14 May, 2013

Jewish Journalist Says: Jewish Neocons Created the Iraq War

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They certainly did, and at least this guy’s admitting it [1]. Most journalists won’t touch an issue concerning Jews (unless it makes them look good).


[1] Jews in the Pentagon’s short-lived Office of Special Plans (OSP) hatched the Iraq War, for Israel’s benefit

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  7. 2 Responses to “Jewish Journalist Says: Jewish Neocons Created the Iraq War”

    1. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      American Free Press audio interview of one of the cops who arrested the Israelis who were dancing & celebrating 9-11 while it was occuring. Is this cop playing stupid?

      Click to listen…


    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Only Jews are permitted to criticize Israel and Jewish war-mongering. But the Jewsmedia always promotes their own kind ahead of genuine human achievers.

      Einstein, not Tesla, Newton or Darwin, had the most brilliant scientific mind. Anne Frank’s fake diary is more important than Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon. Freud is the greatest, Steven Spielberg is the greatest, Leonard Bernstein is the greatest. No gentile ever gets much credit from the Jew establishment for anything. Unless the Jews are trying to smear the gentile as a criminal or a monster. Only gentiles and never Jews can be portrayed with venomous, Talmudic hatred.

      Look at the way they’re still going after Senator Joe McCarthy, for example. It’s not enough that the guy died in 1957, the Jews still jump up and down on his grave to make sure he stays dead. McCarthy had that sneaky Jew Roy Cohn on his staff but that’s still not good enough.