Borks Slouching book back in the 1990’s and there’s nothing I remember from it, so hence I wasn’t so impressed.

      The problem with intellectuals of his caliber is like many aged people, they try to maintain their legacy so they try to look good socially and remain “dignified”. But with the decline of our people as the dominant race, I’m not too worried about dignity. When the brown hordes subsumes us, do you think La Raza is going to care what some gringo pedant wrote? No hombre, is massive erase time! Everything white will be ignored.

      So if Bork couldn’t realize that, should we be so awed by his “intellect”?

      If you are white and can’t figure out that white nationalism is the only solution, you’re not intelligent and you clearly need to go back to the ideological drawing room.

      Now Bork probably had quite a few bucks ol’ judgey did. Do you think he could have snuck a few bucks to white nationalist groups? I bet he didn’t.

      So screw Robert Bork, and like all “conservatives” who’ve passed on, where is he buried? I need to know in case I’m in town and need to stop off for a piss.

    22. Thom McQueen Says:

      You just might find your dingling dangler getting grabbed by a hand from the grave.

      “Man Dies From Shock After Penis Grabbed by Robert Bork’s Ghostly Hand”

    23. Antagonistes Says:

      Fine, Thom.

      But let’s get back on track. When has a neo-con EVER called for a return to anything EUROCENTRIC?

      Eurocentric means “White” and White Ways. I do not understand Tim McGreen’s grouchiness over the term.

      It encompasses the best of Greece, Rome and the Catholic Church.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ant.,that “Eurocentric” term is a cop-out. “Eurocentric” refers to western, Judeo-Christian culture/values/heritage, NOT race. So, any mud savage from Swaziland could theoretically be part of a Eurocentric culture, as long as he marries a White girl and supports “democracy”(i.e., total Jew control).

      The Blight Wing always tap-dances around the issue of race. Their cowardice insures that the Social Marxists, who never apologize for anything, will advance on every front.

    25. Antagonistes Says:

      We will have to disagree, Tim.

      European culture came from White values, and White values represent European culture.

      The mud savages will cheat on their women, abandon their offspring, and look for handouts. This is not Eurocentric culture. The coloreds might change the culture, God forbid, but then it will not be European culture.

    26. fd Says:

      The Western Establishment is anti-White. That is why our Eurocentric culture is worth nothing.

    27. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The earth is Heliocentric, not Eurocentric..Europe indeed does not exist as a seperate continent, being a penisula of a penisula, the Eurasian land mass;. Lets call ourselves what we are “Whites”, back at square one, we’ve been reduced to simple stepn’fetch itz for Hymies jew whrlld odor for now going on about 2000 years since we adopted the cult of Yahvehs son Jeboo. To go into all the whrlld spreading the universal creed of Zionixm melded with Xianity, and now spawned into liberalism with a dash of Kwanservatardism to add little stir of the potty when the herd needs to be called upon to invade and attack the shittys enemies in the mudslim whrrld, because lets face it no White power exists anywhere least of all in Europe. Borks and other assorted extablisment figurines will not touch the truth with a ten foot pole

    28. Thom McQueen Says:

      Say what you will about Gays—they are Eurocentric.
      All thgeir finalists have been European.
      Here is mr Gay Europe, 2012


      I am not into that sorth of thing but he is a fine looking lad. Many gays are leader of WN groups.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thom, in the 1950s weirdos like you would have had their asses kicked by gangs of good ol’ boys in the parking lots of diners in the South and Midwest. That was back in the days when White America still had its marbles.

    30. S.U.N. Says:

      Apartheid and anti-semitism ARE Eurocentric. Happy Yule White Folkdom!

    31. fd Says:

      Homosexuals excel in debauching kids. Queer perversion leads to extreme violence.

      In David Allan Coe’s book XCONVICT, he states clearly that more than 90% of murders in prison are homosexual related. Coe beat a sexually aggressive queer to death in the showers.

    32. Thom McQueen Says:

      They would beatr me up for stating such an obvious fact? Weird! Weird and ignorant.
      And why would they do it at a diner? A diner called Alice’s Restaurant?
      What are you trying to say, Friend Tim? And why would it take a whole gang of them? Sounds like niggers.

    33. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thom, the reason those rednecks would kick your ass is because as strong, healthy adult males Nature has given them the responsibility to protect their species from all unhealthy, undesirable and degenerate elements, such as homosexuality. Must everything be explained to you?

    34. Thom McQueen Says:

      But why would they kick my ass, like a pack of niggers? What did I do? All I did was to offer my opinineon.

    35. Antagonistes Says:

      Call off your rednecks, Gangsta Tim.

      This is a free country.

      Thom can say whatever he wants.

      If the rednecks don’t agree with what Thom says, they can engage him in dialectical discourse.

    36. Thom McQueen Says:

      Thanks, ANt. Let’s find this diner of TIm’s and go there. If those white niggers attack us, lets

    37. Tim McGreen Says:

      OK, suit yourselves. Go right ahead and wear your eyeliner, rhinestone shirts and skinny New York jeans. Then swish past a construction site or a Mongols MC hangout….How about skipping into a bar full of longshoremen and merchant marines on a Saturday night? I’m sure they’d love to dance with you.

      Then, after you clowns get out of the hospital you can tell me all about your warped ideas of fairness and freedom.

    38. Tim McGreen Says:

      We’re not slouching towards Gomorrah any longer……it’s more like a race to the bottom.

    39. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, I don’t know about you, but I am not gay and have no desire to be. I don’t think you are either, since Carrie Fischer is your girlfriend.

      Then why is Tim talking like this? Why this huge, illogical leap?

      It is unsettling, but I think it is one of the traits of an authoritarian personality.

      For an authoritarian, it is all or nothing. If we even mention that gays are in leadership positions in WN, it is taken as an endorsement. Even more:
      It means that we, ourselves, are gay!

      WN’s must get out of this wooden-headedness and into a flexible frame or our enemies will dance all around us.

    40. Thom McQueen Says:

      Yes, ANT, TIm is in a grouch frame. Needds to do some nude yoga


    41. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      “This is a free country.”