22 March, 2013

White Architecture

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The American Classical Music Hall of Fame & Museum (formerly the Hamilton County Memorial Building), located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The building was completed in 1908.

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  7. 2 Responses to “White Architecture”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:


      50 years

    2. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      A fine example of Beau Arts Classicism which was very popular for government buildings, Train Stations and Museums at that time. Compare it to the monstrosities that the insane Jew, Daniel Libeskind produces today:


      The wrecking business will be a very profitable one to be in after his cheap monstrosities start to leak and rust. The first building shown in the picture is still in almost perfect condition after over 100 years. Libeskind’s trash will need to be demolished in less than 50 years.