25 December, 2013

The Feminization of America

Posted by Socrates in Socrates, William Pierce, William Pierce Wednesday at 6:29 pm | Permanent Link

by Dr. William Pierce.


“In a very broad sense, aristocratic values are masculine values, and democratic values — egalitarian values — are feminine values. It is also true that, in a very broad sense, materialism is a feminine way of looking at the world. It is a way which puts emphasis on safety, security, and comfort, and on tangible things at the expense of intangibles. It is not concerned with concepts such as honor, and very little with beauty, tradition, and roots. It is a way with a limited horizon, with the home and hearth very much in sight, but not distant frontiers. Reverence and awe for Nature’s majesty are unknown to the materialist.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “The Feminization of America.”

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  7. 25 Responses to “The Feminization of America”

    1. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      I never comment on these Dr. Pierce posts, but I listen to every single one of them. In fact I’ve downloaded the entire catalogue of his recordings. Dr. Pierce’s recordings and books were, to say the very least, are as spot on accurate and today as they were from when he started in the 1970s.

    2. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      This particular entry by Dr. Pierce was a bit more abstract that usual, and did a great job making some sense out of the decline and decay that the west has been undergoing over the past century.

      Here is a related link about the feminization, or rather the bolshevik-style deconstruction of natural societal norms and values, manifesting itself in faggots and dikes being elected home-coming “queens” (pardon the pun)

      Truly democrazy in its purest, most degenerate form. Fortunately, the closer this sickened society gets to collapsing, the closer comes the day when the jews and assorted cockroaches no longer have “the system” to protect them from the angry White mobs. As bad as things are at the moment, the country is still a White majority, more than enough to keep the macho-feigning lesser races under control.

    3. Topkea Says:

      Why can women vote? Why can women speak to men without first being spoken to? Why are women made into clownish generals/admirals? Why is there such a thing as “marital rape”? Why are women encouraged to refuse men sex?

      All these questions and many others have one answer, which is the judeo-bolshevik cult of feminism.

      After “der Tag”, there will be no women’s rights, no affirmative action, no “domestic violence” laws, nothing. Women will return to their rightful role as generators of the next generation of White men. They will not be involved in anything which does not involve pleasuring men and producing and raising children.


      Once this bullshit X-tard chivalry is beaten out of us, we will realize that there can be no “friendship” or “equality” with women. The different in body and mind is not only great, it is fundamental. Left to her own devices, the Whitest and most Nordic of women will copulate with a Bantu and have its offspring. Always. Only the threat of savage and uncompromising force (remember, women have always feared the physical prowess of men, which is why they are doing their utmost to feminize us) will make her desist. It would take only a few savage beatings (I propose bamboo canes and bike chains) and perhaps a public execution or two of the worst offenders, and these transgressions will be a mere thing of the past.

    4. fd Says:

      There is a significant population of White women who would gleefully watch men crawl in silence rather than walk. Their future is to hang from the overpass in silence. Let the highway stare back at them from below. This may sound harsh, but it is they who sought to murder us first.

    5. Topkea Says:

      I’m right with you, fd.

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      The experience of being airbrush painted in the nude changes many women for the better. It gives them an idea of their beauty and reconnects them to their feminine nature..


    7. CW-2 Says:

      First off let me say that I see men and women as being complementary. An Aryan man and woman when functioning harmoniously, as Nature intends, is an unbeatable combination. Which is exactly why big jew is ALWAYS sowing the seeds of discord between men and women. But feminists are suffering under the jew-illusion that competition with men is the essence of femininity. Also, many ‘wimmen’ now exist in a totally false air-conditioned bubble which bears no relation to the real world.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Whenever Topkea or McQueen post anything the best course of action is to just ignore their worthless bullshit and go straight to whatever fd, myself or CW-2 have to say. We won’t waste your time or insult your intelligence.

      The reason White society has become so emasculated, soft and feminized is because we have become victims of our own success. The White race spent countless centuries struggling against war, plagues, famine, disease and the elements just to survive.

      But now that we have largely conquered those age-old enemies we can take it easy, so to speak. We don’t need large families to work on the farms or to insure that a least some of our offspring will survive infancy. We have more leisure time and more amusements. We don’t have to spend most of our time in search of food, shelter and water. So now we can afford to have tens of millions of useless eaters among us (like Topkea and McQueer) who, if they were born during the Ice Age, for example, would not have survived more than a few days, if that.

      The Arabs and Orientals are beginning to show the same signs of decadence and softness that we have been suffering from for the past 200 years, thanks to their rising standards of living (they’re rising because of all the technology they stole from us, as well as all the jobs and industries we’ve exported to them). Now they too have a lot of fatties and lazy good-for-nothings to put up with.

      We really need to put aside our misplaced sense of compassion and re-learn how to deal with all the defective elements who are polluting our gene pool and enjoying a free ride at society’s expense. Eugenics is the key. I would suggest establishing a Ministry of Racial Hygiene.

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      Dog-man McGreen is jealous of artistic ability. Because he ain’t got none. The higher things completly escape his pedestrian mind. He also resents my innoncence. He could not airbrush the naked women like I do without experienceing an erection lasting longer than four hours. He just does not understand the agony and the ecstacy.

    10. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen says: “useless eaters.” You got that right. Ministry of Racial Hygiene: I don’t know of one racist dna scientist that has come forward to offer an accurate dna test that exposes Negroid and Mongoloid markers.

      The revolution could begin at any given time.

    11. Topkea Says:

      Tim McGreen should put his cock where his mouth is. I’ve been lighter, but I’m still pretty hard-hitting and I work in a manual trade (couldn’t get anything better after being inside). I’ll show him who the “useless eater” is. I work, fuck, and have White children. McGreen’s a fucking chickenhawk.

    12. Thom McQueen Says:

      McGreen is in the hospital for an erection lasting longer than four hours. They are showing him pictures of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Dr. Ruth to try to deflate him. The Doctor told him to not look at any of my naked airbrushed women EVER AGAIN, or it could be fatal.

    13. Thom McQueen Says:

      Mates, I HACKED INTO TIM MCGREEN’S HOSPITAL RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The psychological evaluation only says simply:
      “Mr. McGreen’s mental evaluation reveals a life-long fascination with movie director Roman Polanski and anal sex.”

      The m edic cal records says:
      “Mr. McGreen’s erection shows no sign of subsiding, even to the point of intense physical agony and after induced multiple orgasms leading to physical exhaustion. Experimental drugs are called for.”

      This is HILARIOUS!

    14. Topkea Says:

      I suggest an electrified rectal probe to gently massage his prostate. McGreen’s mom, who actually wrote his first post, has volunteered to administer it.

    15. Thom McQueen Says:

      Might work, Top. But if I were Dr. Metcalfe, I would show this to friend Tim first:


      Would deflate anyone. I would not even bodypaint this creature. So Tim immagine yourself airbrushing this creature in the nude, her not you.

    16. Thom McQueen Says:

      Just received a message from a nurse Carrie Vallejo. It says this:

      “Dr.Metcalfe showed the picture of the female black musclewoman to the patient. His erect penis immediately assumed a less-rigid and spongy disposition. Thanks. It is a good beginning. I think we are on the right track, thanks to you. May God bless you.”

      You are welcome, Nurse Carrie. Take care of Freind Tim.

    17. Antagonistes Says:

      Good job, Thom.

      Let us hope that Tim can rejoin this forum in a flexible frame, with less rigidity.

    18. Thom McQueen Says:

      Thanks, Ant. But I just received this e-mail from Dr. Metcalfe. It says

      “Do not present to Mr. McGreen any more images of nude airbrushed females. If he achieves another erection like the one he had, and he masturbates continuously like he just did, in order to achieve a flacid state for his penis, then it is very likely that he will suffer cardiac arrest.”

      Ant, what do we do? We must show our art!

    19. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, (and Tim, if you are out of the hospital yet) Tim must carry around with him AT ALL TIMES that picture of the musclebound, steroid-gulping, black she-beast, that you provided.

      If one of our artistic creations arouses him, he can pull out the picture of the negro she-beast as an antidote.


    20. Topkea Says:

      He can’t carry that shit around. His mom would disapprove.

    21. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I have always enjoyed Tims opinions and his sense of humour. You gentlemen need to back off and let him be. We have more pressing concerns and lets not forget lads the ememy is out there. Peace to all. Happy New Year.

    22. Thom McQueen Says:

      I agree, Robert. Tim is top-shelf! That is why I am grateful for medical science in helping Tim with his problem. I trust it will not happen again. Tim is in my prayers.

    23. Thom McQueen Says:


    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      Feminist brain washed White women and joos won’t like this film from 1945.

      Those readers who came from rural families with out electricity but loads of hard work and poverty of the banking/Hollywood days of the 1930’s will feel this 1945 movie.

      Of none of our people had coiffed hair like she did in the movie though

      A government of the people would have never allowed this suffering to happen to thousands and it was worse than the movie.

    25. Howdy Doody Says:


      Forgot the link.