1 May, 2013

Thoughts on “Free Trade”

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Interdependence” is one of those very trendy concepts which is fashionable among air-headed liberals and also is being pushed very enthusiastically by hardheaded Jewish media bosses. The idea is that no country — with the exception of Israel, of course — should be independent and autonomous. Autonomy has been given a nasty flavor by these people. To them it is a Politically Incorrect concept. It is a bit like fascism or racism, they would have us believe. What we should have instead of independence and autonomy is interdependence. That is, all of the countries of the world should be dependent on each other to such a degree that no country can act unilaterally on any matter, but must first obtain the consent of all of the other countries on which it is dependent: like a big “family of nations,” a very fashionable idea in this feminine era, a very warm and fuzzy sounding idea, the sort of idea in favor with the Clinton crowd and with air-heads generally.”


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Even though this broadcast is over 10 years old, the good doctor’s medicine still hits the target.