16 September, 2013

Video: Vietnam War Footage from 1968

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I accidentally stumbled upon this disgusting film footage of a war that America should never have been involved in. Thanks, Walt Rostow, you miserable kike.


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  7. 11 Responses to “Video: Vietnam War Footage from 1968”

    1. fd Says:

      Disgusting is the right word.

      The Federals never admitted defeat. We have a central government that is both a sore winner and a sore loser.

      Many of the soldiers who came home in body bags were drafted. It’s like they were forced to sign their own death warrant.

    2. Stan Sikorski Says:

      I watched this whole series last year and it disgusted me. Muchof what I saw explained why my father came back a totally different person. He was therein 68-69 and it completely wrecked him. You can’t tell me that the military didn’t know what PTSD was.

      On the other side of it, DC could use a “Tet”. Imagine the whole city turned into one big South Vietnam in one night.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:


      Haa, good post Stan, well maybe that CHEKA police they did not get an over due TET yes, but they got another huge case of TNB !

      When the two butt lovers were snipping White people in DC and those nigger killed people all across the country on their joy ride back East

      It was ironic that Chief Moose, LOL, was the cop in charge and had the regime thinking it was a WHITE racist.

      Where I live the un read arrogant po-lice thugs told me it was a disgruntled prison tower guard retired or a cop !


      These POS’s read too too many anti White bulletins by the the tax exempt thugs.

      I told the donut hustler that when they were found it would be Islamo nigs or pissed off arabs.

      That pig has never looked at me since.

      By the way google up Mark Essex 1973.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      You won’t find one in ten thousand White males that have ever heard of a single mention of the Rostow brotehers promoting the gutting our Nation for nothing and using it as a cover for destroying our rights in 1965 to be free and SAFE.

      This was done to rob US TOO, along with open borders for our own genocide.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Rostrow was the real ‘grey eminence’, string puller and policy setter behind the scenes, but like most people I hadn’t even heard of him until reading a forum article a couple of years ago.
      Of course Robert McNamara was another piece of shit, he actually believed wars could be won with slide-rules and linear programming. That ‘systems’ approach may have worked for materials management at Fords, but it doesn’t for wars. That’s why we should remain mildly optimistic. Looking at the demographic data and linear projections it appears we are done for, but history and conflict isn’t linear and perceptions can change very rapidly.
      The Tet Offensive was a crushing tactical defeat for the VC, but paradoxically the ‘Kwa suffered an equal collapse of confidence. There are probably many historical parallels to Tet 1968, one that springs to mind is Dublin 1916, though on a much smaller scale.

    6. fd Says:

      The Tet Offensive was a massive political victory for North Vietnam. The VC proved to the world that after years of brutal fighting, they had the ability to strike anywhere at any given time. The American public was alerted that the Federal army had not put a dent in the fighting spirit of the enemy. An enormous expense of men and money completely frustrated.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      People forget that US forces defeated the VC in the Tet offensive. The Jew-controlled press made sure the public didn’t realize that. In fact the US won every battle in Vietnam, yet lost the war anyway. As early as 1966 that nigger-lovin’, Jew-servant LBJ knew the war couldn’t be won, yet it went on for another 7 years. Needless to say the Vietnam War ruined America, wrecked the economy and destroyed our once-great military. Ultimately the blame for all of that must go to Jews like Rostow and Kissinger, along with their goy flunkies MacNamara and LBJ.

      To his credit President Nixon tried “Vietnamize” the Vietnam War, a war he was not responsible for starting. His Vietnamization program might have worked out better if it weren’t for the fact that Nixon’s Jew enemies were out to destroy him. And after FBI Director Hoover’s death in 1972 and the resignation of Attorney General John Mitchell there was no one left to protect Nixon from those enemies.

      Notice how it was OK for anti Vietnam war protestors to wave North Vietnamese flags around in their demonstrations, like at the Chicago DNC in August 1968. But if any American who protested against war with Germany in 1917 or 1942 waved a German flag around he would have been viciously condemned as a “traitor” and sent to a Federal prison. The Jew has given himself the authority to decide which wartime enemy it is permissible to support.

      Not that I had any problem with North Vietnam or the VC. Their civil war with South Vietnam should never have concerned us. If the French couldn’t deal with it then why should we? The real enemy was, and remains, The International Jewish-Zionist Kriminal Kahnspiracy.

    8. fd Says:

      Tim, good point about the Vietnam war ruining America and destroying the last great American military. The military today is symbolic of American society — a total perversion.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks, fd. You look at those American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who fought in Vietnam (or just served in the military during that era) and they were NORMAL. Unlike today, no effeminate homos, psychopaths, junkies, gang-bangers, butch lesbians, transgendered freaks, misfits, perpetually knocked-up squaws or other such undesirables would have even been allowed to loiter in the halls of the induction center, let alone serve in uniform.

      The average American serviceman in the past would never have behaved the way his modern-day counterparts do. They would not have raped, tortured or abused POWs, they would not have massacred unarmed civilians, they would not have obeyed obscene or criminal orders from dangerously incompetent superiors. They weren’t saints but they did have a deeply-ingrained sense of decency and restraint. To them killing and torturing were abhorrent. Now all that decency and restraint has been flushed away, even before they enlist.

      Any White parent who lets his son or daughter (??!?!?!!!) serve in the military should be shunned by his neighbors as a bad parent. He should hang his head in shame. If the son or daughter return alive from the service they will be so Judaized and mentally sodomized they will not even be worth knowing any longer.

    10. fd Says:

      Tim wrote: “…they would not have obeyed obscene or criminal orders from dangerously incompetent superiors.”

      You got that right. The much healthier soldiers of Vietnam did not tolerate perversion. A superior officer that wasn’t right in the head was fragged by the dog soldiers. A necessary cleansing to keep the army strong.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Another clown who was responsible for the Vietnam catastrophe was McGeorge Bundy, an old money, Skull and Bones, CFR/Eastern Establishment type who served as Foreign Policy Advisor to JFK and LBJ. He bailed out of Washington politics just in time, before the shit hit the fan, to become Director of the Ford Foundation. But he’s still a war criminal.