9 January, 2013

Thoughts on Government

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Amoral individuals really gained an advantage over the rest of us with the ascendancy of mass democracy. The 19th and 20th centuries have been the golden age of amorality, the age in which clever scoundrels have been able to rise to the top of the dungheap with ease and without having to worry about losing their heads. All they have had to be able to do is fool large numbers of the least perceptive and least discriminating members of our society — that is, large numbers of voters — and that is a lot easier than fooling the most perceptive and most discriminating people — that is, people of the sort who used to be the leaders of our society in less democratic times.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “Thoughts on Government.”

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    1. bjt Says:

      Well you guys I know you get tired of hearing this but it all comes down to the ever loving juden and the fact that the White People just don’t care, hell White People don’t even like each other!!
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