28 September, 2013

Greece: Golden Dawn Under Attack, Its Leaders Arrested

Posted by Socrates in Cultural Marxism, global government, globalization, Golden Dawn, Greece, jewed culture, jewed foreign policy, jewed law, jewed politics, leftism, leftists, War On White People at 6:22 pm | Permanent Link

How unfair. Since when is a right-wing political party a “criminal organization”? Since the Jews, the leftists and the globalists decided that it is. Golden Dawn is being persecuted.


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  7. 11 Responses to “Greece: Golden Dawn Under Attack, Its Leaders Arrested”

    1. Arminius Says:

      The so called “crack down” against Golden Dawn is not surprising. All Jewish orgnanisations inside and outside Greece have been foaming with hatred about G.D. from day one it appeared in public view.
      Now, these arrests are certainly illegal and unconstitutional, but for those in power and commanding the police that doesn’t matter. It matters that G.D. is off the stage, and they will see to it, for good.
      It’s the fault of the G.D. leaders, believing in swindle democracy, instead of calling the nation to arms against their incompetent, corrupt, bribed, “government” taking orders from big Jew, lackey of the big banks, wreckers of nation, economy and- freedom.

      After WW2 the communist ELAS stirred the Greek Nation to open and armed rebellion against the occupying British, and they succeded to kick them out. Bullets were unavoidable to achieve the change every Greek desired. Why those G.D. leaders did not apply the lesson of their country’s history is simply incomprehensible.
      Now THEY will pay the price for their indecision. And the Greek nation, too.

    2. fd Says:

      Members of the political organization Golden Dawn should be prepared for mass arrest at any given time. Hopefully the party is braced for strong retaliation. The establishment will crush anything that threatens its existence.

      It’s unrealistic for GD members to think they can effect significant change at the ballot box. The status quo approach doesn’t pass the laugh test.

    3. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I thought I read someplace awhile ago where the Greek gov’t was consulting with the FBI on how to deal with Golden Dawn. Considering the FBI is a totally rogue organization we shouldn’t be surprised by the heavy handedness displayed by the Greek gov’t in the arrests of Golden Dawn leaders. I can guarantee activism and lobbying by jewish groups was pivotal in getting the Greek gov’t to undertake this action.

      And GD is a criminal organization? How about all the attacks by the mud migrants on the Greek people? Where’s the Greek “anti-terror” goons when Greeks are being attacked?

      The kikes are creating conditions throughout the white West whereby violent turd world interlopers (referred to by the MSM as “immigrants”) can commit violent crimes against whites with near impunity and if any individual or organization arises to protect whites and retaliate they are deemed “terrorists” by the kikocracy.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Prop 187 1995 in the State Of CA. The proposition was passed by 59.8% of the voters. The voters passed it against a hurricane of anti White name calling, intimidation and some violence was directed at 187 supporters back then.

      In 1997 Gay Davis and one judge threw shit in the voters face and nullified the Will of the voting Majority.

      This was the crossing of the Rubicon.

      There was not ONE White elected official who demanded action, that I would have suggested something occupying the state capital with 20,000 White men and shutting down with their bodies.

      Nothing happened, except this.

      Can’t spell their names, but two elected messytizos in 1997 Sacrapmento stated to the press these statements openly below

      “This prop 187 was the last gasp of White America in CA.”

      “And If They Don’t Like It They Can Get Out Of CA.”

      That Politician later was ask if he stated that and he repeated it.

      Good night.

      If they don’t like

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Let the System outlaw the Golden Dawn Party. Let the ZOG press ridicule and insult them all it wants. Such foolish, cowardly acts will only make Golden Dawn go underground and become even stronger, like when the Tsar’s OKHRANA broke up the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party, only to have it turn into the Bolshevik wing of the Soviet Communist Party later on. Yikes!

    6. fd Says:

      The last violent resistance to federal tyranny was illustrated in the 1960s South. The last race war on this continent to date. With no outside help, the folk could not defeat overwhelming force.

      Golden Dawn will have to fire from a different direction. They cannot go head to head with the billionaire elite.

      note: John and Bobby Kennedy invaded the South with federal troops, federal law enforcement officers and race mixing freedom riders from the North. It never entered their head that the South is sanctioned by nature god. The two brothers were shot to death in the same decade, They suffered the same fate as the godly Lincoln. Ike the kike, a hardcase Southern traitor, should have been put down too. I have no idea how he escaped the law of eternal retribution.

      The Klan of that time had information that Ike was a Swedish Jew ! !

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


    8. John Q. Republic Says:

      Yes, fd, I believe Ike the kike was called “That Terrible Swedish Jew” during his time at West Point by his fellow classmates. I think that term was included in their graduating yearbook to describe kikenhower’s actions and attitudes toward others–meaning Gentiles. A most apt and telling description of someone, wouldn’t you say?

      I’ve said this before, but another thing that bothered me about kikenhower is just HOW does someone go from Lieutenant Colonel to Five Star General in less than four years, AND………..to do this while never commanding even a platoon of troops in war, or even as any kind of a line officer in combat? Furthermore, did you know that on August 30, 1943 that this jew was promoted from the temporary grade of Brigadier General AND Major-General to the permanent grade of both ranks? In ONE day??

      This genocidal maniac was nothing more than a flunky staff officer shuffling papers just before WW2 started and the next thing you know he’s in command of the entire theater of war in Europe with no prior combat experience. Well, I guess it was just a small example of just how jewed and politically screwed this cuntry was at that time and it has done nothing but accelerate since then.

      IMHO, for what he did during and after the war to the unarmed German prisoners of war, and the civilian population under his control, he should have been tried as a despicable WAR CRIMINAL & butcher and unceremoniously executed.

      Strength and Honor to All!


    9. fd Says:

      Ike was the perfect ‘yes man’ for the world conquerors. In contrast Patton held a press conference in occupied Germany calling Jews–lower than animals. He was conveniently killed not long after.

    10. fd Says:

      Hitler, Patton and William Wallace had the same experience as Lee. By the time they figured things out, it was too late.

      The following words are lifted from a racist professor who rejects the title professor. He understands how politically correct and corrupt the academia is.

      “So Stalin treated German prisoners the way Confederates were treated at Camp Douglas, where a much higher percentage died than Yankees at Andersonville,. There was plenty of food up North, but the prisoners didn’t get it.

      General Lee died regretting that he never saw what I am pointing out. Any conditions in war depend on both sides being a part of the same value system. Their loyalty to their side is mitigated by their common loyalty to a common race and culture.

      General Lee died bitterly regretting his thinking that the Yankees he was fighting were the Yankees he had been with at West Point. He surrendered honorably, by that code, but he subjected the South to an enemy who denied the whole concept of HIS IDEA of honor.

      But the Soviets and the Yankees were Wordists. They had no common ground with other white men, something Lee took for granted. Soviets were Wordists. They had no common ground with anyone who was not of their Faith.”

    11. CW-2 Says:

      Bad news about Golden Dawn. Why are we always on the losing side, always being caught by surprise, and always playing by the rules?
      Why won’t even awakened Whites see that we are in a war to the finish with big jew.
      Underground lone-wolf tactics are the answer.