9 August, 2013

U.S. Government Exempts Itself from Obamacare (a.k.a. Screwwhiteycare)

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Members of Congress have opted out of Obamacare payments. Meanwhile, the public cannot do the same. Obamacare is such a turkey that our own government doesn’t want it. By the way, guess who is funding Obamacare? Well-to-do White people (i.e., the tax dollars of dentists, doctors, accountants, architects, etc. Once again, Whitey foots the bill for millions of non-Whites).


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      First off, if you were worried that the Washington Post would no longer be under Jewish ownership, you can rest easy. Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, like former Post owner Donald Mayer-Graham, is a Jew. But John Henry? The goy Boston Red Sox owner who’s buying the Boston Globe from the Jew York Times? Oh-oh. That might pose a problem for organized Kikeism.

      Well, if the Blight Wing doesn’t like ObongoCare they have no one to blame but themselves. For decades they fought the establishment of a single payer government run healthcare system…universal Medicare, which would have been perfectly constitutional.

      But no, the Blight Wing and their asshole buddies at the A.M.A. kept fighting and fighting against it. Now we’re going to be stuck with a real confusing, unconstitutional mess cooked up by the insurance lobby that is hostile to private employers, will cause health care costs to skyrocket and STILL leaves 30 million people uninsured. Some solution that is.

      The only reason Supreme court Justice John Roberts voted to support ObongoCare is because he is a closet homosexual who’s terrified that the Obongo Black House was going to leak his secret lifestyle if Roberts didn’t rule in favor of ObongoCare. That’s how low the Jew-S-A has sunk. A foreign-born, communist homosexual nigger half-breed of a President secretly blackmailing the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court for being a faggot. God, I hate this country. Die America, Die.

    2. Mel Brooks Says:

      Don’t know about the Bezos-Jew thing, Tim. I couldn’t find anything like that about him except that according to Likipeenia, his birth name was Jorgensen. Maybe he’s a krypto-trannie? Anyhow, if what you say is true, and it puts the hurt on the doctors raking it in now, I can’t help but hope it comes pass. As it stands, there’s so many of us without medical insurance, how can it get any worse? As you say, thanks to the arrogance and greed of the medical establishment, they’ve now gotten themselves into something far worse and I hope it hurts them deeply. These soulless bastard doctors think nothing of putting people under the knife simply to enrich themselves. A family friend, recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and suffering from a lifetime of diabetes-induced nerve and tissue damage, was subjected to hip replacement surgery. Of course, he was dead within weeks. Who would put a man in an end-of-life situation like his through such a procedure? What WON’T some people do for money? What kind of society produces SO MANY psychopaths?

      Yes..it’s going to die. I always loved Tom Metzger’s crack about sitting on a mountaintop with a six-pack, and watching L.A. burn. Or NY. Or Washroom, D.C., or…

    3. Mel Brooks Says:

      P.S. Thank you mods for shitcanning the ratings arrows. One less reason for the Red Pen Queens and other trolls to hang around the place.

    4. fd Says:

      I would like to see the Potomac run red with the blood of Federals. The kleptocracy — the government of thieves at Washington City is pure poison.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mel, the ZOG medical care “system”, if you can even call it that, is a real extortion racket designed to grab as much of your money as possible. Once you enter the emergency room the hospital meter starts running and may not stop for years afterwards. A lot of them will bill you over and over again for the same procedures, including a lot of procedures that aren’t even necessary. No doubt one of the reasons for such high medical costs in the US is because of all the administration bureaucracy in those hospitals.

      To make matters worse you get a lot of Hindoo doctors in Kwan hospitals these days. Some are quite professional and helpful, but most are just Third World cut-throats out to make a fast buck at Whitey’s expense. Why aren’t they working in Calcutta or Kashmir? I’m sure those places need lots of doctors. But Whitey is like a big, fat cash cow who nervously complains about every little twitch and cramp. Whitey is where the money is, not Hindoostan.

      Have I told you how much I hate this country?

    6. Howdy Doody Says:


      Hot off the press, news on medical insurance racket, and the whole non White World moving here etc.