15 January, 2013

NY’s Tough New Goy-Control Bill: One Biased “Expert” Can Void Your Constitutional Rights

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Jewish “expert” at military veterans center: “I just talked with that new vet, Mr. Smith. He doesn’t like Obama, and worse than that, at one point in our conversation, he mentioned ‘Jews’ and the ‘New World Order.’ Sounds like an unstable, paranoid, conspiracy-theorist who is potentially dangerous to himself or others.”

Black “expert” at military veterans center: “Hmmm. I think I know a vet who’s going to surrender his guns to the police next week (giggle).”

Jewish “expert” at military veterans center: “So do I. His name is…let’s see….Mr. Smith! (giggle). God, I love this job!”


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  7. 15 Responses to “NY’s Tough New Goy-Control Bill: One Biased “Expert” Can Void Your Constitutional Rights”

    1. fd Says:

      I digress. Jodie Foster talked a mouth full of s**t at the Golden Globe Awards. A rambling kind of grand-standing with laced with aggression. She saw a perfect opportunity, once in a lifetime, to express her will on national TV. Her sex life is a riddle. She is full of herself. Having said that, I think she is good-looking with talent.

      The Golden Globe crowd are represntative of Hollywood actors and actresses. Offstage they have no content.

    2. Harry Schumaker Says:

      @fd why are you watching the golden jewbe awards? turn off the televitz

    3. John Q. Republic Says:


      You notice how they refer to females who act now as “actors” and
      not “actresses”.

      Not all that long ago they would have also said, “Miss Foster”, when writing about or speaking to her, as a sign of respect. Now they’re treated just like the guys by saying just “Foster”, or they use that ugly feminist contraction “Ms” Foster.

      More horsecrap yid gender-bending “equality” engineering of our language.

      We really do need to separate ourselves asap from this cocoa-colored and kike-infested “wunderland” called the U.S. and build a whole other country strictly of, by, and for us. Is there any other viable option?


    4. CW-2 Says:

      We don’t know the timescale but we can be sure ZOG will start a weapons confiscation program, only they won’t call it that, they will call it something like ‘security-enhanced voluntary surrender’. Now is the time to get some cheap and easily serviced equipment, nothing fancy, you won’t be hitting a bulls-eye 2 miles away. The AK-47 seems to be a good compromise, though I’m not sure it will take the same ammunition the “Dept of Homeland Security”, (what a Stalinist jew title), is presently stockpiling.

    5. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      Isn’t Jodie Foster a pussy-licker?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jodie Foster is a neurotic dyke, but at least she’s friends with anti Semite® Mel Gibson.

      The more I think about this Jewtown massacre the more I’m convinced the Nefarious Nigger was behind it. The massacre takes place, conveniently enough, one month after Niggerboy wins re-election. Now, if that bloodbath took place shortly BEFORE the election then Shitt Romney would have gained from it, not the King of Spades.

      The Mulatto Menace is hell-bent on killing off what’s left of White America and his faggy friends at PMSNBC are only too willing to help him do it. “Keep our children safe from gun violence” is the liberals’ mawkish, womanish euphemism for KILL WHITEY.

      By the bye, has it occurred to anyone in the Establishment that it’s NOT guns which are killing innocent people, it’s mentally ill losers who are on all kinds of dangerous psycho medications? I say get rid of the drug companies that are manufacturing psychiatric medications which induce suicidal and homicidal behavior, like Halcyon and Prozac, and you’ll solve the problem of mass shootings. Big Pharma kills hundreds of thousands of patients every year with their prescription poison. And Big Pharma knows it.

      But liberals aren’t the least bit interested in confronting Big Pharma or tackling mental health issues. No, they only want to take away Whitey’s guns so they can impose their evil New World Order without any resistance.

      All gun grabbing liberals deserve to be killed, preferably by their pet niggers.

    7. fd Says:

      Hollywood celebrations are not as glamorous as they once were. The Golden Globe awards and like perverted celebrations are mostly a facade. They are dying of their own poison.

      I am certain sure that the mass killings across the country are stage managed. Get a load of this:


    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, that one photo you have provided says it all. A clumsy, skinny, antisocial retard who could probably have gotten an ass-whooping from a third grader is responsible for killing over 2 dozen people in a few minutes with a semi-auto hunting rifle, after storming his way into a secure building. Oh, I almost forgot….the retard also drove himself to the school, somehow. So he knew how to drive, too, did he? Wow, ZOG really knows how to concoct a story that’s pure BULLSHIT. This whole thing is even less believable than Sotero’s phony “certificate of live birth”.

      The foreign-born Marxist Mulatto homosexual dictator Barry Hussein Soetero (What a nice American sounding name that is!) has declared war on White America. What are we going to do about it?

    9. fd Says:

      Good observation, Tim.

      Adam Lanza could pass for a soft prissy Jew in appearance.


    10. fd Says:

      John Q. Republic wrote: You notice how they refer to females who act now as “actors” and not “actresses”.

      Good point John Q. The Hollywood crowd is working hard with the rest of our enemies to make sexual identity nonexistent.

      It used to be, what is your sex — male or female. Now its, what is your gender?

      I detected hostility in Jodie Foster’s speech. A diatribe directed at those who are not of her persuasion.

    11. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Jodi Foster’s long winded ode to her “modern family” pretty much outed her as a gap lapper. Still, I’ll go easy on the broad since she stood by aunti-semite Mel Gibson when so many Tinseltown phonies threw him under the bus.

      Jew York is leading the way with gun confiscation thanks to the efforts of super Jew Michael Bloomberg, but it seems Barry Mugabe stirred up such a backlash with his threats of executive order gun control that he’s chickened out…for now. Or, until the next mass shooting, real or contrived occurs.

      Fred Reed mentioned that mass shootings were virtually unknown until the the emergence of SSRI’s, commonly known as anti-depressants. But since Big Pharma is a multibillion dollar industry with a lobbying apparatus that dwarfs the wicked NRA they’ll continue to get a free pass.

    12. Bigduke6 Says:

      Great post Tim McGreen. Can’t add anything more except Jew York will be losing a lot of white, tax payers to other states. What will be left behind? You got it. A lot of Illannoyed white taxpayers are taking their guns and tax base to neighboring states. Cu-Homo is just shooting himself in the foot. No pun intended.

    13. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      Do the liberals & kike-Jews like to read & see this, huh?

    14. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      NOBODY knows the Jews more then the Christian, Muslim & Athiests Arabs & Persians living in the Mid East, so why not listen to Jonathon address the issue of goy control (gun control)…INTERESTING!!!

      Click below & then click the download link.


    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      The upper Volga in 1921 was a murder and terror feast for the joo’s who had stolen Russian and murdered the Czar and his family. joo’s true nature in 1921 is unknown to the heretic treasonous evanjellyculls. Truth does not trump idiots with power, and they are in choke points with their masters in the regime.

      For decades this information was keep from White’s at large in N.A.

      Their M.O. through out recorded history is plain as a bell ringing, listen up. Itz them.