28 October, 2013

America: Alienating the World by Spying On It In the Never-Ending ‘War On Terror’

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September 12, 2001:

Bush: “What do you think of my speech? It’s a rough draft, but it’s almost finished.”

Big Jew: “Let’s see it…what??? You’re gonna call it ‘The War On Israel’s Enemies’??? You idiot! How about something a little more subtle??”

Bush: “Gee, like what?”

Big Jew: “Like, uh, ‘The War On Terror.’ Yeah. It has a nice ring to it.”

Bush: “Say, that just might work!”


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  7. 3 Responses to “America: Alienating the World by Spying On It In the Never-Ending ‘War On Terror’”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like how the Obongo Regime defensively claims that “thousands of lives” were saved as a result of the NSA violating the privacy of 100 million phone callers around the world. Name me ten people whose lives were saved because the NSA engaged in illegal spying and surveillance activities. Just ten. OK, how about five? Poor old NSA, they just wanted to help save lives. Isn’t that what America’s massive National Security Police State-Industrial Complex is really all about?

    2. fd Says:

      Thousands of lives were saved……prove it. This reminds me of the mentality–we killed a thousand to save 10 thousand. You would never the true out-come.

      How many lives did the Federals save at the Branch Church? FBI motto: we kill women and children first.

    3. Arminius Says:

      “Germans demand answers”?
      That’s ridiculous. These German “officials” are either idiots or believe to live in illusionland. US-occupied Germany has nothing to demand, but to accept everything, like it or not, coming from Washington. Their mendacious statements to the Jew-controlled media in Germany are apparently designed to camouflage the true situation.
      “…how we can better coordinate our intelligence efforts.”
      Of course, with this game in the dark things go sometimes out of control, but don’t worry, they will be “coordinated”, in Washington’s interest:
      “Collins…will express directly that monitoring of Merkel’s phone was wrong.”
      Really! There seems to be a hidden truth! This Merkel woman, or democratic “chancellor”, has been well groomed into clandestine work all her life and was/is? a high-ranking Stasi, KGB and probably Mossad agent, who as has been asserted, transferred her allegiance to the CIA.
      As a seasoned clandestine agent, she must be well aware of the risks of eavesdropping when using a cell phone (or any phone). So, either she deliberately used it to deceive the monitors, which made their listening efforts worthless, or she didn’t care anyway, because she always did what was expected as Germany’s chancellor.
      Whatever may be the truth, it is difficult to estimate what the fuss with the Snowden revelations is really having in view.