11 March, 2013

High School? No, Frankfurt School

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They want you to “critically examine” your “White privilege” because the West can’t be completely conquered until Whitey is on his knees apologizing for being White [1].


[1] about “critical theory”

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  7. 11 Responses to “High School? No, Frankfurt School”

    1. Virgil Says:

      All the people responsible for this naked ideological indoctrination should be put on a special “high priority” Proscription list!

    2. Virgil Says:


    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Aryan Goddess of Nature has given Whites our so-called privileges….the most beautiful women, the most sublime artistic skills, the highest ability to think and reason….So if the Muds resent our natural superiority they should take it up with the Goddess.

      But what about JEWISH privilege, eh? Eh? They live in the most affluent neighborhoods, send their brats to the most upscale schools, have endless amounts of money, get special treatment from the government, get lots of our SHIKSAS, too, I might add…..But unlike White privilege Jew privilege isn’t natural or deserved, it comes about through the use of Jew money, Jew pressure, Jew lies and Jew arrogance.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      A thought. Are Abrahamic Religions a revolt against the unequal gifts that Nature bestows?

    5. Virgil Says:

      Where will it end? “Within critical race theory, various sub-groupings have emerged to focus on issues that fall outside the black-white paradigm of race relations as well as issues that relate to the intersection of race with issues of gender, sexuality, class and other social structures. See for example, critical race feminism (CRF), Latino critical race studies (LatCrit) Asian American critical race studies (AsianCrit) and American Indian critical race studies (sometimes called TribalCrit).” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_race_theory

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      “A thought. Are Abrahamic Religions a revolt against the unequal gifts that Nature bestows?”

      The Semite religions are definitely not interested in the beauty of Nature or of Reason. With them it’s all about punishing everybody who is not part of their particular religion….gentiles, Egyptians, infidels, nonbelievers…the various Semitic gods command believers to kill some or all of them. Revenge, hatred, thought control, delusional fantasies, lies, superstitions, scatology, incest, murder, insanity, infanticide…..all are characteristics of the Semitic religious mentality.

    7. Mark Says:

      That White students wear white wristbands “as a reminder about white privilege,” underscores: 1) That White traitors abound; 2) that the Self-hating propaganda against White gentiles succeeded; 3) the spineless nature of the White gentile electorate; and 4) the inferiority of White gentiles for assisting in their own destruction.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:


      joo conduct in Russia was covered up by media at time and Walter Duranty lied and received a pukelitzer prized for his glowing reports.

      All this lead to a direct/directed joo war on common Whites in 1965, that goes on daily.

      Here is a an example.


    9. Virgil Says:


    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      I atttended school with a majority being savage’s, phuck the joo’s foisting such a cruel childhood race hate crime upon Whites.

      As for any White’s who attending schools with savages is fine are IMO, idiot, never had children, and never attended a savage school/

      I have meet people in the Western states who graduated high school in the 1980’s from rural areas and they brag about the ONE African YOOTH that was in their school.

      Though one or two can be contained, even ONE poison’s a school of White children.

      Remember the joo media back in the 1990’s lied big time about the racial intent and racial identity of Klebo and Harris so drugged out he was not accepted by regimes forces.

    11. Virgil Says:

      Excellent coverage on white self-loathing by SunNews. http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/video/featured/prime-time/867432237001/white-self-loathing/2229222839001