28 November, 2013

How Did You Become a White Nationalist?

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Alex wrote, at VNN Forum: “How did you come to our views? You must have mentioned this at some point, but I don’t recall. It’s always interesting to hear how people broke away from liberalism, particularly if it did not involve a horrific crime, ie was an intellectual realization or evolution.”

I agree. It’s interesting to learn how people escaped from the liberal straightjacket. Tell us how you became a WN. (As for me, it was Dr. William Pierce who influenced me the most. I began reading the National Alliance’s “National Vanguard Books” catalogues, the old paper ones printed on thin, newsprint paper, which someone had sent me in the mail; that was the beginning of the transformation from “average Republican” to White nationalist).

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  7. 22 Responses to “How Did You Become a White Nationalist?”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think I was always racially conscious. I never fit into any conservative, moderate, libertarian or liberal camp of thought, though for a while I believed Rush Limbaugh and the New York Post were very brave for exposing the “liberal” bias in the media.

      But by the time of the Clinton/Dole Presidential campaign I noticed how candidates always had an unusually large number of Jews swirling around them. Then I noticed how almost all the commentators in the press were Jews, as if the whole political process was a game, a game that was fixed to favor the Jews. It started to really annoy me how this tiny minority group seemed to enjoy a special status in society, even though they were constantly complaining about how they were always being mistreated.

      I found it especially strange how the Jews were fixated on their so-called Holocaust, when so many other people suffered and died during WWII. I thought of all the Germans, Chinese, Poles, Russians and others whose countries were devastated yet they didn’t spend an inordinate amount of their time whining about it. Looking more closely into the matter I discovered the Holocaust was not a real event at all but rather an extortion racket.

      “You’d think the Jews would be happy that there was no evidence that they lost anywhere near 6 million of their own people in any Holocaust. Yet anyone who challenges their claim gets into serious trouble”, I would say to the Black guy who worked in the booth at the toll plaza on the NJ Turnpike. He seemed to agree.

      Then I discovered a number of other Jewish-orchestrated schemes, like “civil rights” and global finance. “What the f*&+%^@#$%@uck is going on here?” I asked out loud at the corner of 59th and Lexington. A group of Hasidim walked past, furtively glancing at me from under their big fur hats and then looking at each other, chattering away in Yiddish. I realized at that point there was no turning back. I had crossed my own Rubicon.

    2. Joe Says:

      I began listening to Pierce’s broadcasts live via shortwave in the mid-90s. It was rather archaic and half the time, I could barely get the signal. There was a shortwave listeners guide for the year and I happened across the listing for National Vanguard schedule. Of course, the couple of paragraphs that the publication was obliged to print was seething with vitriol, so my curiosity was piqued. This was during the era of Clinton and although Limbaugh was at that time a favorite of mine, Dr. Pierce immediately struck a chord as a much deeper mind. The revelations about the inner workings of the Jews was given me by the good Doctor. It was a bit hard to believe at first, but at that point it was up to me to glean the truth, so further research inevitably led to what I now KNOW to be the truth.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      My family were all fairly racially conscious, but the big picture was something I couldn’t grasp, it was always something beyond cognitive reach. All the contradictions of WWI, the Russian Revolution, and WWII just didn’t make any sense, until I found myself working with a guy who was a part-time organiser of the British National Front. He gave me some pamphlets and a reading list. Initially, the stuff was so revolutionary, I couldn’t take it in, it seemed amazing. A few years later I came back to the material he gave me and it all began to make sense, I saw the big picture.
      Later my education was rounded off by reading Duke’s books, W.G Simpson’s ‘Which Way Western Man’, and of course listening to the Good Doctor and knowing we are not alone.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yep, I too started off by listening to those National Alliance broadcasts on some crappy shortwave station, although for a while there was a local AM station that had the guts to carry American Dissident Voices and a few other pro-White talk shows on Saturday afternoons. Naturally the Jews got wind of it and started whining to the station’s owner, some wop with Mob connections who lived in Queens. He then promptly sold the station. Now they just play bongo music all day and night.

      Reading “The Turner Diaries” and “Hunter” (both of which, of course, were written by Dr. Pierce) were very eye-opening experiences. Those were two books I enjoyed so much that I immediately re-read them. I almost never felt the need to do that before, except for Hunter Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

      Another great book that got me seriously thinking about race was the autobiography of Commander G.W. Rockwell, “This Time the World!”. The sacrifices he made for his ungrateful race—I can almost think of him as a martyr, except I’m not Catholic and don’t think in terms of martyrdom.

      It’s a good thing I didn’t start off my racial education by reading any of “Doctor” Duke’s books. He’s OK, but I may not have had quite the favorable impression of pro-White thought reading him first that I got from Dr. Pierce and Commander Rockwell.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Is this cool or what? http://wodumedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/George-Lincoln-Rockwell-center-self-styled-leader-of-the-American-Nazi-Party-and-his-hate-bus-with-several-young-men-wearing-swastika-arm-bands-stops-for-gas-in-Montgomery-Alabama-on-May-23-1961-en-route-to-Mobile-Alab-960×695.jpg

      Truly one of the exceedingly few men I would ever follow into battle:http://www.anorak.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/PA-9794928.jpg

    6. Junghans Says:

      Very simple. Exposure to simian-like Negroes in-the-raw in high school and in the army. The JQ awareness came about as an inquisitive teen, from seeing the constant slander and lies about the Third Reich and WWII, and understanding the consequences of that Anglo/Judeo stoked disaster. That set off a never ending quest to find the historical, political and racial truth.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Commander Rockwell has a special place in the WN pantheon. He literally started from nothing. We were almost buried without trace, hated and reviled until he started the slow march to dignity and honor.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      The tall guy with the shades standing at the far side of the VW ‘hate bus’, is that a young Dr Pierce? It sure looks like him!

    9. Shane Says:

      Around the age of 16 I started watching the history channel and all the things about the Germans, Jews, etc. I knew my family was German and I wondered how and why the war started and the explanation behind the Holohoax. The Germans I knew were very peaceful. I knew something wasn’t adding up…

      I started to read National Alliance broadcasts and I finally had someone explain in detail what obscure thoughts I had before. I then knew I wasn’t crazy and that my observations were on. Pierce helped me clarify the world around me. After he died, I found VNN and since 2000 I have been following VNN. This site is a rare gem in a world of shit.

    10. Virgil Says:

      Dr Pierce was my greatest influence; I listened to or read every single weekly broadcast! He is drinking nektar with Jove and praying for our eventual victory! Ave Gulielmus!

    11. Stan Sikorski Says:

      I was born this way. As a 5 year old, I had just come from a bath and while looking in the mirror combed my hair to the side like a man I had seen in the history books. I found if I put the small end of the black comb under my nose, I looked just like Him! So I walked out into the livingroom to show my mom my great discovery and she went mental screaming never to do that again. “Why?” I asked her. She said the man that I was copying was a very bad man. Oh.

      My ‘dislike’ of niggers while being told I had to like them in my young years eventually lead to asking, “why”. So I read, and I learned. And ‘He’ was always in the background in some form or another, mostly as the boogie man of all of it, with His ‘crooked cross’ and ‘hatred of other races, but especially the poor jews’. Even though I learned He was from Germany, He was responsible for people here being hated as well. Why? I read some more, only this time it was the words of The Man Himself – Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

      His words taught me about history and the jew’s role in it, and things started to make sense. It was like scattered atoms that formed into a heavy steel hammer that smashed away all my questions and the litter of jewed school teaching. It obliterated my Catholic dogma I was forced to accept, it answered why I couldn’t stand to be anywhere near niggers or their benefactors, the jews, who I began to hate more than anything I’ve ever hated in my life.

      I big turning point was taking the plunge and involving myself with VNN, first by sending Alex articles and commenting on them or ones he had already written on the then web-simple VNN web site. My favorite stuff was Alex’s spintros, essays and the writings of Dr. Pierce. I had more real history and opinion to read as my mind could devour. With the addition of the forum I could read the words of others like Craig Cobb, Glenn Miller, and other great minds. I was eventually even able to work with and for many of them in various projects which was part of my own way to give back, practice what I had learned, and furthered a cause that I feel is the most important one any White Man can fight for – His Race.

      I continue to do so today in my own ways. It is more important than ever that we all continue to place our cause front and center. Our most vile enemy, the eternal jew, never sleeps, never tires of bashing us and working to kill us off while taking credit for our achievements. And the most important thing we can do is pass on the truth of our beliefs and our true history to future generations so that they are better equipped to smite the jews once and for all.

      This was my road, and that is my dream. Seig Heil!

    12. Brian Says:

      I also have been racially aware, from childhood on. I was raised an evangelical christian so I had no idea the perfidy of the joooo.

      As I became an adult something bothered me about the holohoax. It didn’t make sense. One evening I was watching PBS and the program was jewish suffering, specifically Auschwitz. After all the horrifying claims of gassing and cremation …. the camera panned back and as far as the eye could see were barracks for the inmates / joooooz to live in. BIG RED FLAG.

      One evening after I had internet access I typed ‘jewish crimes’ into a search engine. I had a lot of common ground with the KKK or what I knew of them at the time. I got why they disliked negroes but I had no idea why they disliked gods chosen. Jew watch came up and I clicked on the link. Twenty minutes later I was an anti-Semite and I’ve never looked back. The missing pieces all fell into place. Occasionally I try witnessing to christians …. most are too stupid or brainwashed to listen … they believe the fat men at the pulpits and they’re too lazy to do the required reading.

      Back in the beginning of my new understanding a guy I think his name was named baldergod ……. his user name ……. put a link up to one of Dr Pierces saturday messages. I immediately became a member of the National Alliance and never missed another message. What a sad day when the great one passed away.

      I’ll end with a bright note ….. my brother tells me younger evangelicals are not worshipping at the feet of israel. The next generation will throw izzy under the buss. I’ve been told the college students now recognize israel for what it is …. a terrorist state of full of hypocrisy land theft murder and deceit.

      israel is the problem in the ME today. World jewry is the problem in the world today. Will white people wake up? I think they will, but not until things get much worse.

    13. fd Says:

      I have always been a White separatist. White nationalism never appealed to me because it leans toward centralized authority. As a citizen of the South, my conscience forbids me to support centralized authority. Consolidated despotism repulses me.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      I totally agree with you, fd, a Confederacy is better than a Union. But even at the state and local levels of government there are tyrants who deserve to be strung up from lamp-posts. All they do is pass laws that favor homosexuals and illegal aliens. Then they order taxes to be raised on everything. And they get re-elected over and over again by the same “special interest groups”. Bullshit on democracy. To hell with our “representative” form of government. Not one of those lying parasites has ever represented ME or MY race.

    15. fd Says:

      This is true, Tim McGreen. The advantage of local control is that you can see your enemies. But as you pointed out, democracy is bad government on all levels.

      Popular despotism is all over the place.

    16. GLaS Says:

      I grew up in the liberal soil of public ed and nightly news. After I ditched religion (intolerable), and after finding the incredible dexterity with-which people would hold a patently false idea as inviolate, I began to wonder what other pillars of consensus might be paper tigers. I went from religion to politics and that led me to question the official story of WW2, the holocaust, and finally racism. Never be afraid to stick to your own guns, never be cowed by ad homs. Racism cemented it, for me; I knew there had to be more to it that the stereotypical monologue of the main stream and the logical deconstructions of the more eloquent racists and hatemongers impressed me. Linder, especially, really killed it with Goyfire.

      You NEVER hear argument from the left. Being hypocrites, they are very short on literal argument.

    17. Antagonistes Says:

      I became a promoter of European civilization and values because of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      Yes, back in the late sixties, I went to my Christian denomination’s church camp. Unbeknownst to us young White people, our leaders had decided to open the camp to black youths, also.

      I don’t have anything against intelligent blacks, who usually have a big admixture of White genetics, but these people were mostly playing the martyr game, even back then. They assumed the role of the victims; therefore they were righteous, and we Whites were not.

      According to Christian doctrine, they had the upper hand—blessed are the poor, blessed are the oppressed, blessed are those who do not achieve anything with their lives. The Lord Jesus said this, on the Mount, in his famous sermon. They were this way, you see, because they were victims, not because their parents did not care for them, or they had low intelligence. Their poverty, their stupidity, their lack of motivation proves that they were righteous, and God favors the lowest common denominator, which they were.

      All men are children of God, and children of Adam and Eve. Therefore, any disparities in income level, intelligence level, etc. are due to the wickedness of the oppressors, namely, Whites. Nevermind that my denomination believed in theistic evolution, not fiat creationism; but they did not mind using ancient fables to promote their agenda.

      It has been said that the liberals have taken over the church. But I notice that “conservative” denominations (even “creationists”) now tout the same message that I heard back in the late ’60’s. The current pope is big, BIG on it.

      I rejected it back then; I reject it now. What good is a religion that becomes such a squishy invertabrate before the onslaught of a bunch of liberal pussies?

      Now I look to the European religions. I am a great admirer of the Emporer Julian, whom the early church called, “the Apostate.”

      Jesus, here’s to you—–ppppffffffftttttttt!

    18. Sgt. Skull Says:

      In my case, I was only dimly aware of racial differences in my teens, but daily contact with simian-Americans on a college campus increased my racial consciousness to fanatical levels. I went from National Review reading and Rush Limbaugh listening college Republican to John Bircher before I miraculously learned about the National Alliance and American Dissident Voices broadcasts by William Pierce and Kevin Strom just prior to the start of the internet era.

      Before I learned about the NA and their broadcasts I was somewhat pro-Jewish since the only information available painted them as a people wrongfully persecuted throughout history for their intelligence, business acumen and wealth. On occasion, during political discussions, people would claim the jews controlled the press and the gov’t, but when I asked for evidence they invariably could provide little. Needless to say that William Pierce and his ADV broadcasts coupled with the books, pamphlets and other literature they sold provided irrefutable evidence of their perfidy, long history of white nation wrecking and involvement in communism. Through his broadcasts and writings, Pierce could deftly explain how everything that ails the white man and Western civilization is interrelated and that we have a nigger and mestizo and homo problem because we have a jewish problem.

      Neither the conservative talk radio blowhards, the Birchers, or the illuminati are under every bed post patriotards would address race and/or make an unapologetic stand for the white race. Pierce and the NA were the only organization of note who was doing that, so I’ve never looked back.

      The writings of Alex Linder, among others, have also reinforced my worldview as a white nationalist with an emphasis on anti-semitism.

    19. Thom McQueen Says:

      Here’s to Jesus and all those people who ruined the National Alliance:


    20. Antagonistes Says:

      Jesus ruined the National Alliance?

    21. Brian Says:

      Sgt. Skull
      Thanks for mentioning Alex Linder. How could anyone leave him out of the mix of white reformers, informers and educators.

      I have gained a substantial amount of information exposing judensour do to his hours of research and devotion to white people.

      Thanks for all you do, Alex … I hope you realize the impact you’ve had and that your efforts are appreciated.

    22. Thom McQueen Says:

      No, Mr. ENglish Major. But Jesus has turned men into pussies.
      Forget about the ENglish, ANt. and focus on your airbrush.
      Here, here, Alex!