6 November, 2013

The Nature of the Beast

Posted by Socrates in Socrates, William Pierce, William Pierce Wednesday at 8:36 pm | Permanent Link

by Dr. William Pierce.


“Why is that? Why are Jews not held to the same standards as other people? Indeed, I received some reactions from listeners to last week’s broadcast who told me that Jews cannot be held to normal standards of behavior because they are “God’s people” — did you get that?: “God’s people” — and it is wicked to criticize them: it says so right in the Bible, these listeners told me.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “The Nature of the Beast.”

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  7. 8 Responses to “The Nature of the Beast”

    1. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What are Whites deficit in that allows the kikes to crowd them out of the financial district, that makes them stupid little consumers of Chink junk. That is the jew secret, they pulverize the foe, by a barrage of media that oozes in from every orifice, sermons, tvitz, even the crossword puzzles serve as venue for jews to infiltrate the minds. The kike is a master of double think, the only antidote, is to get rid of the kikes.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      “The kike is a master of double think, the only antidote, is to get rid of the kikes.”

      But the Jews couldn’t do anything without the assistance or permission (whether consciously provided or not) of the gentile majority. The sad fact is there are lots of our own kind who are stupid, corrupt, passive, cowardly, greedy, willfully ignorant or indifferent. That has always been the case and the Jews know where to find such riff-raff and how to use them against us.

      So even if you got rid of the Jew (easier said than done, especially with all the mischlinge or crypto-Jews infiltrating our genetic ranks) you’d still have to deal with millions of Jew-thinkers and Jew-worshipers among us causing all kinds of mischief. Look, for example, at all the resistance the “Nazis” in Germany encountered among their fellow Germans who were brainwashed by centuries of pro-Jew propaganda. Consider how even the Jew-wise monk Martin Luther couldn’t find the courage to mentally break himself free of Jew Christianity.

      So, physically removing the Jew from our midst will be just the first step in the very long and difficult process of de-Jewification.

    3. fd Says:

      The majority of White people base their religion on Jewish scriptures. They’re sleepwalkers under the spell of Jews.

      Change will most likely come from a natural disaster that forces people to live in accordance to the laws of nature, at least for awhile. Hunger will motivate the knee-benders.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      If there’s some kind of major catastrophe that forces White people into emergency survival mode they will soon realize who their friends are and who are not. The brainwashing from decades of relentless Jew social engineering will instantly disappear as if it had never happened in the first place. When the JewTube goes dark for good even the most mushy-headed White liberals will quickly wake up and realize that Jews, Blacks and Mestizos are not their friends.

      Predictable as always, the Jew will try and scurry off to the safety of Zionist Occupied Palestine with his sacks full of diamonds, rubies and gold. But he won’t get far, because in the natural world such baubles have no value whatsoever. The coloreds will attempt to form a united army against Whitey, but that will fail, because once they start getting hungry they will begin eating each other. Christians will be unmasked as selfish cowards and hypocties when they attempt to hide their stashes of food and supplies, even from their fellow Christians. Therefore it will be worthwhile to hunt them down and kill them for sport.

      Any White people with sense will instinctively know that they must avoid all police and government checkpoints. Those without sense, such as homosexuals, conservatives and sports fans, will die off soon enough. But do not waste time burying them. Rather, let the crows pick at their worthless carcasses. Crows are intelligent birds and we should form an alliance with them.

    5. fd Says:

      If nature is forced to do the work that Whites are not willing to do, the price of such cowardness will be millions of White people perishing all over the place. Paybacks are a MF !

      Good line about the Crows, Tim McGreen. I’d rather feed a crow than a race traitor.

    6. fd Says:

      The upside to a natural disaster is that it will take down Western governments and the phony money scheme. Capitalism should serve the economy that inturn serves the people. Currently the people serve capitalism and the economy in the person of a slave.

      I feel the Jews are running scared. The campaign against the ol’ 3d Reich is in overdrive. Even the DIXIE battle flag is under heavy assault like never before.Tourist shops in the South scarcely display miniature flags to sale. These people, these Jews, behave as as though history will come back on them.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      The jew and by extension the liberal both think they stand outside the natural world. It is going to take some time, but eventually the world of actions and consequences will catch up with them. After an inevitable period of chaos we will be able to turn our attention to dealing with the mud alliance. But in the meantime the Han Chinese will not have been idle, their preparations for a showdown with us will be well planned.
      This test of strength will be our ultimate and most dangerous challenge.

    8. Edward M Khalil Says:

      If All Jews Suddenly Died…
      The ghost of Josef Goebels would scream “Wow!!! How the hell did you do that so quickly???”
      Force of habit would cause Howard Stern’s jaws to flap for an additional 6 weeks.
      Ariel Sharon’s (already) bloated carcass could be cargo dropped in Africa to stave off the next inevitable famine in Somalia. (Not that I care!)
      Re-runs of “Seinfeld’ would be called “Kramer” since he was the real star of the program. Please note the entire cast would be dead.
      Universities could replace programs such as “Holocaust Studies” with something more useful, like “Pathos in the Noh Drama”, or “The History of Woolen Goods”.
      No longer would any child have to bear the burden of a moniker such as Ziv or Shlomo.
      CNN would be forced to initiate an immediate hiring campaign.
      Barbara Streisand would look the same.
      The ACLU would have 7 remaining persons on their membership list; NAMBLA would not have anyone.
      North American professional sports franchises would lose 37 owners, but not a single athlete.
      The Academy Awards would start going to the best movies, not the ones with a “holocaust” theme.
      Surnames, denoting precious metals, jewelry and other terms of wealth and materialism would go out of existence. I.e., Goldstein, Silverberg, Ruby, Pearlman, Diamond, etc.
      No branch of any of the US military services would lose a single member.
      Mel Gibson would pour himself a double scotch.
      Young people would begin applying to medical schools, hoping to ease the pain of the suffering rather than to amass small fortunes running abortion mills or performing unnecessary plastic surgeries.
      The next issue of the Brooklyn phone book would be 17 oz. lighter.
      The “Larry King Show” would finally be off the air…. Good riddance!!!
      Pawn shops and furriers would go the way of dodo birds and the wooly mammoth.
      America would lose one “ally” but would gain fifty-six others.
      American blacks would move up from the number two spot on the list of the “most oppressed whiners.”
      Historians and academicians could boldly state that only 5.99 millions Jews died under Hitler without fear of losing their scholastic positions.
      The West Bank and Gaza would still look like cesspools.
      In America alone, there would be 7,657,23 less defense lawyers, and 46 less prosecuting attorneys.
      Joan River’s cadaverous face would appear more attractive.
      The majority of surviving comedians would actually be funny. Take note Adam Sandler, Howie Mandel, et. al. The list of not-funny Kike “comedians is legendary.
      Western nations could save millions by avoiding the cost of erecting “holocaust” memorials, museums and other appeasing and politically correct facades.
      The grave diggers at Arlington National Cemetery would not be negatively impacted.
      The term “free press” would actually take on meaning.
      America could pay to resurface the roads of Detroit, instead of the roads in Tel Aviv.
      The sun would shine a little brighter, while the birds would seem to sing a little more beautifully.