11 March, 2013

How Female Suffrage Destroyed Western Civilization

Posted by Socrates in "gender", "sex equality", egalitarianism, equality, equalocracy, feminism, Socrates, voting, women, women and 'equality', women voting at 2:09 pm | Permanent Link


“Try suggesting to a typical God fearing, flag waving, Republican and Tea Party conservative that giving the vote to women was a bad idea, and watch him recoil in horror like a vampire looking at a cross.”


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  7. 12 Responses to “How Female Suffrage Destroyed Western Civilization”

    1. Virgil Says:

      Ideally, politics and voting should be the sole responsibility of men. Women would only have an advisory capacity and only if they have studied philosophy and history. Women are too sentimental and impressionable to be able to exercise pure reason in affairs of state. To do away with so-called democracy(the rule of the smart by the more numerous retards) would be the wisest course. I postulate that genuine merit-based aristocracy is a more natural arrangement, with either a chief and council or a consul and senate, depending on population size. Rule by the best of white men; no jews or women, just right!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Great article, except for the usual right-wing Christian stuff that the author just had to throw in. White society existed for tens of thousands of years before the imaginary dead Jew on a stick showed up. We got along just fine without the forced imposition of that alien religion.

      After the Revolution dramatic changes will have to take place. White women will simply have to breed more healthy White offspring; White men will simply have to stay with their families, raise their kids and stop acting like irresponsible niggers; The Jew imposed worship of the Self will STOP as Whites are forced to recognize their responsibilities to their Race, their Blood and to their Soil. Day care centers and old age homes will disappear because Whites will take care of their own, whether they like it or not.

      And best of all no more broads yakking on their cell phones as they wait in line to vote. They will NOT have the so-called right to vote, you see. They will be at home preparing dinner for their husbands. And they will not miss voting one bit, because the Jew blindfold will be removed from their eyes.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Excellent article. Wives and mothers must turn their hearts to the realization that blood is thicker than water. The problems that appear insoluble in today’s unnatural multi-culti society will disappear when we return to the solid foundation of Race, Blood and Soil.

    4. Virgil Says:


    5. Virgil Says:


    6. Topkea Says:

      When the time comes, women will regret that they took a mile when given an inch. They will regret it so much they will curse their mothers and grandmothers.

      When the Day arrives, not only will there be no more votes, no more affirmative action, no more special rights, no more divorce, no more abortion, no more passports, no more citizenship, no more “marital rape” or “date rape” laws.

      No, we need to STOP THIS FROM EVER HAPPENING AGAIN, which means:

      1. An immediate end to female literacy and numeracy – any woman previously literate or numerate caught transmitting these skills will be severely punished (if not executed – and if this sounds extreme, just look at the damage yielding a single inch has done).

      2. Women may not move from town to town or even leave the house without her husband, father or brother’s permission.

      3. Women may not hold any kind of property.

      4. An immediate abolition to all bigamy laws and the encouragement of polygamy or concubinage.

      5. Mandatory communal servitude for girls and women before and after their breeding years.

      6. Female education restricted to household tasks and basic agricultural and child-rearing functions.

      7. Women not allowed to speak to men until spoken to or exercise any authority whatsoever over men.

      8. Re-instatement of the death penalty for female adultery or inducing an abortion. Burden of proof is on the accused.


    7. Thom McQueen Says:

      Topkea, you are croc shit.

    8. Mark Says:

      Topkea, the time will never come to implement your wish list. Moreover, your sardonic platform is obviously designed to mock White Nationalists by weaving valid reform with the hyperbolically absurd. Although you may fool some, I am not fooled: You are the enemy in disguise.

    9. Topkea Says:

      @Mark, so what exactly is absurd? I can’t understand why the crypto-feminists on this site think that once jew influence has been purged, everything will somehow magically be all right.

      There have now been FIFTY YEARS of PC poison flowing through every single segment of White society. What do you propose to do about that?

      My “wish-list” as you so glibly call it is simply a return to the relationship between men and women that existed at our greatest. I do not condone abuse or mistreatment of innocent White women. The fact stands that we have given too much and history shows that yielding an inch means losing a civilization.

    10. DMS Says:


    11. Arminius Says:

      “My “wish-list” as you so glibly call it is simply a return to the relationship between men and women that existed at our greatest. I do not condone abuse or mistreatment of innocent White women.”

      I presume your “wish-list” has been copied from Koran, Taliban or Saudis, or the Talmud and Jewish “thinking”. All oriental ingredients of subjugation are there.
      Or you have an inferiority syndrome towards females (Feminists are men-haters).
      Self-conscious Men are not afraid of literate and/or intelligent women. It’s a challenge to mate with them and- as result- to improve the offspring’s genes. That’s what Nature intends.
      Before they were forcibly subjected to the Oriental-Jewish religion and—their money lenders, Germanic culture treated their women as mates with rights, not household animals.
      And this cultural and genetic heritage withstood the Oriental onslaught for 1000 years generally intact. I am certain it will withstand the present one.
      Topkea should realise his “wish-list” is only good as toilet-paper.

    12. Virgil Says: