28 March, 2013

Another Jewish Lie Exposed: Hitler Didn’t Snub Negro Athlete in 1936

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General rule of thumb: if a media report was/is about Hitler, the truth is the opposite of what the media reported. The infamous Jesse Owens/Hitler report is a great example of that.


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  7. 5 Responses to “Another Jewish Lie Exposed: Hitler Didn’t Snub Negro Athlete in 1936”

    1. fd Says:

      Hitler warned people about the BIG LIE. It is ironic that the BIG LIE was used against him. You know, the HOLOCAUST and anything else that his enemies could conjure up.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hitler didn’t have a problem with Negroes; In fact the NS government enjoyed excellent relations with non-White peoples and nations everywhere. And unlike the “democratic” French and British the “Nazis” never colonized, enslaved or exploited anyone.

      The Germans treated their colored Allied POWs humanely. Compare that fact with how the USA treats its Mudslum prisoners in the current War of Terror.

    3. steven clark Says:

      William Shirer (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich…remember him?) said in an article about the 1972 Munich Olympics (before the shooting astarted), that Nazi officials said it might be a nice publicity stunt if Hitler shook owen’s hand. As Shirer said : ‘Hitler screamed at the very thought.’

      A book of trivia strightened things out. It said Hitler never insulted Owens, and he didn’t shake anyone’s hand or congratulate any athletes because the Olympic committee said he couldn’t pick and choose…he had to acknowledge them all. So if he didn’t shake Owen’s hand, it wasn’t out of dislike.

      Also, the book reminded us that the Olympic torch wasn’t Greek…it was first done by the Nazis.

      My impression was that Hitler and the Nazis were concerned about races in Europe, especially Jews. Blacks didn’t even count. A german woman who grew up before the war did tell me of a mulatto kid in her town whose mother shagged one of the African troops the French had in the Rhur. He grew up german, liked Hitler and wanted to join the Nazi party. He was told he couldn’t. No animosity, just that he was mixed, and didn’t qualify.

    4. jayhackworth Says:

      There are photos all over the net of Jesse Owens with a German track competitor named Lutz Long, who later died fighting for the Wermacht in Italy, lying down in the infield of the track laughing together. Owens returned to Germany to visit Lutz’s son . I wonder if that’s ever mentioned in the Jewed -up history books when they kvetch about Owens ‘bravely challenging the Nazis” .Jesse Owens always maintained he was treated far better in Germany than in the Kwa. Hidden items like this wake people up to the bullshit that is being shot all over the place, or should.

    5. Degrelle Says:

      The Nazis may not have had much contact with blacks, but when they did their policy was clear.
      On the seizure of the Rhineland in 36, one of their first acts was the forced sterilisation of 500 mulattos born of German women and French colonial troops.
      The Tottenkopf division executed any black colonial troops encountered on the western front.
      Any suggestion that the Nazis were tolerant of blacks/mulattos is way off the mark.