31 December, 2013

England is Being Murdered

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The murder weapon? Non-White immigration. Unless Whites do something about the Browning of England, there won’t be an England in 50 years. It’ll be Pakistan West. Make no mistake, the Browning of the UK is deliberate. It’s no accident that millions of muds have flooded into Britain during the past 40 years. Wanna talk about racial “hate”? This is it! It’s a giant hate crime against the White people of England.


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  7. 22 Responses to “England is Being Murdered”

    1. fd Says:

      The last significant race war took place in the 1960s South (civil rights). Southern governors, Southern law enforcement and its people were not capable of defeating a wealthy government with the ability to wage perpetual war.

      The British like the Americans are not willing to fight.

      I’m really concerned about the Germans. The Prussian zealots who seemingly forced consolidation of the German states in the 19th century led to disaster in the 20th century. Prussian officers and their men couldn’t cross the Atlantic fast enough to fight for the Federals in the name of consolidation. Big governemnt sucks.

    2. Racial Patriot Says:

      There have been warning signs for the Whites of England and the UK.
      1948 The first colored immigrants arrived.
      1979 Mrs Thatcher lied to the British electorate about non White “swamping” of the UK which she promised to curb, the opened the flood gates thus destrlying the National Front.

      And so it continued with Tony Blair’s New Labour government.

      The British people have been propadandized to death about immigration.

      It’s true the White people of England and the UK have now given up, those that can have fled the country already to Australia and New Zealand and also the Kwa.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Apologize to Joan of Arc, you fuckshits.

      Apologize to Adolf Hitler, you shitfucks.

      Apologize to the Irish, you fhitsucks.

      Have national days of repentance, to all these. Then, maybe, MAYBE the gods will restore you.

      Or maybe they will just use you as an example to the rest of Europe, after the degenerate gypsies and others destroy what is left of your respectability.

      God damn you for being such pussies. Fuck you.

    4. bangkav Says:

      Race Patriot wrote “…… those that can have fled the country already to Australia and New Zealand and also the Kwa.”

      Unfortunately RP, White Poms, South Africans & Europeans generally need to line line up behind the Asiatic Hordes currently swamping Australia.

      We are in the same boat as the Once Great Britain even if the Plimsoll Line is a still little further from the water.

      Whites are very low on the priority list of Australian Immigration Race traitors both poltical & bureaucratic.

    5. fd Says:

      It’s time to paint Buckingham palace black — for that matter, it’s time to paint the White House black.

      You left one out, Antagoniste. The English should also apologize to the French for arming the Negroes during the Hatian Revolution in the 1790s.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      As a resident of the Great British shit-hole I can only say it will take a miracle to save the Anglo-Celtic White people of Britain. For centuries, literally centuries, we have been treated like shit; starved, beaten, worked to death, and used as cannon-fodder. PM Blair and his jews were merely the last phase of this genocide program.

    7. John Q. Republic Says:

      My friends:

      You are all spot-on with your assessments of the current racial amalgamation taking place around the world, however, the brown and black hordes couldn’t get to first base, let alone the batters box in your countries without the god-damed KIKE orchestrating everything from behind the scenes. They ARE the ENEMY! As General Patton said, we must “Wade into them, spill their blood, shoot them in the belly.” If we do not remove the jew from all levers of power and control in every predominantly White country, we will continue our downward death spiral to racial oblivian. We MUST NOT allow the jew, and their useful idiot White race traitors, to decide OUR fate. We MUST decide our own fate………..our own future.

      The KIKE laughs at the “lone wolf” strategy proposed by some. It will get us nowhere but individual, lonely deaths by ZOG. We must galvanize and organize ourselves where blood, honor, and sacrifice……..along with cunning and intelligence in our trusted leaders will see us through to ultimate victory. Can we do it? Of course we can, but we must commit ourselves to the task to the bitter, (or sweet), end. What say you all?


    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Almost all of those so-called Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants heading for the UK are going to be Turks and Gypsies. How can such small shitty countries like those contain millions and millions of Muds? And look at Jew York Shitty. It must have a least 10 times more Puerto Ricans and Dominicans than there are in all of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic combined. How can those shitty little jungle islands hold so many brown skinned savages? How are they fed? Where do they live? God O’ mighty, they breed like cockroaches. And they’re the same color as cockroaches, too.

    9. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      The west may be on a suicidal path, but at least there is some hope for Eastern Europe, the Slavic countries, and other nations within the Russian sphere of influence.


      Of course conservative alone won’t defeat the jewish and White traitor establishment, and neither will nationalism, libertarianism or any other ideology on their own, but it is encouraging to see any and all opposition to the jew world order.

      As for the English, the race which conquered a substantial portion of the world, and continued controlling it until a mere 60 years ago – it is hard to believe how far they have fallen. The Germans at least can argue that they were beaten into submission by the combined weight of Russia, America, and Britain. But the English have absolutely no excuses… Take a good look at the fate of the Armenians and Greeks in Asia Minor to understand what is in store for the Whites of the West when the third world and mudslim hoards achieve majority status.

    10. fd Says:

      The City of Chicago is a goner. The census shows that only 31% of the population is White. And we all know that Jews and other Semitic types are included. Outside of the figure above is–racial slop.

    11. CW-2 Says:

      Well said, JQR, but where are our leaders? They are either dead (killed) or in deep cover. If only Commander Rockwell or Dr Pierce were alive today. I feel a moment of crisis and decision is approaching, but before ‘Der Tag’ can gain any acceptance amoung the general population all hope in our present fake and traitorous leaders must be extinguished. Conservatives and fake patriots are the most dangerous of our enemies because they dangle the poisoned carrot of ‘hope’ before our eyes. Our only true hope is White Revolution when even ‘conservatives’ will receive the fate they so richly deserve.
      The average White suburbanite has no concept of the contempt and hate in which they are held by big jew and the globalist elites, and I include the churches in that category. Without wanting to sound like a fruitcake, it almost appears that elites are a bunch of devil worshippers in that they exault everything harmful, disgusting and deadly to the noble and valorous traditions that have sustained our folk for millenia.
      The present guy in the Vatican comes across as a complete phoney and willing tool of the globalist elite. He needs discrediting and should be very easy to do so by unfurlling a banner or two next time the Vatican Square is packed full of tourists.

    12. RadicalTraditionalist Says:

      The British Resistance

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      The new Pope is being celebrated in the Jew-controlled press as some kind of champion of the poor and oppressed. To me he’s just another Church careerist, just another old Italian bishop elected by his pointy-hatted cronies to be the leader of a decrepit and outdated religious bureaucracy. If the Jew establishment likes him then he’s definitely no good for us.

      The Catholic Church is trying to get its empty churches in the U.S. filled up with Catholics again, so they obviously support allowing millions of wetbacks to come here as “immigrants”. They also actively oppose Blacks, Chinks and Mexicans getting abortions, but never say ANYTHING about Europe’s dwindling White birthrate. So Pope Francis is no more a friend of the White working man than Barry Soetero is.

    14. Antagonistes Says:

      Previously—Tim McGreen, aspiring poet, is sweeping the Oxford University rugby stadium when the women’s rugby team runs out in the nude for a calendar photo shoot with the artist, Antagonistes. Tim, unaware that Antagonistes is behind him, spontaneously spouts poety, a paen to the naked beauty before him. Antagonistes hears him and wants him to write the copy for the nude rugby calendar. Tim agrees:

      “Well met, Tim! Come down and meet the girls! I am sure they would want to meet the poet who will celebrate their exquisite nakedness in verse!”

      They walked down the bleachers and descended into the smiling bare innocence of the naked Women’s Rugby Team of Oxford University.

      “I am descending into heaven,” Tim thought. He started laughing. “DEscending into heaven, instead of Ascending! ha, ha!”


      “Tim, the girls have had a very intense practice; now they want to relax. They want you to join them in the hot tub,” Antagonistes said, looking up from a book of advanced artistic anatomy. “Here, take these two bottle of pinot noir. And these wine-glasses. There is a tray around here somewhere . . .”

      “Well, surely, they would rather have some big black mumba-jumba stud athlete. I mean, I am nothing to look at.”

      “They won’t be looking at you. Or, let me rephrase that: They WILL be looking at you—to see if YOU are looking at THEM! That is the feminine mind, my friend.”

      “And let me continue, my poet friend: These girls know the score. They are BRITISH. No blacks, browns, yellows for them. They want what is best for them, and that means WHITE ANGLO-SAXON. Or perhaps German, French or light-skinned Spanish. But no south-of-the-Sudan sex-saturated
      simians for them! And as far as White athletes . . . the girls admire them and think they are the best, as do I.”

      “But, Antagonistes, I just got out of the hospital! I was in for . . . ”

      “A hard-on that wouldn’t quit?”

      “Yes!” Tim said. “How did you know?”

      “Well, what else could it be? But these girls are all virgins. They believe sex is sacred. They do not want to have sex with you. They are each waiting for THE ONE. But if they saw you with a hard-on while you were looking a them, they would be ecstatic! It would be the supreme compliment! But if you are worried . . . here, take two of these pills, and you will not have a problem with those pesky erections.”

      Antagonistes opened a drawer of his desk, and brought out a vial of tablets.

      “Antagonistes, if I didn’t know better, I would think that you were some kind of god, or something.”

      “Friend Tim,” said Antagonistes, “I am just an artist, living from the heart of an artist. It pleases me to help you, especially since you also are an artist, a poet. By the way, I would very much like you to meet a dear artist-friend, Thom McQueen. He is an air-brush impressario.”

      “A friend of yours will surely be a friend of mine, Ant,” said Tim.


    15. Racial Patriot Says:

      The so called “British Resistance” is now split into ineffective micro parties, back-bitting each other. The British state is laughing at the so called “British Resistance” as millions more of the unwashed enter the once Great British isles.

      The best of the British gene pool have already fled the country, it’s all over bar the fat lady singing!

    16. Thom McQueen Says:

      i say it again, Mate, you are an artist, Ant! In words and in airbrush.

    17. mrcrouton Says:

      The British eagerly fought against Nazism, a doctrine that favored white nations. By doing so they gave a tacit green light that white identity is bad and that race doesn’t matter.
      So they’re reaping what they sowed in the 1940’s.

      Hitler lost and it was due to the British allowing jews to boss them around.

      Now everyone can celebrate the multiculturalism! Europe is saved!

      America too will get the same.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:


      Fool postings are not funny. Here one of the few dozen voices of our people in the last thirty years.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      An interesting an inspirational link, Doody. It reminds me of an article written ages ago in ‘Instauration’ titled Hammond’s Epistle to the Aryans. Where he compares our situation to that of an elephant at an almost dried-up waterhole. The elephant hasn’t the strength to go to the next waterhole, it must find water beneath the cracked and drying mud on which it stands. It is engaged a test of strength and faith to find water. Water is there, but hope and persistence are required.

    20. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Yes, England is all but dead and in about 10-15 years we will be reading how the Paki Mudslims and others are engaging in a campaign of open terror against the remaining white Brits. But let’s not forget the kwa is not far behind and if the amensty bill the kikeocracy is currently pushing hard ever passes, then we will have 100 million more muds squatting on our soil within 30 years.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      England’s regime started a joo war with out the White English WANTING IT.

      Using weapon’s to assault Europeans defending themselves against the night mare of the joo created USSR/Stalin. Read “Stalin’s Willing Executioner’s” for facts on the 1917-1939 workers paradise. Camps, terror, murder, and rape, that is what the joo’s used the English for in 1939.

      IMO every White English descendant who helped Churchill and his gangsters declare war on Germany should be stripped of everything they own and sent directly to the Falkland Island for life.


    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      To get the English military to go along with the war, there had to be IMO a carefully placed cadre of corrupted/disturbed officers to go along with such a criminally insane action against Europe.

      It is likely that since 1941, the top brass have been carefully chosen so that they will carry out any and all insane request, as the police will do today, as it is the police that enforce P.C. on US.