19 April, 2013

Open Thread – Here for Updates

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Forum down as of 1pm Friday 4-19-13. Will get it back up as soon as we can. Any updates will be posted in comments. Can also check KirksvilleToday.com .

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  7. 34 Responses to “Open Thread – Here for Updates”

    1. Alex Linder Says:


    2. Virgil Says:

      Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Conviction http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2013/04/boston-bomber-could-have-been-deported-after-2009-conviction/ The voters of the Bay State kept on sending Ted Kennedy back to the Senate for 47 years! Karma is a bitch!

    3. S.U.N. Says:

      Chechens are islamics by the way. Mudslims have never been nor will ever be friends of the White.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Chechens? Jeezus H. Christ, Z.O.G. allows CHECHENS into this damn country? They’re the most dangerous, savage heathens imaginable. Chechens are always planting bombs in their own uncivilized country. Did Z.O.G. think they would stop doing things like that once they got over here?

      You’re right, S.U.N., Mudslum Mohammedans are no friends of the White Man. They will rape and slash the throat of any White girl –or White boy– they can get their claws on. Mudslums are wild, savage beasts who can NEVER be trusted.

    5. Virgil Says:

      Nuke Mecca Now!

    6. Virgil Says:

      I wonder if immigration policy would change if Schumer or Feinstein were to be blown to bits by muslims?

    7. Virgil Says:

      “…at least one senator suggested that attacks by foreign-born suspects should put the brakes on Washington’s current push for immigration reform.” http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/washington-boston-manhunt-stirs-immigration-debate/story?id=18998177#.UXGXlqLvuSo

    8. Virgil Says:

      “Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York and a member of the bipartisan group behind the legislation, urged caution about linking the bombings to flaws in the country’s immigration system.” http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/20/us/politics/senator-says-boston-bombing-should-be-factor-in-immigration-debate.html?_r=0

    9. S.U.N. Says:

      Yeah Tim, dear ZOG thought that Mosslem Chechens wouldn’t pose a threat in American soil, since they only chimp out at Russian elementary schools and on unarmed civilians.

      I can understand German skinheads wearing kaffiyehs as an antijuden statement, though sadly, they are supporting a cesspool of beliefs bent on destroying White civilization. Mosques everywhere in Europa and America because the desert hogs have more rights than the hosts themselves. Re:


      Simply enraging. Immigration reform should be as it was in the late 19th century. This ain’t the United EMPIRE of America, no way.

    10. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      What is wrong with the forum? The hate is building up inside me because I can’t post.

    11. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Happy Fuhrer’s Birthday to all VNN readers!

    12. John Q. Republic Says:

      I just came online to post our eternal LEADER’S birthday and found that Comrade Pauly beat me to it.

      Good show, sir. I second Adolf Hitler’s 124th birthday wish to all as well!


    13. Stan Sikorski Says:

      A very hearty “HEIL HITLER!” in memory and respect to THEE ONE who showed us the only way to deal with jews. Let’s make him proud of us. Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler!! Seig Heil!! Seig Heil!! SEIG HEIL!!!

    14. Robert Cardillo Says:

      My birthday was yesterday 19th of April. Our beloved Fuhrer was born a day after me. I have always been proud of this fact. I told this one arrogant kike this in college, and it looked like he was ready to crap his trousers. The cunt. Frohlich Gebortsag Mein Fuhrer!!!!!!

    15. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      April Gaede is a plastic Fuhrer baby. Her mother was 90 minutes late for making her famous. Let’s wish her a happy birthday tomorrow.

    16. Mary O Says:

      Steven Rosenfeld of Alternet whining: Entire political agenda in jeopardy:


      Summary of his main points:

      1. LE wasting money and time protecting ordinary middle-class tax-paying citizens, instead of focusing on Israel Only! Obviously the police officers were listening to the hate-speech of ignorant bigots, and lying that they were “evaluating inside information” from suspicious observers. The fact that Boston City (app. pop. 625K) and adjoining Cambridge (app. pop. 105K) are relatively small cities, and that the entire public was literally terrorized is no excuse for paying any attention to their petty and selfish little concerns!

      2. Citizen finding crazed foreign terrorist dripping with blood holed up in his boat stored in his backyard undermines gun control! Please, God, don’t let these arrogant people think that they should be allowed an even chance against their foreign criminal enemies!!!

      3. Immigration policies called into question! Chechnyan action against Liberal State Capital undermines the Victim Narrative. No way to manipulate public with guilt for hating these people. Hundreds of real victims with real wounds (or even fighting for their lives, like that young White man who tragically lost his leg) are unfairly hogging sympathy!!!

      4. Mideast interventions called into [gasp!] question! Oh, poor Israel, these people have learned how to protect themselves!!! Life is so unfair!!!

      5. Amateur sleuths voice their opinions on the crime and post photos on social media, which led to successful identification of the perps. Don’t they understand the US public is to be seen and not heard? Doesn’t matter how upset you are, or WHAT you saw that day; Americans, shut up! The fact that false internet rumors have ZERO consequences to anyone, since they are not taken seriously by anyone with a brain, and they are forgotten immediately, is IRRELEVANT!!! Only proper authorities with FCC license should be allowed to have opinions.

      6. Future Mossad false flag operations put on hold. What if these people actually catch an Israeli trying to blow up Grand Central Station with their stupid FaceBook photos? Life is so cruel!

      7. Fact that multiple bombs were found, and another bombing took place at the JFK library, is completely IRRELEVANT data!

      8. And, according to Rosenfeld, PERP (singular; Rosenfeld’s framework focuses on the more fashionably dressed agent) was just a YOUTH playing a PRANK. This act had nothing to do with politics or hating Americans. Quote follows:

      “An entire city was shut down and stayed shut in a massive manhunt for a skinny teenager in a grey hoodie. Yes, he may have had bombs and guns. But by Thursday night, when the first bomber—his brother—was killed by police, this paramilitary operation knew its targets were closer to the shooters from Colorado’s Columbine High School [= INNOCENT YOUTHS!!!!] massacre, not foreign terrorists.”

      Entire text follows, since Alternet might change its mind, and pull this one:

      “How Absurd: 8 Crazy Reactions, Ridiculous Conclusions, and Dumb Media Behavior Coming out of the Boston Bombings”
      Not a shining moment.
      April 19, 2013 |
      The manhunt is over with the arrest Friday of a second suspect in the Boston marathon bombing. But manhunt will live in infamy in the history of American civil liberties.
      The city where the American Revolution began its fight against governmental overreach surrendered to the most outsized and disproportionate display of paramilitary policing in America in decades. One must ask if the manhunt that shut down an entire city to catch one 19-year-old on the run—who was found hiding and cowering in a backyard—did more to terrorize Bostonians than the attack on the Boston marathon itself.
      There are many places in the world where terrorism is a real problem. But the U.S. is not one of them. Since the Sepember 11 attacks, the country has been very lucky and avoided blowback from its foreign wars. Think about it. One guy is loose, in one neighborhood, and an entire city is shut down. A total curfew is imposed. The transportation system is shut down. Police wielding their fiercest weaponry sweep home after home.
      Bostonians were shocked and allow it to unfold—because what individual can stand up to such totalitarian power? And media organization after media organization called for more of it—embracing the security state mentality and its huge overreaction. A lone nineteen year old is on the run—not a foreign army or team of undercover Al Queda operatives. Nonetheless, police and political leaders disrupt and control the lives of millions.
      Let’s look at some of the crazy reactions, ridiculous conclusions and dumb media behaviors that came out of Boston in the past 48 hours.
      1. Unbelievable overreaction.An entire city was shut down and stayed shut in a massive manhunt for a skinny teenager in a grey hoodie. Yes, he may have had bombs and guns. But by Thursday night, when the first bomber—his brother—was killed by police, this paramilitary operation knew its targets were closer to the shooters from Colorado’s Columbine High School massacre, not foreign terrorists.
      More than a million people were ordered to stay home and lock their doors, allowing no one but uniformed officers in. A public transit system serving 1.3 million people was shut down. Amtrak service between New York and Boston stopped. The Red Sox and Bruins postponed their Friday night games. Businesses were shut. The list goes on and on.
      2. Massive display of military might. Every SWAT team and paramilitary vehicle from southern New Hampshire to Cape Cod descended on Boston. It’s one thing to surround several blocks and sweep through back yards and homes—without search warrants. But this was far more extensive. And when the second bomber was found—it wasn’t even from the police manhunt! It was by a homeowner who saw the canvas flap on a boat stored in his backyard had been untied. The suspect was cowering inside, wounded.
      3. Then Dumb Politicans Weigh In. But media stampedes like the manhunt egg on the most ridiculous statements, such as Texas Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert’s assertion that the lockdown showed that new federal gun controls were wrong and instead that homeowners needed to be more heavily armed. “How many rounds do you want to be limited to in your magazine as you sit in your chair and wait?” he said.
      Not to be outdone, North Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, tweeted, “Don’t read Tsarnaev his rights, if you catch him alive.”
      4. Meanwhile, the security state missed suspect No. 1. The FBI said Friday that they had interviewed Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011, after a foreign government alerted officials of possible extremist ties. Federal officials told CBS News that they vetted the Chechen refugee but found no incriminating information.
      5. More Government Surveillance Is Called for. When the going gets cynical, the cynics turn pro—or lobby Congress to expand the surveillance state. As Salon.com reported, “Stewart Baker, a senior Department of Homeland Security official in the administration of George W. Bush, argues that the Boston Marathon bombings prove that surveillance cameras are awesome and Congress should pass CISPA — the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.” Wonderful.
      6. The Internet and social media take over. Maybe the expectation of privacy is so 20th century, as is the legal doctine of innocent until proven guilty. One very creepy aspect of the manhunt was how people on social media platform became amateur detectives and started posting inaccurate information about innocent people—just like the New York Post’s frontpage. As Salon reported:
      “Remember how thousands of Reddit users and 4chan people spent the days after the bombing combing through every available photo and frame of video of the site of the bombings, searching for the perpetrators, and they found a bunch of guys with backpacks — so many guys they made a spreadsheet! — and (inadvertently) allowed the New York Post to identify, on the front page, two innocent people as the bombers?”
      Andperhaps epitomized by the faulty reporting by John King on CNN, theTV news reporters went way too fast.
      7. All the crazies come out and get far too much attention.Of course, the right wing echo chamber bellowed. Michael Savage spread ludicrous and wildly dangerous conspiracy theories about Muslims in America. Alex Jones claimed the suspects revealed in FBI photos looked “Israeli.” Glenn Beck wouldn’t let go of his own pet conspiracy theory about a Saudi Arabian.
      8. Allegations of hate acts against apparent Muslims.All this misinformation and police overreach has dismaying consequences, including encouraging vigilante actions that are hate crimes plain and simple. As Amanda Terkel explained for the Huffington Post:
      [T]hen there was news that a man in Bronx, N.Y., who was born in Bangladesh was beaten up for supposedly being “a f*cking Arab” by a group of men who wanted retribution for the marathon bombing.
      A Palestinian woman near Boston also reported being the victim of a hateful assault on Wednesday, when a man hit her and yelled, “F*ck you Muslims! You are terrorists! I hate you! You are involved in the Boston explosions.”
      Steven Rosenfeld covers democracy issues for AlterNet and is the author of “Count My Vote: A Citizen’s Guide to Voting” (AlterNet Books, 2008).

    17. fd Says:

      Amusing quote:

      In February 1862, Nashville was occupied by Federal forces.

      Sarah Polk, former first lady of James Knox Polk, was a Tennessee Confederate. When Ulysses S. Grant came to pay his respects she met him, reported the New York Times with “a polished coldness.” The former first lady made it clear that “she expected nothing from the United States, and desired nothing.”

    18. Mary O Says:

      The Muslims do have a legitimate grievance against the Obama Administration for its policy of using drones to drop bombs on Pakistan and other Muslim nations.

      The conduct of these wars itself is more of threat to our security than any conceivable enemy: using drones is cowardly, and unjustified.

      The US government bombs huge communities of civilians with these drones, and then invites their young men, and young men from other countries who identify with their cause, into our neighborhoods to live and study for free in our pricey colleges. Are we not being set up as targets of insane violence?

      [The government falsely interprets going to college as some promise of respect to our society. Or at least docility. ]

      Since the US government & military obviously doesn’t care whatever about our safety, perhaps a group of Whites could independently create anti-drone laser technology, and supply it to Muslim states.

      Some devices have been tested:

      The [Raytheon] laser’s 50-kilowatt beam can shoot down a drone traveling as fast as 311 miles per hour.

      Experts explain that Raytheon developed the system after buying six off-the-shelf commercial lasers from the car industry before combining them to produce a single, powerful beam guided by Phalanx radars.


      This technology would restrain the US government from entering into any military conflict in areas of the world in which US citizens and military personnel are unwilling to commit at least several years of their life in occupation.

      Our economy would then recover quickly, and we middle-class Americans could then got on with our lives.

    19. Art Says:

      HB and HH

    20. Howdy Doody Says:

      What a sick mess, and itz orgin’s are with FDR and his gang coming out NYC and installing themselves with every trick in to book to become POTUS.

      Hollywood is part and parcel of this disgusting take over and smashing of Western peoples along with a hostile open border invasion from Finland to New Zealand against our will.

      Such is the the price for the victory of 1945.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O Says:

      20 April, 2013 at 5:14 pm

      Excellent post, and most of your post’s have been exceptional over the years, stay healthy till they shut us down.

    22. Virgil Says:

      It seems as if organized jewry is going all out to co-opt China. They must realize how great the yellow peril really is; the PLA could invade or destroy Israel in an instant.
      Schwarzman Endows Rhodes-Like Scholarships in Chinahttp://www.businessweek.com/news/2013-04-21/blackstone-s-schwarzman-gives-100-million-for-china-scholarship “Schwarzman was also recently named on AlterNet’s “10 Worst People on Forbes 2013 Billionaires List”, citing his lavish birthday parties and his statement comparing the Obama administration’s tax plans to the Nazi invasion of Poland.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_A._Schwarzman

    23. Virgil Says:


    24. Sean Gruber Says:

      “I wonder if immigration policy would change if Schumer or Feinstein were to be blown to bits by muslims?”

      Why would Muslim invaders harm their best friends?

    25. Sean Gruber Says:

      Semites stick together.

    26. Virgil Says:

      Muslims and Jews have always hated each other! http://prophetofdoom.net/Islamic_Quotes_Jews.Islam

    27. Virgil Says:

      “It is forbidden to be merciful to (the Arabs), you must give them missiles, with relish – annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones. May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arabs’ heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them, and cause them to be vanquished and cause them to be cast from the world.” http://revisionistreview.blogspot.ca/2012/09/top-rabbi-calls-for-extermination-of.html

    28. CW-2 Says:

      Sure, jews and Arabs dislike each other, but they both HATE and envy White people and our archievements.
      We are in the middle of a gigantic world-wide race war. Jews started it 3000 years ago an brought it to a new level in 1933 when they declared war on a resurgent Germany. It is now starting to really heat-up, but at present China is sitting on the sidelines waiting for the opportune moment. That event could be a real game changer which will cause the scales to drop from people’s eyes, particularly for Christians when they finally realize non-blood brotherhood counts for nothing.

    29. Howdy Doody Says:

      CW-2 Says:
      22 April, 2013 at 6:03 pm

      CW, correct you are, except IMO less than 1 percent of evanjellyculls could ever awaken.

      VNNF is down again, of course the admitted ARA members and assorted other scum have nothing to do with the attackes on this forum.

      Please more trolls, so now can post any train of thought to be pondered or expounded on.

      Thank you.

    30. Virgil Says:

      Weekly Jihad Report
      Apr. 13 – Apr. 19
      Jihad Attacks:

      Suicide attacks:

      Dead bodies:

      Critically injured:
      734 http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ The average weekly body count, courtesy of “the religion of peace”, is simply astounding;the naivety of the self-liquidating elites is even more so!

    31. Virgil Says:

      It all adds up but it is statistically quasi-insignificant; our race is inexorably shrinking as a % of world population. http://www.voanews.com/content/185-reported-dead-in-northern-nigeria-fighting/1646265.html

    32. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It all adds up but it is statistically quasi-insignificant; our race is inexorably shrinking as a % of world population.
      They did it before, they’ve done it again.

      “During the first phase of the Roman Empires history(31 BCE-CE 235) Only one people within the Empire’s frontier, namely the Jewish people, was increasing conspicuously in numbers.” The population of Judah must have been tiny in 586 BCE, the year in which the kingdom of Judah had been liquidated by Nebuchadnezzar, but, since then the Jews had populated a large part of the former kingdom of Israel, which was Judaea’s next door neighbor, while a Jewish diaspora had spread far and wide: first into Babylon, next into Egypt, and eventually throughout the Hellenic world. In Babylon and, from63 BCE, in Rome the pioneers of the Jewish diaspora had been “deportees”, but most of the Jewish Diaspora ( bunch of damn mold spores) had been voluntary; the Jews had settled abroad as mercenary soldiers(yeah, not front line grunts) and traders( Pedaling human flesh). The “constant” increase in the Jewish people’s numerical strength is the most remarkable, considering the magnitude of the casualties that they suffered( more of the 6 million bullshit) (and also inflicted on the non-jewish neighbors) in their insurrection against the Roman Imperial government in Palestine in CE 66-70, and CE 135-5, and in Cyprus and Cyrenaica(Libya) CE 115-17. IN THIS LAST MENTIONED INSURRECTION, THE LOCAL JEW COMMUNITY GAINED NOT ONLY TEMPORARY COMMMAND OVER CYRENAICA(LIBYA), IT ALSO USE I REPEAT USED CYRENAICA AS A BASE FOR AN INVASION OF EGYPT!!!!!!!!!” Toynbee,Arnold, Mankind and Mother Earth

    33. fd Says:

      Julius Caesar was known to use Jews in his armies, especially when he was in and around Egypt.

    34. Howdy Doody Says:

      First amendment and political speech to oppose a usurping force, ah you need that any more.

      Say good night Gracie.