20 August, 2013

The Jewish Bomb That Ended World War II

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Seen on TV: part of the 1989 movie “Fat Man and Little Boy,” about the making of the atomic bombs that America dropped on Japan in 1945. Newbies may not know that the whole atomic bomb project was Jewish. Not only were the engineers who built the bombs Jewish (e.g., J. Robert Oppenheimer, Eugene Wigner, Felix Bloch, Otto Frisch), but the people who suggested the idea to build the bombs (they were paranoid about the Germans possibly building one first) were also Jewish (i.e., Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard and Alexander Sachs). By the way, the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan killed mostly innocent civilians, not Japanese soldiers.

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    1. fd Says:

      I think some of the Jews involved in building the atomic bombs were later executed for selling knowledge to Russia.

      The devious Jew/Anglo alliance saw the bombs as a deterrent to future wars. Vaporizing citizens of Japan were “bomb trials” to make sure they could do the job.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Jews: history’s biggest and most egregious mass murderers. Closely followed by Muslims. Fanatical hatred and murder, it’s a Semitic thing.

    3. Joe Says:


      Whites will need some of that mindset if we are ever to clean our Aegean stables and survive. It’s called nature.

    4. Joe Says:


      Whites will need some of that mindset if we are ever to clean our Aegean stables and survive. It’s called nature.

    5. Tim McGReen Says:

      The Jews badly wanted their J-bombs to be dropped on Germany, not Japan, but the war in Europe was over by the time the J-bombs were ready for deployment. You’d think the Jews would take some consolation in the fact that some 250,000 White goyim were firebombed to death at Dresden on Valentine’s Day 1945, which is more than the total number of J-bomb victims killed in Nagasaki and Hiroshima combined.

      But there was no big, glowing mushroom cloud over Dresden for the Jews to gloat over, no lingering radiation sickness among the German victims to make the Jews smile and give thanks to Satan, their God. I suppose one could say the Jews felt they were cheated out of enjoying a more visually rewarding defeat of Nazi Germany.

      BTW, that “Fat Boy and Little Man” TV movie isn’t very good. I saw it on Netflix a while back and junked it about halfway through.

      Truman was such an asshole. By ordering the dropping of those J-bombs on Japan he thought Stalin would be scared into submission. But Stalin had thorough knowledge of the whole Manhattan Project, thanks to all of his Jewish Soviet spies who were involved in the Project from start to finish.

      Besides, with Germany destroyed the Red Army was free to turn its full attention to the East against Japan. They were deploying hundreds of thousands of troops into Manchuria and the northern Japanese islands by the summer of 1945, so the war in the East was basically over anyway. Therefore, the J-bombs did absolutely nothing to hasten the end of WWII, they only killed a lot of innocent people and sickened many others for life in an attempt to scare Stalin. But like I said even that wasn’t accomplished.

      Because he didn’t push harder for the atomic destruction of the Reich, the Jews don’t give their fellow (crypto) Jew Harry Solomon Truman all the credit he deserves for promoting Jew world power. That only shows what vindictive ingrates the Jews really are. You can NEVER make them happy.

    6. fd Says:

      The Japanese and Germans have settled into permanent occupation by the Federals. That’s too bad.

      “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”

    7. CW-2 Says:

      There are 8 nations, including kikistan, possessing nuclear weapons, but what really separates the big boys from the lesser fry is the possession of the H-bomb. That weapon is the ultimate insurance policy. As far a I know only USA, Russia, Britain, France and China have that weapon plus an effective means of delivering it.
      Of course the fact must be faced, what is the point of having the H-bomb if the population base these weapons were intended to protect has become so muddied and degenerate as to be practically worthless.
      There is talk in the British jewpapers that it is time for Britain to give up its small nuclear arsenal. That is clearly the next item on the jew agenda. The jews clearly see that any White nation with nuclear weapons not under their total control is a threat to their fevered dreams of world domination.
      Joe, you are correct, when there is no alternative we may be forced to press the red button, but unlike the Semites, we are a magnanimous people and we certainly won’t enjoy doing what is forced on us. In the meantime I still hope the Augean Stables can be cleansed by some natural and less destructive means.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I am sorry for the digression, but I think maybe a separate thread about the Pfc Bradley Manning verdict is in order. I just heard he received a sentence of 35 YEARS in prison for…..for…I don’t even know what the fuck he did wrong. He released information about US military war crimes in Iraq to wikileaks?

      Shouldn’t the soldiers who committed those war crimes be the ones on trial? Christ, there are rapists, arsonists and murderers who get prison sentences that are a quarter as long as what Manning is facing. His only crime was exposing crime, god dammit. That and being a homo. But the homo part is besides the point in this case.

      It’s all too obvious what’s going on. ZOG is sending out not a warning but a THREAT to everyone else with access to information on government criminal activity that they had better keep their mouths shut, or they’ll spend the rest of their lives chained up inside a windowless prison cell the size of a walk-in closet.

      So this is what Amerikwa has degenerated into under the “leadership” of our coke-snorting, Communist homosexual African-born dictator Barry Hussein Soetero. And nary a peep of protest from anyone about it. Instead, let’s hear all about A-Rod’s suspension from Major League Spic-ball. Let’s examine the shape of Kim Kardashian’s stool. Say, Isn’t that a cute puppy? I like puppies, don’t you? They’re awfully cute. I think puppies are nice. It’s nice to be nice.

      This country is doomed. Die America, die. You deserve it.

    9. fd Says:

      Let me digress too. Speaking of nary a peep — what disturbs me is the complete loss of Los Angeles to the colored hordes in the 1980s. A great Anglo/Saxon/Celtic civilization is dead. Nary a peep or hint of concern. Everybody pretended they didn’t notice.

      Chicago is about 70% non-White by our standards. New York City is an abomination not worth mentioning. Houston is hanging tough for now because it’s surrounded by racists counties that are incorrigible.

      And that is the progress report on the 4 largest cities in America.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      fd Says:
      21 August, 2013 at 4:15 pm

      Let me digress too. Speaking of nary a peep — what disturbs me is the complete loss of Los Angeles to the colored hordes in the 1980s. A great Anglo/Saxon/Celtic civilization is dead. Nary a peep or hint of concern. Everybody pretended they didn’t notice.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Of course when America had a REAL Army and not the pathetic, disordered mess it is now effeminate little swishes like Bradley Manning wouldn’t have even been allowed to loiter in the recruiting station, let alone serve as soldiers.

      I don’t know why Manning willingly released all those documents that exposed US military criminal activity. He wasn’t being tricked, blackmailed or coerced in any way. Needless to say I’m glad he did it, but I suspect it had something to do with his sick-O personal life and was not done in the name of some higher, nobler cause. Maybe he had the hots for Julian Assaunge, or maybe “leaking” sensitive documents was Manning’s way of exacting revenge on a superior officer who spurned Manning’s advances?

      Whatever Manning’s real motives were you can rest assured the Jew-controlled press will never tell us. But despite his being sentenced to 35 years in prison he may yet have the last laugh. Apparently he now wants to become a “female” behind bars and expects the Army pick up the tab for his beautiful transformation. If they don’t the Social Marxists will howl in protest that Manning is being “discriminated” against for his sexual dis-orientation and the Army will have a public relations catastrophe on their hands. But if the Army caves in then other homos in uniform will step forward and demand the Army pay for their sex-change operations, too!

      Them Talibanis and Al Quaders must be laughing their asses off about all of this. Imagine how foolish and helpless America must look to them. And they’re right.

    12. fd Says:

      Manning is symbolic of the perverted parasitic government on the Potomac. People like him will hasten the destruction of that governemnt. It’s all coming together nicely.

      An obese government requires a heavy tax base to survive. The migrants that flow across the border are a significant part of the Federal tax base. And that is why they go unmolested.

      I wish there was a Confederate Taliban to purge Federal agents on Southern soil.

      That creature on the Potomac styled Federal Government should know that Southern nationalism also known as Confederate nationalism is alive and well !

      If Y’all don’t here from me again, it means the federals didn’t approve of my words.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Don’t worry, fd. If you go missing in action I’m going to organize an Otto Skorzeny style commando operation to rescue y’all. Strange that Hebrew-wood never made an action film about the heroic exploits of SS Colonel Skorzeny. Now there was an übermensch!

    14. Stan Sikorski Says:

      The Race War is NOW. Dead White baseball player killed by niggers and a whigger, White WW2 vet beaten to death by 2 niggers, nigger DHS arms procurer has web site that advocates killing YT. That’s just the last few days. Meanwhile Craig Cobb’s ND town is in the news. How much more until critical mass is met?

      Many of us know what to expect and have prepared for it. Just make sure your ducks are in a row, your weapons ready and aim true. And around blacks? NEVER RELAX!

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      An obese government


      It also, needs war, paranoia news squawking, with savage invaders to distract the patriotards.

      Listen up Pilgrims. When Dr. Goldstein walked in to that mosque and machine gunned Arabs at noon prayers reloading too, before some of them jumped him and beat him to death with his AK 47, I think he may have shot and killed over 50 ? Point is they have built a statue to him, and no has called him crazy.

      Demented non Africans buy rap, and buy movies and porn with Whites as victims and idiots, and just like real crime itz hatred if YT ever dares to complain about it.

    16. Sgt. Skull Says:

      There is circumstantial, but compelling, evidence that the jewish motivation for weaponizing nuclear fission was to commit mass murder of Germans. Eustace Mullins called the atomic bomb it the “jewish hell bomb” and rightfully so.

      It would be ironic and poetic if someday the bomb they created to exterminate gentiles was in fact used to bring about the demise of the execrable state of Israhell.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      Gentleman, IMO no European mind was not in to doing such an act, and shows the mind set of those creatures.

      Europe would have taken down the NYC/London creation of the monstrous criminal terror state called the USSR, if not for US being duped in to physically going their and 100,000 plus White men who mostly had NO children dyeing while dropping fire bombs on the heart of European peoples cities and our history!

      The creation of the the bomb took a sick mind, and sicker for wanting to use it on the heart of Europe. MFERS

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      Gentleman, IMO no European mind was not in to doing such an act, and shows the mind set of those creatures.

      Europe would have taken down the NYC/London creation of the monstrous criminal terror state called the USSR, if not for US being duped in to physically going their and 100,000 plus White men who mostly had NO children dyeing while dropping fire bombs on the heart of European peoples cities and our history!

      The creation of the the bomb took a sick mind, and sicker for wanting to use it on the heart of Europe. MFERS

    19. Howdy Doody Says:

      August 22, 2013

      “The International Jew” Study Hour presents: Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott read and comment on Chapter 56, “Dr. Levy, a Jew, Admits His People’s Error.”

      Dr. Oscar Levy (pictured right) was a Jew born in Pomerania to a banker, who emigrated at the age of 27 to the United Kingdom and Ireland where he became well-known in literary circles.

      This chapter gives his reply to a brochure written by Oxford professor George Pitt-Rivers titled “The World Significance of the Russian Revolution.“ In a letter to Pitt-Rivers, Levy agreed with the criticism of the Jewish role, but at the same time gave an overblown estimation of Jewish greatness and their importance to Europe. Some examples:
      •No race in the world is more interesting than the Jews;
      •Scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews;
      •Jews invented nationalism, plead for honesty and cleanliness in politics, and have a duty to guide Europe;
      •Jews are unconscious of the harm they cause – they know not what they do (all in all pretty funny stuff).
      The White Network dot com

    20. fd Says:

      The dehumanization of Hitler is non-stop. How many billions of dollars have these cowards spent on the assault against A.H.

      Why are the Jews and their white lackeys afraid of a dead man ?

    21. fd Says:

      Besides Hitler, I can’t think of anyone else in history that has been singled out by an international hate campaign that shows no sign of ending.. Very strange. And why do the Germans tolerate perpetual occupation by a foreign army.

      The world conquerors should be exterminated like roaches and rats.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good posts, Howdy D. No doubt the Jews wanted to utterly annihilate Germany, turn it into one big potato field, in the words of Morgenthau. But without Germany around postwar Europe would not have recovered and so neither the Jew Capitalists nor the Jewish Reds would have had any large, healthy European host to feed off of.

      fd, I don’t think it’s fear of Hitler that is the motivating factor in all the vilification of him and the NSDAP that continues to this very hour. No, it’s MONEY. Think, sir, of all the MONEY that the Jews in Hollywood and the publishing houses have made since the 1930s with their books, films and TV shows about HITLER UND ZE NAZIS. Not to mention their precious Holohoax Industry, which by itself rakes in billions of shekels for Organized World Jewry every single year.

      Constantly promoting the bad-guy Hitler myth has been the most profitable Jewish swindle ever perpetrated against the world, even more so than that other well-known Jewish fable about the Carpenter’s Son from Galilee. Steven Spielberg, Elie Wiesel, the US Holohoax Jewseum, The Anti-Defecation League, Morris Sleaze and the Southern Jew Millionaires’ Law Center, the illegitimate State of Israel…..none of those entities could have thrived without feeding at the trough of imaginary Nazi Evil! What a windfall, I’m telling you!

    23. fd Says:

      Tim, you got that right. Hitler is a cash cow. These people called Jews are really sick. They use the leader and founder of the New Reich (1930s) as a billion shares of free stock.

    24. John Q. Republic Says:


      A correction to your post, if I may.

      The racially-motivated HATE CRIME murder of the White Aussie baseball player was committed by two full-bore niggers and one bastardized half&half “nigger”, ala the Obunghole, Barry Sotero racial-type. No White man was involved. How the ‘White’ angle came about was when the jew mass media mis-information/dis-information battalion swung into action and interviewed the ‘mother’ of this mix-raced creature. She appeared to be White. My personal opinion is that this ‘mother’ is more than likely a half-white, half-jew bitch married to a nigger.
      Interestingly, the opinion section’s of previous articles to this latest article was rife with dim-witted shitheads sympathizing with these White-hating murderers trying to defend their actions with the usual knee-jerk, neo-marxist-style damage control rhetoric to explain the why’s of it all, AND emphasizing the erroneously reported ‘White’ angle to it. You know what I mean. The majority of the others were definitely pro-White, however, running the gammit of either life in prison for these worthless savages or immediate execution……….with the “let’s kill’em all now” attitude prevailling by a wide margin. (Perhaps a glimmer of hope here?)
      The situation with the WW2 vet is, of course, tragic, but not surprising. The climate of hate created by the jews, and perpetuated by them for many decades now against ALL White people, is patently obvious and self-evident for anyone with working eyes, ears and normally functioning gray matter. How much proof do you need, White Man? Prior to the internet, some ignorance might be explainable. Things were not that difficult for the kike to suppress and keep from the general public not that long ago. I mean, sometimes you really had to dig hard to find out what was really going on. Now, there is NO excuse. The information is out there and being updated constantly.
      You’re absolutely right about preparedness, S.S. The jew house-of-cards could collapse at any time with a thousand different triggers to set it off. Good weapons, plenty of ammo, and other essentials, need to be taken care of whenever possible. I’m not trying to be some wild-eyed alarmist about this. It just makes good sense.

      Strength and Honor to all!


    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      Suspect Number 3 is definitely a half-caste. But the Jewsmedia wants everyone to think he’s completely White. That’s why it’s safe for the Kike scum to show the mug-shots of all three suspects. If ALL of them looked totally Black neither the pigs nor the presstitutes would have released the suspects’ photos.

      Interestingly, the pigs have already decided that race did not play any factor at all in the murder of that White Australian. Wow, that was fast. The niggers were just bored, it was a “thrill kill”, nothing more. But if all the suspects were White and the victim was not there would have been a thorough and lengthy investigation (at the White taxpayers’ expense) to determine if race played even a subconscious factor in committing the crime.

      My hatred for the police, the government and the media are all equally boundless, since all three of those entities are basically the same thing, or rather tentacles of the same ZOG monster. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/police_australian_player_killed_J8hM1jhw9Us1DltFFWCGQM

    26. John Q. Republic Says:


      I believe the two kikes you were referring to that were executed for the subversive, disloyal, and treasonous act of passing along the secret of the atomic bomb to their fellow semitic tribesmen of the old Soviet Union were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. These filthy yid traitors were part of an extensive jewish network of spies in this country working tirelessly to ensure their kinsmen in the old SU were supplied with all the information necessary to build a nuclear device on par with the U.S. Why the other kikes (who were fully known to the Washington government) were not also rounded up and executed for subversion and treason is another matter for discussion. (Hmmm…….must have just answered my own question.)

      Also, during WW2, it was known that the Washington/jewish cabal desperately wanted to build a nuclear bomb to use on Germany before the war in Europe ended. A huge disappointment for the kike when the war ended first. A few other major disappointments for the jews were that they didn’t get their dirty mits on Hitler before he commited suicide. Goering and Himmler also died by their own hand and not by the jews. These few ‘unfortunate’ events in Europe did somewhat dampen the jewish festivities to some degree, however, the overall plan to steamroll and then to murder, rape, and plunder Germany after the war worked out very well for hymie.

      I find it difficult to understand how Whites in this country can seriously believe that ANY kike in the U.S. can be ‘trusted’, on ANY level, in protecting this nation’s secrets. It flies in the face of all experience and logic. They’ve been proven time and time again to be the betrayers of any White nation they happen to infest. Every jew born should be required to have the word TRAITOR as his/her middle name. The word should be branded into their foreheads. Subversion, treason, disloyalty, destruction of any White nation from within by any and all means, are all hallmarks of the juden rats from antiquity to the very moment of this writing. Yes, that, and the universal fact that these featherless, bipedal creatures known as jews (a.k.a. the rat-faced ones) are among the UGLIEST of beings to ever have polluted this planet with their presence.

      I know I’m preaching to the choir about all this, but this is mainly for the inquisitive lurkers who come here from time to time who may not be aware of all this. It’s kind of like Know Your Enemy 101. It’s a beginning for some.

      Strength and Honor to all!


    27. Howdy Doody Says:

      Truman truly saved allot of good bacon from frying. LOL!