17 October, 2013

Hong Kong: the Jewish World Revolution Continues

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Thanks to feminism, strong women/weak men is the norm in most parts of the world today. Only the Muslim countries have dodged feminism (but that will soon change). Jews invented and led the “isms”: feminism, communism, socialism, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, etc. The “isms” aren’t local. They are international and have spread like the Black Plague to every corner of the world [1]. What’s interesting about the Jewish World Revolution (a.k.a. the NWO) is how quickly it has succeeded. In just a few decades, women have gained enormous power; ditto Blacks and other non-Whites.


[1] socialism (a leftist movement founded by two Jews, Ferdinand Lassalle and Eduard Bernstein) should not be confused with National Socialism, which is an entirely different thing

  • 7 Responses to “Hong Kong: the Jewish World Revolution Continues”

    1. fd Says:

      Female abolitionists were forerunners of the feminist movement which led to compulsory schooling and prohibition that originated in New England. That explains why communism took hold in the North in the 20th century. The Jew money powers in New York City financed the bolshevik revolution without a complaint.

    2. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      If some bitch was to try this shit with me, I would break her jaw! Hell, it must be a new breed of males in the West & beyond called “Cunts with Cocks..

    3. Mel Brooks Says:

      He should’ve cunt-punched that bitch.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Speaking of uppity females, get a load of this spoiled NYC Jewess. And in the last paragraph you can check out the charming title of one of her recent online essays. A real typical specimen of her race, I’d say. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/co-ed-don-hate-rich-article-1.1489621

    5. fd Says:

      Another Jew talking really stupid and immature. She should have said — please don’t hate me because I’m a Jew with a long ancestral heritage from the deserts and slums of Arabia.

    6. Mel Brooks Says:

      Isn’t this the sort of behavior that precedes a mass expulsion? Will that be #79 or #80?

      This little pop tart thinks she’s Sarah Silverman. Well, as the saying goes, she may be rich, but she’s got NO taste. This get-up is a complete holocaust!


    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mel, that’s a photo of the Jew York Princess Rachael Sacks, who was profiled in the NY Daily Jews lifestyle article I linked to above. That article also contains the same photo you found. Yes, I too noticed that silly getup she’s wearing, as well as that smug Jew expression.

      Is there really anyone left who still doesn’t understand why her Tribe eventually gets kicked out of every country they inhabit? Think of all the White people her age who are struggling right now with debt, bills and unemployment and then consider how carefree her existence is. If only us lowly goyim wouldn’t “judge” her while she’s busy shopping and blogging!

      This is unacceptable. We must neutralize these alien invaders once and for all time.