28 May, 2013

No Such Thing as ‘Race,’ Say French Politicians

Posted by Socrates in Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism, equality, equalocracy, France, jewed culture, jewed law, Marxism, race, Race Denial, racial differences, Socrates at 6:18 pm | Permanent Link

How very Marxist of them to say that. No, really, actually communist. So the White lawmakers in France won’t mind living in all-Black neighborhoods, right? Suuure. And how dishonest: there are many physical differences between Blacks and Whites, e.g., the shin bone (tibia) on a Black is longer. Blacks also have more testosterone, making them more aggressive.


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  7. 7 Responses to “No Such Thing as ‘Race,’ Say French Politicians”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny thing….forensic investigators and anthropologists can determine a dead person’s race by investigating the skeleton. They can also determine race using DNA samples. So there’s obviously a provable scientific component to race. Obviously, the different races did not evolve at the same time in the exact same way. Whites are the most genetically advanced humans and Blacks are the closest living relatives to our hominid ancestors. That’s just how it is, there’s no such thing as “equality” in Nature.

      The liberals contend that there’s no such thing as race, yet they are forever whining about “racism”. And of course only heterosexual Whites are capable of that “crime”. Yet more proof that Jews and their liberal stooges are mentally ill and need to be liquidated.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      These White liberal dickheads, actually vile traitors, will realize the reality of race soon enough when they are knifed by jihadists and their women folk gang raped by AIDS-infected niggers.
      The liberals think they are safe in their posh gated condos and exclusive suburbs. Places where they can pour scorn on working class Whites and talk fine wines with their jew stockbroker.
      Smarmy liberals are contemptible but they also have their partners in the Churches. Recently in London one of the big churches held a service for “refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers”. Hey Bishop, you have a big house in the leafy suburbs, you have plenty of space , why don’t you take in 10 Somalis.

    3. fd Says:

      ‘No Such Thing as ‘Race’,

      An empty catch phrase that wages war on nature. People who seek to conquer nature will always be visited with misery and ruin. They struggle against the laws which gave them life.

    4. Thom McQueen Says:

      I went to the museum in St. Louis with Carrie Fischer. They had three skulls there showing the differences. There was a White, a black, and an Indian. Everybody was ignoring them, but I was really digging it.

    5. Thom McQueen Says:

      Somebody send this to those frogs and let them tell me there is no difference between a White women, a nigger, and a sand nigger.


    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      That museum was the museun of natural history in Washington, DC
      It was not in St. Louis
      There was a lot of niggers

    7. fd Says:

      It’s no mistake that the Federal capital at Washington City is also the Negro capital. FederaLand is a safe haven for murderers and robbers. Ironically, Obama is the 2d Illinois Ape. Poetic justice.