25 October, 2013

More About Jewish Genetics and the Khazar Theory

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Does it matter whether the Jews are Middle Eastern or Khazar or whatever? I say no, for at least two reasons: 1) the behavior of the Jews is what it is, Khazars or not; 2) the Jews already have Israel and are never going to leave it, no matter what gentiles say. So whether the Jews are Khazars or not is a moot argument, a time-waster.


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  7. 22 Responses to “More About Jewish Genetics and the Khazar Theory”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I agree that trying to figure out who’s a “real” Jew and who isn’t, which Jews came from Kazakhstan and which came from North Africa, etc is not a constructive use of time. But it is true that the European-looking Jews, the Jews that obviously have at least partial European ancestry, are the ones who comprise the ruling class in Zionist Occupied Palestine. The darker, Semitic Jews from the Near East are considered second class Jews. Greeks and Armenians are probably regarded as third-class citizens, Christian Arabs would come next and at the very bottom of the Zionist socio-economic totem pole are the Mudslum Arabs.

      Those corn-fed “born again” White Christians who are staunch supporters of Zionism and Judaism are too dumb to realize that many Arabs are Christians and have been since ancient times. Maybe as many as 20-25% of Arabs are Christian. Or at least they were, before the Zionists showed up in Palestine 100 years ago and started pitting Muslim and Christian Arabs against each other.

    2. fd Says:

      Here we go again. Another intellectual effort to uncover the Jew.

      Religion and dna are apples and oranges. Jews are Asiatic at root. They are a spinoff of the the racial cauldron of Arabia. Jews use their religion as a fence to accomplish whatever

      Most people are aware that Sephardic Jews are darker than Ashkenazi Jews. The former has ancient roots in North Africa; the latter has roots in the Middle East and from there migrated to Europe which explains their lighter skin.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      The Khazari-Khazakstan heritage of most East European yids isn’t such a big revelation, it’s obvious when we see the kaftan and fur hat wearing kikes of New York city. It doesn’t matter to us if one group of jews has more Turkic and less Semitic heritage than another group, but perhaps we can use the DNA data to convince Christian supporters of Zionism that present day jews have no relation to the biblical patriarchs they so revere.

    4. Tim McGReen Says:

      Well said, CW. My “take” on this issue is that the Jews started off as a Semitic tribe of nomads in the Near East and/or North Africa. They spread their DNA around with the various empires they attached themselves to, so that by AD1100 there were Jews found all over Europe, Russia and Central Asia, in addition to their original spawning grounds in the Near East. Gradually those scattered Jews absorbed the genes of the local host populations, so that some Jews looked more Asiatic, while others looked more European and so forth.

      But no matter how much gentile blood they had in them they were always raised to act and think like Jews. They were always told to regard themselves as Jews, first and foremost. So there is more than just DNA to consider when deciding who is a Jew. There is also a “Jew mentality”.

      As far as Palestine goes it is a crossroads of 3 continents, so many different peoples can and have considered it their homeland….Turks, Greeks, Syrians, Armenians, Arabs, Persians, Christians, Muslims and Jews all have some legitimate claim to some of Palestine. But none more than any other.

    5. Tim McGReen Says:

      Trying to partition Palestine into a Jewish Zone, an Arab Zone, etc would also be pointless, since there is no agreement whatsoever over which group deserves what portion. There is way too much cultural, ethnic and historical overlap, too many claims and counter-claims. And who would be trusted enough by all parties concerned to carry out a fair and equitable partition of such a highly disputed piece of land?

      The best thing to do would be to make Palestine some kind of International Zone administered by an impartial international agency. But the you-know-who’s would never allow that to happen. They can never be placated, they are never satisfied with what they have.

      I do think it’s possible to drive the Jews out of that land, since it has been done numerous times before. Yes, the Zionist Entity has atomic, chemical and biological WMDs but if they were crazy enough to use them then NO ONE, Jew or Gentile, would ever be able to inhabit that land again. Or at least not for many, many centuries. What kind of a victory would that be for the Zionists? A Pyrrhic one.

    6. fd Says:

      I refuse to let Jews perplex me. There are two constants: Jews are Asiatic at root and they are mongrels at root.

      Let’s pull the history book and look at their accomplishments from day one forward: Jews have never possessed a creative culture nor have they possessed a real state other than the modern artificial state maintained by fire and sword. And who are their great men known to the world in the last two thousand years. Before the 19th and 20th century, can anybody name distinguished Jewish writers, inventors, warriors, etc. Anything accomplished by the Jews has taken place on the soil of their host.

      Their culture takes the downward path of destruction.

    7. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Again all of you Gentlemen have knowledge and insights that most of the sheepish goyim both so called educated and uneducated posess. Most of the Christards who you try to point out certain things to look at you with that vacant look on their faces.

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m interested in the ethnic composition of Jewish DNA whether Khazar, Semitic, Slavic or a combination thereof. However, in the end all that is important is how they have behaved throughout history and in contemporary times towards us. There are still some “anti-semites” who believe the Jews behave destructively only because they believe bad things owing to their religious texts. This is similar to Christians and Catholics like E. Michael Jones who believe if only the jews would accept Christ and Catholic dogma their nature would be transformed for the better.

      But even when jews convert they still act like jews. And it was the sheenies of antiquity who codified anti-gentile hate and culture (race) destroying into the religion known as Judaism, so those arguments don’t withstand scrutiny.

    9. fd Says:

      As you know, International Jewry is comprised of both Sephardic and Ashkenazi. They are highly organized. In North America alone, Jews operate at least a dozen major organizations with many smaller groups attached to the former. By 1890, Jews had successfully established economic strongholds in the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. The gold rush in California motivated god’s elect to set up marketing centers in San Francisco. New York City, Cincinnati and San Francisco became formidable Jewish trade centers before the 20th century. Those Jews, they get around.

      Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant of New Amsterdam rejected the first group of Jews ever to enter a colony (Sephardic). Stuyvesant said they were deceitful creatures who could not be trusted.

    10. -jc Says:

      If genetics didn’t matter then no one would trouble themselves to breed dogs, for example. Sure, less is learned (environment) than inherited (genetics) in lower animals but breeding determines character to a great extent and mankind has long known it. My introduction to the Jewish problem was through a copy of The SPOTLIGHT that a public librarian told me was there because they had received a free subscription with the understanding that it would be placed among the other periodicals.

      In 1999, in Las Vegas, I attended a seminar, sponsored by The SPOTLIGHT, on how to publish a newspaper. Using the right software and a laser printer that would create 11 x 17″ galleys, all it took was sufficient capital and hard work. I met Willis Carto and, several years later, was invited to his and his wife’s San Diego County home for a meal and conversation. He had Kevin MacDonald’s books on an end table in the living room and he heartily recommended them as some-of, if not THE, most important scholarship in Carto’s lifetime. I read The Culture of Critique, immediately, while I was on the road.

      Not everyone is interested in scholarship, science, history, religion, politics, what have you. The majority of people aren’t interested in much. I wish I could say I’ve thoroughly read Dr. MacDonald’s four books, cover-to-cover, but I haven’t yet. I’ve bought them several times and several times I’ve given them away when a friend was interested. But I consider his work, including his editing and teaching to be critical at this juncture. Good advice is not to be a tool for so called critique, to avoid attacking individuals, and consider keeping silent if you’re not familiar-enough with the material to have an informed opinion. Seems Brer Rabbit’s mother said something similar. I believe we’re very fortunate to have Kevin MacDonald to assist inquiring minds.

    11. fd Says:

      The classic Hollywood Jew has a slope head and hook nose. That is dna deluxe. I know that is one example of many……

      Too me, it’s all about International Jewry.

      Religion and dna, whatever. Oftentimes boring.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      “The Court Jew,” by Selma Stern, Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia, 1950, 312 pp, w. index, notes, & xvii–is well-written, at least entertaining, so far as it goes, but it’s also quite informative for the power of the Jews, and their sociologic relation, and an important story for history and account of the Jews’ ascendance. Stern writes then about the Jews’ place as financiers, military commissaries and suppliers, court contractors, agents, factors, mint-masters, “shtadlan” (community leaders), and even diplomats, this in the “baroque” era, preceding the the modern, till the French Revolution, during the two centuries, or so, the 17th and 18th, during the period of absolutism in Central Europe.

      And of course, these Jews of the period in question, 17th-18th centuries, thrived upon the strife among the gentiles of Europe of the time, especially in view of the great religious differences btwn Catholic and Protestants. Hence the Jews became so prominent esp. in the German empire, still called the Holy Roman. And note the German empire was situated amidst the French, Dutch, Italian, Scandinavian, the eastern powers, and the Muzlim Ottomans, giving Jews fullest opportunities for trade, commerce, and diplomacy.

      Thus, Stern informs us, the era and situation in the German empire, at the time, was one of “absolutism” (as of Louis XIV of France, at the same time) actually the consolidation of centralized state power for the various, numerous German states and principalities–against the formerly competing feudalist and corporative powers of church, monasteries, universities, guilds, and free cities–all this, ironically enough, within the large German empire where these states were competing against each and one another–Jews must have LOVED this free-for-all, tooth-and-nail strife and competition within the gentile world.

      Get the picture?–thus the various heads and leaders for the numerous German states sought to most directly “hook-in and -up” with the amazing growing power of this European-wide Jew network of merchants and bankers for general purpose of finance and funding. Stern gives outstanding details for many instances of this sort of relationship btwn politics and finance.

      Consider the case of outstanding gentile scholar, Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, Professor of Oriental languages at U. of Heidelberg, at the close of the 17th, onset of 18th cent. Eisenmenger was known and outstanding expert at translating the Bible fm original Hebrew–and also the Jew Talmud. Eisenmenger thereupon wrote and sought to publish his discoveries about the horrific perfidy and satanic anti-humanity of the Talmud (see Hoffman’s RevisionistReview.blogspot.com, also see Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo) in his work, entitled, “Judaism Unmasked.”

      Jews thereupon mobilized, the leading Jew financier, Samson Wertheimer, promptly wrote to the Austrian emperor explaining that such a book could well agitate the population against Jews which would then jeopardize the emperor’s precious funding. Further, Wertheimer offered to bribe and compensate Eisenmenger for his publishing costs for the book’s suppression. The emperor immediately ordered the suppression even with the opposition of numerous anti-semitic partisans, including noneother than the king of Prussia who warned explicitly against the growing power of the Jews–and this was in the ancient year of 1700, don’t forget, nearly a century before the French Revolutionary “emancipation” of Jews.

      Stern, typical Jew liar, goes on in her account to say Eisenmenger knew little of the Hebrew language and “mistranslated many passages” of the Talmud. Mike A. Hoffman II (see above citation) has published Eisenmenger’s (somewhat abridged) work w. an extensive introduction and historical account of the entire story about this outrageous suppression and censorship engineered by Judaic liars and subversives–even in the year 1700 (!–again). The actual truth is that Eisenmenger was SO accurate for his translations, EVEN JEWS themselves preferred Eisenmenger’s account for its veracity.

      Amazingly, Stern herself testifies to the already, even at that time, monumental and over-whelming power of these Jew monsters. Thus when, in 1670, the emperor Leopold determined to expell Jews fm Vienna, the Jews went to work, mobilizing their tremendous network: “[i]t was to Manuel Texeira in Hamburg [originally fm Spain] that they [Jews] turned….” Texeira made use of his numerous contacts–he personally knew the former Queen of Sweden, Christina, aside fm friends he had in the Spanish Court. And in Rome there was the Cardinal Azzolino who had influence w. the pope. Texeira was actually successful in getting a delay for the expulsion for half a year.

      The Christian empress Maria Theresa was less successful in 1744 when on 18th Dec. she ordered Jews out of Prague and Bohemia. Stern writes, “[a] few days after the order was issued, the campaign to rescue the Jews got under way. Wolf Wertheimer . . . . assembled his forces like a general about to storm an enemy fortress . . . . he drew all the threads together and managed to weave about the queen a web that reached from Augsburg over Swabia, Bavaria, Franconia, Saxony, Brunswick, Berlin, Hanover, Holland, England, Denmark, and Italy to Austria. He called upon all of them, the Court Jews of the archbishops and bishops, dukes, Electors, governors and margraves, to intervene with their rulers and persuade them to induce the queen to withdraw her order. . . . all united with Wolf . . . and lent him their aid. All these efforts . . . bore fruit, after some three years. . . . in 1748 [the Jews were] allowed to return to the city . . . after they . . . prepared to pay . . . 240,000 florins for this act of grace.”

      Thus we see Stern’s work the typical Jew production, emphasizing some aspects while down-playing others, but the work is otherwise excellent for the details it gives regarding Jews’ steady, inexorable ascendance, especially economically and politically. Governments rise and fall for financial reasons, never doubt, and Jews, most organized, connected, and criminally-oriented of all racial/religious groups, play a principle role in this war we call life, including the history of the West. Stern’s “Court Jew” is extremely useful.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jeezus, Doody, couldn’t you just give a synopsis of what the article is about instead of posting the entire thing and clogging up the comments section with it? Look at how Mr. Cardillo, fd and Sgt. Skull write. No wasted words, no long cut-and-paste articles, they say what they have to say, cogently and with an economy of words. You could learn a lot from them, you meat-head.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Okay pardon me gentlemen I will suffice to post the link, with my opinion instead on the next one.

      Excellent A-1 posts above are appreciated.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim, I missed the meat head part, now that nullifies my polite post.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      OK, I retract the meathead part. I know you are trying to be civil.

    17. fd Says:

      I remember meat head — All in the Family :)

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Even though All in the Family was thoroughly Jewish and actor Rob “Meathead” Reiner is a Jew I liked that show. It demonstrated that the Jews are fully aware of all the charges against them. It even poked fun at Vietnam War-era liberals like Archie’s son-in-law Mike Stivic. I don’t know of any current TV sit-com that tackles controversial social issues. The programming now is geared towards yuppies addicted to consumerism. With the exception of that other thoroughly Jewish but undeniably funny series The Simpsons.

    19. fd Says:

      All in the Family opened the door for Sanford and Son. The humor was directed at all grades of society. Both shows had a racial edge. Neither sitcom would be successful today because the plots are not prissy.

    20. Weichseler Says:

      One has to wonder if Ms. Stern plagiarized her information from the work of Peter Deeg’s large, incisive tome, Hofjuden, which was published by the Stürmer Verlag of Julius Streicher?

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      Weichseler Says:
      28 October, 2013 at 10:08 pm

      One has to wonder if Ms. Stern plagiarized


      That would take some research, but perhaps in 1950 she did it to cause White’s to least query and ponder what had and is going, but was afraid to use the “Nazi” use era types to this material, as she was trying to expose this history.

      That is my guess, out of thin air.

      Tim, thank you.

    22. Mary O Says:

      The Khazars converted to “Judaism” in the Middle Ages seeking to avoid conscription, taxation, and restrictions on usury that they would have been subject to under the Pope or under the Caliphate. Judaism set them apart, and allowed them a certain autonomy. Probably having a zone where usury was legal represented a convenience to those subjects of either empire wealthy or reckless enough to take financial risk back then; just as gambling casinos on Indian reservations are enjoyed today.

      Easy to see this arrangement may have set up certain attitudes on both sides. To Khazarians, religion was just nonsense, (or at least Christianity & Islam were nonsense) and its adherents hypocrites and fools; to the subjects of the religious states, the “Jews” are engaging in a sinful practice, and making quite a profit.

      The flip side of their autonomy is that they had no military protection.
      The Rus (Vikings) conquered and destroyed Khazaria in the 11th century.

      Why Ashkenazi Jews apparently consider the suggestion that they are part-Khazar to be insulting is unclear. Khazaria was an important power in its time. Maybe they were so traumatized at losing to the Vikings that they went into permanent denial?