11 December, 2013

Corrupting Our Police

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“This cozy relationship between criminal Jewish organizations and law-enforcement agencies, to the point where the Jewish groups have been given quasi-official status, is a growing problem. It’s a danger for all freedom-loving White Americans, not just members of the National Alliance. It’s a danger we must confront and deal with. If we attempt to ignore it and hope that it will go away, it won’t. It will only become worse, because the nature of the Jews is such that nothing is ever enough for them; they always keep reaching, grasping, for more and more and more.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “Corrupting Our Police.”

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  7. 9 Responses to “Corrupting Our Police”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      This is obviously a pre-9/11 message from Dr. Pierce. Before 9/11 the Jews and ZOG-bots tried to silence opposition by enacting “hate speech” codes. But they were largely unsuccessful. Then the Saudi-Zionist terror attack of 9/11 happened. Now the System has just the excuse it was looking for to impose its unlimited Federal tyranny on everyone. They can get away with anything they want as long as it’s being done in the name of the almighty state religion of National Security, you see.

      Look at the cops today, compare their appearance and behavior with the cops of a generation ago. Today’s “law enforcement personnel” look like goons from a futuristic police state, with their shaved skulls, lasers, tasers and black combat uniforms. By contrast the cops of the 1970s and 80s looked and acted like normal civilian police officers. Today’s cops are much more likely to shoot or club first and ask questions later. They want to be feared by the public, not respected. So I disagree with the Doctor when he says that there’s nothing wrong with an authoritarian police force as long as it operates within a “healthy” society. I could say more about this but I daresay I’ve already made my point.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It would be better to have the mafia patrollling the neighborhood than the piglice, and the jigaboos and latrinos know it.
      Several pigs have been thrown to the wolves lately for apphrending nigs, one police captain received a prison sentence for shooting a fleeing nig who had been “marketin” drugs.
      When you have such a fucked up place like the kwa, its a perfect pig sty.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Cop, mostly unread, and fat with shaved heads, and after every women they can get, are just fine okay with this regimes “U” money rulers.

      If the kikes did not like our police state and open borders it would not be.

      Fags in the military, medical profession, legal, church, prison’s, barney frank, media, and the police.

    4. fd Says:

      Good observation, Tim McGreen. The day of the peace officer is gone. The militant cops of today make up the worst elements in the country. They want to be feared by all. Black boots, black suits, black belts, black gloves, black guns, etc. The purpose of a uniform is to strip you of identity. The cops across the country are clueless that their masters care nothing of their lives and loyalty.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Even in Britain the police like to operate under the guise of ‘serving the community’ and ‘to serve and protect’. Of course it is all total BS. The police spend most of their time appeasing various mud gangs, but when a White person is in serious danger of mud violence they are nowhere to be seen. Recently in London when an off duty soldier was macheted and decapitated by a black mudslim outside of a military installation, it took the police 20 minutes to arrive on the crime scene even though the incident was probably being recorded by a surveillance camera.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      CW, I read an interview with Robert Plant where he recalls his first visit to America in 1968, while touring with his new band Led Zeppelin. He said he was shocked when he saw that, unlike the British “bobby”, with his whistle and baton, American cops were armed with guns. Now you see the London Metropolitan Police armed to the teeth, thanks to all those Mudslums invading the UK. And a lot of your police don’t look very British to me. They look more like, how shall I say, Oogah-Boogahs?

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Yep, that’s correct, Tim. It is now very rare to see a traditional ‘British bobby’ on the beat, most of them appear to cruise around in Range Rovers or fast BMW pursuit type vehicles. Officially the British police are still unarmed but it is common knowledge that weaponry is on hand if they need it.
      The major airports and London railroad stations have police patroling the public areas armed with very visible sub-machine guns. All, both Black and White, seem to think that a shaven head is part of the uniform.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      All, both Black and White, seem to think that a shaven head is part of the uniform.

      The shaved heads are way for their empty souls to be different from the crowd.

      They are a paid cult for their masters.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Since Twig okayed a new CHEKA to over see our local police and regime alphabet agencies, I think you can be afraid now, very afraid.


      Published on VDARE.com (http://www.vdare.com)

      Home > Culture of Corruption: The Dems’ Dangerous DHS Pick, Alejandro Mayorkas


      Culture of Corruption: The Dems’ Dangerous DHS Pick, Alejandro Mayorkas
      By Michelle Malkin [1] on December 13, 2013 at 1:16am
      On Topic
      The “S” in President Obama’s DHS doesn’t stand for “security.” It stands for “sleaze.” In the wake of Dirty Harry Reid’ [2]s sabotage of the filibuster [3], Democrats have rammed through the Senate nomination of a shady Chicago crony associated with dangerous Clinton corruption and at least two visas-for-sale schemes.

      The White House wants Alejandro Mayorkas [4]to helm the No. 2 position at the Department of Homeland Security. It speaks volumes about this ethics-challenged administration that the most qualified person it could find for this important post is a government DHS hack currently under investigation by other DHS hacks. More on that in a moment.

      On Tuesday, Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee advanced Mayorkas’ nomination to the Senate floor by a 9-0 vote. All Republicans voted “present” in protest. Thanks to Reid’s nuclear option on the filibuster, Obama’s party water-carriers in the Senate only need a simple majority. The appointment (scheduled for a Wednesday vote) is all but assured.

      What qualifies Mayorkas to serve as DHS deputy secretary? Well, there’s his prodigious fundraising in 2008 as an Obama bundler, of course. There’s his dutiful pro-open borders record in his current job as director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. And once again, the operational motto of the Beltway prevails: Screw up, foul up, move up.

      During the Clinton years, [5]then U.S. Attorney Mayorkas phoned the White House on behalf of convicted drug dealer Carlos Vignali. Mayorkas joined other high-profile California liberals [6] in the dialing-for-pardons campaign. Vignali’s father (also suspected of drug trafficking) had dumped $200,000 in the coffers of Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh, to secure his son’s commutation. Mayorkas pleaded ignorance and admitted failure to do his “due diligence.” Like fellow Clinton corruptocrat [7]and current Attorney General Eric Holder [8], Mayorkas’ pardongate “mistake” cost him nothing. He was instead rewarded with plum government positions and access.

      Allegations of fraud, reckless rubber-stamping and lax enforcement—from veteran internal whistleblowers—have plagued Mayorkas’ tenure at USCIS. Rather than keeping his nose clean, Mayorkas apparently got himself involved in even more rotten business. The DHS inspector general has been probing a slimy visas-for-sale scheme tied to the Obama bundler for the past 15 months. (One reason for the delay: the IG’s office itself is under investigation [9] for unethical behavior and favoritism.)

      Mayorkas and other higher-ups are being investigated for their alleged roles in intervening on behalf of GreenTech, a crony company with ties to Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton’s other brother, Anthony. The scheme reportedly gave “special treatment” (in the words of one USCIS official) to the company, which wanted EB-5 visas for deep-pocketed Chinese investors. In addition, The Washington Times reported this week [10]that both Harry Reid and GOP Nev. Sen. Dean Heller lobbied the Obama administration to reverse itself on EB-5 decisions for foreign investors in a Las Vegas casino hotel.

      None of this EB-5 corruption should surprise longtime readers of my column. As I first reported [11] more than a decade [12]ago, the EB-5 immigrant investor [13] program was created under an obscure section of the 1990 Immigration Act. The law allows 10,000 wealthy foreigners a year to purchase green cards by investing between $500,000 and $1 million in new commercial enterprises or troubled businesses. After two years, foreign investors, their spouses and their children all receive permanent resident status—which allows them to contribute to U.S. political campaigns and provides a speedy gateway to citizenship. The benefits of the EB-5 economic development plan have gone to former federal immigration officials who formed lucrative limited partnerships to cash in on their access and to shady foreign fraudsters. The supposed economic benefits of the program are unverifiable and inflated hype.

      Whistleblowers have been punished and ostracized. Independent media have been intimidated and, in the case of the Franklin Center, sued for raising questions about the Democrats and immigrant investor fraud. The most transparent and ethical administration ever is stonewalling to protect Mayorkas. And citizenship is available to the highest crony foreign bidders.

      Perhaps when White House journalists finish protesting Obama control freaks limiting their access to photos, they’ll take an interest in top homeland security officials recklessly selling access to our shores. There’s much, much more to the stench and the story.

      Michelle Malkin [email [14] her] is the author of Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores [15] . Click here [16] for Peter Brimelow’s review. Click here [17] for Michelle Malkin’s website. Michelle Malkin is also author of Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild [18] and Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies [19]
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      Source URL: http://www.vdare.com/articles/culture-of-corruption-the-dems-dangerous-dhs-pick-alexander-mayorkas
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