9 January, 2014

Blacks Are Racists???

Posted by Socrates in black icons, Black racism, music, race, race-mixing, racism accusations, Socrates at 7:30 pm | Permanent Link

Seen: a TV documentary about the late reggae singer Bob Marley (above). I learned from that program that Marley caught all kinds of grief from Blacks in Jamaica because he was of mixed race (his father was White, his mother was Black). How shocking! Because listening to the media and Hollywood, you’d conclude that only White people are racists.

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  7. 6 Responses to “Blacks Are Racists???”

    1. fd Says:

      In all fairness to Bob Marley, he was attacked from both sides. I read he conceded that both sides had no affection for his mixture, especially the Negroes.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      You know why so many Blacks don’t like Bob Marley? For the same reason they don’t like Jimi Hendrix…They both have way too many White fans! Blacks feel that any one of their own who becomes TOO successful with White audiences is a “sell-out”.

      I’ve also noticed another, similar phenomenon. It’s “cool” for Whites to dig Black musicians and their work, but Blacks are actively discouraged not to listen to any White music. Hendrix alienated a lot of his fellow Blacks by doing just that. He was heavily influenced by White groups like Cream and The Beatles. So the bruthas began pressuring him to only jam with other Black musicians, something which probably helped break up the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      But I think the darker Blacks naturally defer to lighter-skinned Blacks as their superiors. Look at jet-Black Haiti, for example. Even they have a tiny ruling elite comprised exclusively of light-skinned mulattoes. And whenever a dark-skinned Black becomes a rich, famous NBA ball player or comedian the first thing he does is to get himself a light-skinned mulatta trophy wife that he can show off to his homies back in da hood. If they can afford it, colored girls like to get their hair straightened out and dyed blonde, like an Aryan girl. They obviously prefer that to rocking a big, Angela Davis-style afro. Right on, Sista! (I’m holding a clenched fist in the air as I say this) http://media2.policymic.com/a01bc41092dff634db21447cf2fe3f58.jpg

    4. fd Says:

      Yes, Blacks are discouraged from liking White music, even criticized for it. If not for White technology, Negroes would still be banging on hollow logs dancing around the fire. Are they still dancing around the fire in the Congo……?

    5. fd Says:

      After the Negroes purged the French from Haiti, they set about slaughtering the mullatoes who were considered too light. Racism.

    6. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      It is the tension between things that creates progress. Things must be seen in their totality, not as isolated. Nothing is isolated.

      So, the tension between Whites and nigras creates progress. Nigras create this tension; Whites want everyone to be the same. I say : GOOD FOR THE NIGRAS. Keep creating that tension, my niggas. Whites see it and say, “No way I want to live like that!”

      How would we know light, without darkness? How would we know excellence without dumbth?

      In the same wise, it is the tension between male and female polarities that causes all real progress to come about.

      Think about it: If a person feels that he is totally fine, perfectly alright, is he going to set about proving himself? NO! He will accomplish nothing.

      It is the feeling of insecurity, of weakness, that cause the best of us to become strong. That will does not kill me makes me stronger . . . IF I want to be stronger.

      The best of the Aryans have always had a Faustian dimension.