13 August, 2013

Jews: the Real Masters of Discrimination and Intolerance

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Seen on the TV: another Jew moaning about “discrimination” and how it must be stopped by any means necessary. This is always funny, since Jews are the kings of discrimination. For example, for centuries, Jews were forbidden to marry non-Jews, and even today in Israel, Jews are not allowed to marry gentiles. This marriage ban is not simply a social custom, it’s the law. Yet, Jews have the nerve, the chutzpah, to tell the White countries that they should outlaw discrimination. (Trivia: Jews were the first people in history to claim – as official doctrine – their racial superiority, which is exactly what they accuse the Nazis of).

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    1. jayhackworth Says:

      New program at the Jew- run National US Constitution Center in Philly

      “Sit Anywhere On The Bus – Thanks To The Constitution”

      Doesn’t apply in our mother country of Israel, though.