10 May, 2013

The Pareto Principle In Racial Nationalist Activism

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by Ted Sallis.


“If we in America need to look at a model that can help inform more efficient choices in activist options, the Golden Dawn in Greece would be a good start. There are of course differences between their situation and ours. Nevertheless, if given a choice on how to spend our limited resources, we should choose politics over metapolitics (see next paragraph for clarification), power over intellectual agonizing, and analog real-world activity over digital pontificating (admitting that this essay itself is digital pontificating).”


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  7. One Response to “The Pareto Principle In Racial Nationalist Activism”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      A good and timely article. All of us are guilty to some extent of singing to the choir, or worse still discussing some dusty corner of anthropology and thinking we are doing Joe and Jill Sixpack a favor by our display of erudition. Of course the ultimate time waster is the hobbyist approach to the Third Reich.
      Our task is to communicate and educate, anything else is of minor importance. On the same page of this Occidental Observer article is a link to a 30 minute video presentation by Alex Kurtagic which is well worth watching and thinking about. A key point that Alex Kurtagic makes is that politics is the end process, not the beginning of change. For far too long we have put the cart before the horse.