20 July, 2013

The Media and the Left Fear Fascism in Greece

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(Above: fascist leader Mussolini)

Well, like it or not, fascism is probably the only thing that will save the West, i.e., democracy and communism won’t save it, nor will international capitalism.


About fascism: [Here].

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The 130th anniversary of Il Duce’s birth is coming up on July 29th. I’m sure Katie Couric and Charlie Rose will have special editions of their TV shows to celebrate.

      Other outstanding White men born around this time of year: Alexander the Great, July 20th; Henry Ford, July 30th; and Napoleon Bonaparte, August 15th. But where are the great White men of today?????

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The mighty Julius Caesar was also born sometime in July.

    3. fd Says:

      Good point, Tim McGreen. Where are the great White men of today? Motivation will bring them forward.

      I witnessed greatness as a kid in the 1960s and ’70s. Their great deeds were carried out on the local level unknown to the world.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Where are all the Great White Men? Give you a clue: The Kikes have effectively prevented their birth, through abortion, or snipped their dicks, or drugged or neutered them.
      The other night the medical moment presented by Dr. Bowman???
      a kikess was about male mutilation known as circumcision. Of course the usual kike line how it prevents prostate cancer, fancy more than fact.. Well according to Dr. Bowman 2/3rds of Amerikwan males are circumcised, that probably means 99.999% of White Gentile males, which is jews ultimate goal.
      Why is it that the Judaeo-xians refer to the atrocity commited by Herod was the “slaugter of innocents” while their top hero Moses killed all the first born of Egypt, and that was a great miracle?

    5. fd Says:

      I have never criticized fascicm. But I would reject on one principle: It requires centralized authority. Forcing everybody under one umbrella creates tyranny.

      The decentralized German states of the 19th century were doing pretty good. Once those states signed on to central despotism, everything fell apart. I suppose you could say the same about the American states.

    6. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The U.S. may have aided the neo-Nazis immediately following WWII, but Marxism is now triumphant in the kwa, and it will be one of Greece’s most dangerous foes in their bid to wrest control of their homeland from cultural Marxism and its multiculturalism poison on behalf of native Greeks. I think I previously read where the American Cheka, otherwise known as the FBI, has sent some representatives to Greece to assist the Greek government in dealing with the “extremist” Golden Dawn.

      If Golden Dawn ever comes close to taking power in Greece look for emperor obongo to launch drone strikes to the delight of the gentile hating hebes.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m afraid I must disagree with you, fd. The German Empire under the Kaiser was no centralized tyranny. All the various German states got to keep their old nobility and their flags. They had full representation in the Reichstag as well. Prussia was simply the largest and most powerful of the German states, so naturally the King of Prussia became Kaiser and the Prussian capital of Berlin became capital of the Reich. There was more freedom and flexibility for the German states that comprised the German Empire than there is/was for the states of the American Union.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Il Duce made at least two fatal mistakes: One, he should have gotten rid of Italy’s good for nothing monarchy and two, he should have marginalized the power and influence of the Vatican. If he had kept out of the War he might have stayed in power at least as long as his fascist friends Franco and Salazar did and died a peaceful death in his sleep at the age of 108. Italy would have once again been a great country under Mussolini, instead of the constantly unstable mess that it’s been since 1947.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Yes, if Italy would have stayed out of the war, perhaps Germany would have won. Imagine the difficulties the jew coalition would have faced in trying to advance against the Reich, or would they have said “Italian neutrality is just a scrape of paper”.?
      Hitler got bogged down in the Balkans because of Italian intervention there, a quagmire that cost them dearly when opening a front against the Soviet Jewnion,

    10. fd Says:

      I don’t disagree with you, Tim McGreen.

      Let me make my point more clear. The consolidation of the German states in the 19th century led to the Weimar Republic, Jewish infestation and finally two major wars that led to the ruin of Germany. It’s easier to pervert and conquer a consolidated government than it is several independent states comprised of common blood and culture. The Germans could have defeated their enemies much like the Committees of Correspondence defeated the British Crown in America. Strategy and tactics that were successful in one German state would be copied by the other German states.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Speaking of Franco, why the hell does Spain allow the British to hold
      Gibralatar? Or for that matter why does Cuba allow the kwa to operate a torture chamber at Gitmo?

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Without the closure of the straits of Gibralatar, Italy was just a sitting duck, neutrality of Spain was nothing , in fact Spain was the thorn in the side of Napoleon that eventually brought him down, not the war in Russia. It might have been better if Spain had been ruled by the Commies, for all the good they were.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The defeat of the Southern States, the ruin of Germany follows some striking parallels. Bother were essentially land based , while the enemy had control of the Seas, Germany was essentially land locked, while Dixie just had allowed the Yankees to control all their ports, stupidly some Southern Captains had sailed their vessels in to Yankee ports and resigned their commands. WTF!

    14. John Q. Republic Says:

      I imagine the British control of Gibralter and the U.S.’s control of Gitmo is thru a complicated set of treaties made many decades ago.


    15. fd Says:

      The South didn’t have a navy in 1861. That the the Southern country built a navy from scratch while being invaded with all the ports of the world blocked from it is one of the greatest maritime accomplishments in history. There were a few federal ships confiscated in Southern ports.

      Had German mercenaries known the Federals would destroy Germany twice in the following century, they would have never hired out to invade the Confederacy. When you pick up a gun to fight for a cause, you better think about the future.

      I mentioned the Committees of Correspondence earlier. Some of the paramilitary groups in the South operated similar to defeat Reconstruction.

    16. CW-2 Says:

      We aren’t going to get any place if we remain frightened of our own shadows. The Greeks in Golden Dawn clearly aren’t, but to crystallize a mass feeling heroic action is always necessary and functions as ‘propaganda of the act’. Yeltsin did it in 1991 when he boldly jumped on a hostile tank in Moscow. And of course Mussolini and his fellow fascists did the same in 1922 with their march on Rome.
      Our opponents look good and appear invincible on paper but in reality they are paper tigers.

    17. fd Says:

      Humorous side of the war. This is not meant to be critical.

      152 years ago today, the Battle of Bull Run — the First Manassas was fought under a hot July sun. A few days before the battle, tickets were sold for the upcoming Ball in Richmond. The Washington elite professed they would dance in Richmond no later than 10 days. Northern vanity was highlighted by those who rode their fine carriages stocked with champagne and caviar to the battlefield. Yankee women brought their opera glasses to watch soldiers slaughter each other in the field, expressing a morbid curiosity unknown in Southern culture.

      The massive federal army suffered friendly fire from the beginning. The stampede back to Washington caused some to be trampled to death on bridges. General Beauregard described the retreat as frantic fast fleeing Federalists. Many federal volunteers retired from the field in the heat of battle because their time was up.

      But those magnificent Zouave uniforms. I would love to have one.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yes, those Zouaves had impressive uniforms. But weren’t they Moroccans, or something? Surely such heathen savages could not be left alone with Southern belles.

      Without consulting wikipedia or some other dubious online Jew source, I believe the Strait of Gibraltar fell to British control as a result of the War of Spanish Succession, which took place exactly 300 years ago. The British wanted the Spanish branch of the Austrian Catholic Hapsburg dynasty to be defeated, so England went to war against Austria and Spain. The result was the defeat of the Spanish Hapsburgs and the acquisition of the Rock of Gibraltar by the Royal Navy, which guaranteed England’s control of access to the Mediterranean. England still controls Gibraltar, something which is, understandably, of never-ending annoyance to the Spanish.

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      300 years? Now that Spain is part of the JewU you’d think they’d make some demands to have their territory returned to them.

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Just think if Philip II armada had succeeded in driving the English from the Channel? Things would have been alot better for the English tars than to have been refused entry into port , and left to rot at sea , so the rotten treasury didn’t have to pay them.
      I’ve go a personal vendetta against the perfidious limeys, one of my ancestors was taken by the English on route from France to Louisiana in 1754, and left to rot in an English gaol.

    21. CW-2 Says:

      Nom, the jewK isn’t called that for nothing. It is now difficult to prove categorically but I suspect that every take over in Britain, namely 1485, 1649, 1689 was financed by jews.

    22. Nom de Guerre Says:


      Here is an interesting take on the JewK and its sucksessor yankee empire

    23. John Q. Republic Says:

      fd, “Humorous side of the war”.

      Yes, the supremely arrogant Yankees believed that all they had to do that day was show up on the battlefield and proceed to teach those traitorous, secessionist Rebels a lesson and end the war then and there.
      What they didn’t reckon on was a guy by the name of Thomas Jonathan Jackson, who was very happy to put an end to the Yankee’s rash way of thinking that day. The result was a resounding Condederate victory, which made the Lincoln government sit up and take notice.
      Interestingly, had the Rebel’s not been so disorganized (as were the fleeing Yankees) they could have quite possibly chased them all the way to Washington, took over the Capitol, dictated terms to Lincoln, and ended the war that day.
      Perhaps not realistic, but interesting to think about.


    24. John Q. Republic Says:

      correction: Confederate

    25. fd Says:

      It is interesting to think about, John Q. Republic

      After the battle of First Manassas, Stonewall ask Jefferson Davis for 10 thousand men to take Washington. He said the carnage would be so terrible, New Englanders would lose the will to continue the war. Davis denied the request only to regret his decision for the duration of hostilities. Successful or not, placing the Federal capital under siege would have been very interesting.

      It is documented that the officers on the Potomac had a surplus of Champagne and caviar in their tents. General Taylor, the son of Zachary Taylor, said when he surrendered the last Confederate army west of the Mississippi, he was promptly offered Champagne Frappe ! LOL

    26. CW-2 Says:

      Jefferson Davis was too much of a gent. He couldn’t see beyond the horizon and anticipate he would soon be facing the advocates of total war in the form of Sherman and Grant.
      The pendulum of history is starting to move our way, as it gathers speed and events become favorable to our cause let’s not allow ourselves the luxury of magnanimity to our foes. This a one-shot event and our bitterest racial enemies won’t be giving us any quarter.

    27. Howdy Doody Says:


      CW-2 Says:
      22 July, 2013 at 6:47 pm
      Jefferson Davis was too much of a gent. He couldn’t see beyond the horizon and anticipate he would soon be facing the advocates of total war in the form of Sherman and Grant.
      The pendulum of history is starting to move our way, as it gathers speed and events become favorable to our cause let’s not allow ourselves the luxury of magnanimity to our foes. This a one-shot event and our bitterest racial enemies won’t be giving us any quarter.

      True, true, true.

    28. fd Says:

      Saving the Union is a euphemism for saving the Federal government. With sovereign states, the Federal government would be useless as tits on a boar hog. Excepting people who are in need of special education classes, everybody knows that we all live in Federaland. You gotta have a sense of humor. Candyland, Disneyland, whatever.

    29. fd Says:

      I read an article in a contemporary miltary magazine written by an officer that highlighted the Irish in what I’ll call the 4 years war. The author stated that whole lanes of Irish bluecoats were cut down at Sharpsburg–Antietam. Once the Irish figured out they were being used as cannon fodder, they threw a fit in New York City. Lincoln’s emancipation con further enraged them. An inner city newspaper accused Lincoln of negrophelia in hardcopy. A salty mix of Germans and Irish tore through the city destroying everything that was a symbol of the black republican party. Many were shot to death for their insurrection.

    30. Howdy Doody Says:

      For 100 years 650,000 stood as the total number roughly for both sides in uniform.

      Read a year ago about a study completed that ran through records very carefully for years, and now the number is 750,000.

      The Boston MA. nutz along with their brethren in Rhode Island were willing keep the war going till there were no young White left to draft etc.

    31. Howdy Doody Says:


      Here is MA. today and what that so called civil war gave to young White girls raised with out fathers thanks to courts and anti White laws.