2 August, 2013


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Some people may find this video quirky or offbeat, but nonetheless, he makes some good points about modern women. (Of course, “Western” women are really “Judaized” women since our pop culture [e.g., TV, movies, magazines, newspapers] is run by Jews).


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  7. 8 Responses to “Feminism”

    1. Joe Says:

      I agree with 90% of what this guy is saying.

      However, I draw the line with his insistence of going over to Asia to find more compliant spouses. Miscegenation and betraying your race are not the answer.

      Re-educating our brain-washed women into an understanding of their natural God-given roles is the mission.

      Guys… stand your ground against any and all feminist bullshit. In the end, a real woman will appreciate it and come to adore you.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      My friend Antagonistes told me that his French teacher, at one time, gave him “the Look”. “The Look” is what French femmes give to men they adimire and desire. Ant just looked deep into her eyes for about two minutes and then shrugged. The spell was broken.

      When I airbursh naked women, they think that they can just wiggle their boobs or ass and set me off. I tell them that their boobs and asses are nothig until I airbrush them. That is true, and gives me the power. I make them what they want to be. i am not what they think I am. They become demure and docile. I almost feel guilty, but then I think, Hey, it is a game of power, and I intend to win. It is gentle, it is judo. But it is powerful.

    3. fd Says:

      Feminism in North America originated in New England. The majority of female abolitionists were feminists. Most of them were uglier than a can of worms. Modern day feminists and lesbians cannot hide their hatred for men. They too are mostly unattractive.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      No doubt this guy has a Chink mail order bride like Art Bell. That’s why he moved to the Orient. Imagine having to move to another hemisphere just to find a wife? He also took way too long to say what he had to say. Just standing there going on and on and on. After 10 minutes I bailed.

      fd is right, Jew England is where the abolitionists and feminists started causing trouble. Yet they didn’t seem to give two shits about all the White working class women and children working like slaves in those dangerous Yankee textile mills. Jew England is also the place where America’s first Sin-O-Zog was built. It was a place where the Jews could openly discuss their control of the slave and prostitution trades without any goyim around, a place where they could openly worship themselves and sacrifice kidnapped White babies on the altar during their High Holy Days.

    5. RadicalTraditionalist Says:

      “Man should be educated for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior; all else is folly.” –Nietzsche

      “Thou goest to woman? Do not forget thy whip!” –Nietzsche

    6. fd Says:

      Bizarre behavior in New England from the 1600s forward: Feminism, abolition and prohibition originated in New England. Finally communism took hold in the North in the 20th century along the Northeast corridor including Massachusetts and Connecticut.

      But the most interesting behavior is the witch burnings which is believed by many to have been political. Jealous women in the villages were threatened by beautiful Nordic English girls who were not married.

      I’m sure there is a surplus of good people in New England.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      The planned disaster of so called feminism got going with WW 1 a colossal tragedy, and with 1939-45 and with Hollywood’s full kike subversive support and the subtle help of 1950’s TV disguised family viewing like Grucho Marx, Milton Berle and Life of Riley anti White survival entertainment it has been a pot with the frog slow boiling.

      It is my feeling that the crime of 2001 was prompted because of internet had by that time been strongly identifying the exact enemy alien of the West.

      Fifty years ago, no one could believe and would assault to trying to state how it would be in 2013.

      In Russia, they murdered the Whites, in the US the working class got hunger, and military buid up to attack Europe from 1933, and feminism played a vital roll IMO.

      Today if a man tries to educate his daughter his wife and the school would go after him for daring to mention racial realities, but the schools can teach b.s. and LBHTHB, haaa.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Feminism, like Zionism, Marxism, Global Capitalism and the War on Terrorism, is just another form of Kike-ISM.