13 January, 2013

Book: ‘The Uniqueness of Western Civilization’

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.


“Ultimately, given that multiculturalism is a failure, the only way to prevent the disasters mentioned by Hewson from completely displacing Western culture is to prevent immigration of other cultures into the West and to begin the process of repatriation. The nascent intellectual counter movement centered around Duchesne‚Äôs work will give heart to politicians, to conservatives in the media, and to others who wish to challenge the ongoing suicide of the West.”


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  7. 3 Responses to “Book: ‘The Uniqueness of Western Civilization’”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Multiculturism is not a failure. By calling it a ‘failure’ we buy-into the presumption that this destructive program was meant to ‘enrich’ the White world.
      Multiculturism is a weapon, a very effective one, of big jew and the globalist elites. It is an absolutely devastating weapon that has succeeded everywhere it is pushed.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      PS excuse the typo, multiculturism should of course be multiculturalism!

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know of a single university or center of higher education that ever existed at any time in the Ottoman Empire, Manchu China, medieval Japan, Sassanid Persia, aboriginal Australia or the jungles of West Africa and Central America. Does anyone?

      The idea of intellectual and cultural advancement seems to be a uniquely Aryan one. Great universities like Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and Duke were founded by philanthropic Aryan men for the betterment of White civilization. They are now being used as weapons against that civilization.

      Too bad our formerly great centers of learning have been ruined by the Jews, faggots and pinkos. They have latched on to Academe like the worthless, trouble making tapeworms they are. In earlier, saner times they would have been kicked out of their tribes and forced on to the Ice Age tundra, where they would soon freeze to death and get eaten by scavenging birds. Now they get book deals, interviews on C-Span and tenure for life instead.

      After the Aryan Apocalypse, playpens of anti-White elitism like Harvard will be closed and then turned into useful things like farms and museums of White culture. All useless academic types will either get real jobs or be sent to labor camps in the Arctic Circle. Or maybe we’ll just shoot ’em.