20 February, 2014

Humans Should Apologize to Jews? Shouldn’t It Be the Other Way Around?

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Spain: “I’m sorry I noticed that Jews are a race of swindlers and con artists! I’m sorry I protected my people by expelling you in 1492! Do you forgive me?”

Big Jew: “Well, I might forgive you, if you bend over backwards to satisfy me and you promise never to notice my character flaws again.”


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m only sorry that we didn’t deal more ruthlessly with the Jews when we had the chance.

    2. bangkav Says:

      Time for the Spanish to review their history.
      Like how the jews helped facilitate the islamic invasion from North Africa.
      Like how the jews filled administrative positions for the islamists so they, the islamists could continue their invasion northwards and the jews held sway over the local population on their, the islamists, behalf.

      Apologize?..for being sensible & trying to get rid of the bastards.
      No way José.

    3. Socrates Says:

      bangkav Says: “Time for the Spanish to review their history.
      Like how the jews helped facilitate the islamic invasion from North Africa. Like how the jews filled administrative positions for the islamists so they, the islamists could continue their invasion northwards and the jews held sway over the local population on their, the islamists, behalf. Apologize?..for being sensible & trying to get rid of the bastards.”

      I don’t know much about this Islamic invasion/Jews thing. Tell me more.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Schlomo ran out the door of the pub, and fled into the night, mumbling something about a Rabbi attaching electrodes to his testicles.

      Thom McQueen sat down at the table with leonine grace, staring intently at Tim McGreen.

      “Friend Tim,” he said, “Jews will always be Jews. But you have done well, Lad, you have done well.”

      “Well, what did I do?” said Tim McGreen.

      “You exposed the Jewness within the Jew, something he might not have even known about himself, something he tries to hide even from himself,” said the Australian.

      “Yes,” said Tim, “Maybe I did.”

      “Of course you did, Lad. That schmedling schmuck Jew tried to get my Maryse Manios to pose for his own nude calendar.”


      “What did she say,” said Tim.

      “Nothing,” said Thom. “She only executed an eagle-claw groin grab on him.”

      “Far out,” said Tim. “I almost did that myself, but I did not want to touch his junk. Waitress! A Guiness stout for me and my friend!”

      “But listen to me, Tim, and listen well. This is not over. They never quit. He will come back. Maybe not him, but another one of them. They cannot stand to see excellence in anything—art, literature, religion, nude calendars. They always work to destroy what they cannot obtain.”

      “Then the whole god-damned world must execute an eagle-claw groin grab on the collective Jewish ballocks!” said Tim McGreen, already in his cups after a few sips of Guiness stout.

      “There ya go!” said Thom McQueen. “I think you are ready to have a real talk with Antagonistes!”

      “Antagonistes, yes” said Tim McGreen, “I love that man! He is everything that I want to be! Thom, a toast to Antagonistes!”

      Glasses clinked, draughts were drunk, and Tim McGreen felt like he had finally become a man.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      The White people of Spain have nothing, absolutely NOTHING to apologize for with respect to the defensive action their ancestors took against jew traitors.
      Jews have ALWAYS aided and abetted the conquest of White nations by non-whites, particularly by Muslims. During the siege of Toledo by the ragheads shortly after 712, jews in the city opened the gates to them.
      Things haven’t changed much since then, jews are active in ALL White countries busy promoting and facilitating Muslim immigration.
      However, we do have something to apologize for; our gullibility and ‘niceness’. For those two serious faults our grand children will condemn us, unless we recover our strength and honor.

    6. fd Says:

      new subject: The war that began in 1939 is not over yet. Jews continue to arrest defenders of Germany. The following reminds me of FBI agents that are still looking for old clansman in the South, who may have hanged a few Negroes in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.


    7. Thom McQueen Says:

      awesome, ANt, awesome writing. You perfectly captured the character of Tim McGreen and me, and the connivng Jew.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      fd, the war between us and them began 3000 years ago. It has dragged on for this long not because of any superiority the camel shaggers possess, but because of our innate sense of honor and willingness to offer quarter. They don’t take prisoners, neither must we.

    9. fd Says:

      Jew merchants got out in front of the Roman armies as they invaded central Europe a little over 2,ooo years ago and never left. All that Roman empire building resulted in bringing their conquered subjects including Jews to Europe. And that is what the Federals do in modern times.

    10. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      The Aryan race has always seen the world as enchanted, regardless of what the scientific materialists among us think.

      Every grove, lake, stream, jungle, etc. had its own god or goddess.

      So did every race of people.

      One supreme God, yes, but lesser gods below Him to deal with the different races, cultures, tribes, nations.

      Christianity dis-enchanted the world. All the old gods were declared to be demons, and swept (as was thought) away, in favor of one god, who was completely OTHER, and who had a burning anger toward all human beings, and who had declared them all GUILTY.

      No longer could the Aryan point to a man of another race and say, “Go to your own god. See what he has to tell you. I, myself, will seek the god of MY people.”

      NO! Now he could only say, “There is only one god. He is lord of all nations. Let us praise him, and seek his will, together–you in your church, and me in mine.” It did not take too much pressure in the twentieth century for the last part of that phrase — “you in your church, and me in mine”– to fall away. The logic of the Christian position demanded it, even though Aryan natures resisted it.

      But even before that, scientific thought came, along with biblical criticism, archaeology, and historical empiricism—and Christianity was, in its turn, swept away. It remains today as a ghost religion, a deserted mall, a wreaked building.

      But it left behind a sterile world, a guilty world. So, today we live in a sterile, dis-enchanted world. Modern art reflects this.

      But the old gods are again arising, pushing against the sterile, drab world that semitic thought has given us for two thousand years. They never left, they just acceded to our wishes.

      Who knows what lofty heights ethical paganism, and the Aryan races of Europe, could have reached had the Emporer Julian triumphed. But the ice is thawing quickly, and new growths are emerging into a new European spring.

    11. Thom McQueen Says:

      Holy One, that is the whole story, the whole story.

    12. fd Says:

      The ancient Whites chose the religion of light and life. The dreaded Christianity is a closed cycle sterile monotheism rooted in servile philo-Semitism.

      Hel is goddess of the underworld. Christians told pagans if they didn’t convert, they would go to hell……lol !

    13. fd Says:

      In ancient Europe, men and gods were communal. There was no such thing as a rule book handed down by the gods.

      Christianity, the religion that wages war on nature, perverted the natural spiritual evolution of European man.

    14. Antagonistes Says:

      But would not the world have become “dis-enchanted” with the rise of science, anyway?

      Does not science postulate that we are on a lonely planet, in a cold universe? And everything is material, with no room for the supernatural gods and goddesses, fairies, goblins, dryads, etc.

      Not that I disagree with Sri Das over the devastating influence of Christianity on our evolution, but would we not have come to have a sterile universe under science, anyway?

    15. Tìm McGreen Says:

      spring is here (quad-ra-peep, quad–ra-peep)

      liittle froggies appear (quad-ra-peep, quad–ra-peep)

      songs of turtles set the mood (boop-a-doop, doop-a-boop)

      my girl and me frolic in the nude (boop-a-doop, doop-a-boop)

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      “But would not the world have become “dis-enchanted” with the rise of science, anyway? Does not science postulate that we are on a lonely planet, in a cold universe? but would we not have come to have a sterile universe under science, anyway?”

      Be quiet, you schmuck.

      Here’s the thing…..Islam is easier for the Jews to manipulate and control than Christianity because the (criminally insane) Islamic religion is almost completely Semitic in its origins, like Judaism. However, Xianity does incorporate some elements of Aryan paganism, whether the Christians want to admit it or not. That being the case many White Christians were and still are naturally suspicious of the Jews as being outsiders, parasites and troublemakers. Many Mudslums are Jew-wise, yet they have always allowed the Jew to operate with impunity in Mohammedan lands. The Aryan knows better than to tolerate such a thing but cannot totally free his mind from the Christian imposed “guilt trip”.

      Of course our pre-Christian ancestors never had any second thoughts about crucifying Jews or throwing rocks at them to make them go away, since our ancestral pagan beliefs had nothing to do with any Jewish savior gods or Israelite patriarchs. So there was no “guilt trip” for our ancestors to worry about when they dispensed some well-deserved rough justice on Hymie. But Uncle Hitler, along with many of his Bavarian comrades in the largely Roman Catholic NSDAP, must have felt at least some “cognitive dissonance” when condemning the Jews. That same thing must have happened for the renegade Augustinan monk Martin Luther as well.

    17. fd Says:

      Let’s cut to the chase gentlemen. The decadence of Rome seem to spread across Europe. Premier kings like Clovis and Charlemagne sold out to the Church of Rome. They were the first rulers to convert pagans on the pain of death. Pagans were psychologically unprepared for such a violent dark religion. The massive churches were intimidating to the country folk. They were told that god lives in these walls.

      Demons, monsters, devils and all horror stories available to the quick imagination were preached to those who did not believe. All of this hitherto unknown before the advent of Christianity.

      By taking up with such a terrible religion, European man illustrated that he lost the will to live.

    18. Thom McQueen Says:

      It is good to see you verifying the wisdom of the Holy One, Tim McGreen!
      Good, indeed! Good on ya, good on ya!

      FYI, the Holy One also teaches that ethical paganism was hidden inside Christianity for those who had the wisdom to see it. It is the inner mystery of the Christian mystery school. The pagans knew what they were doing when Christianity was about to take over.

    19. Thom McQueen Says:

      PS, McGreen, your poen is good. Lots of symbolism. Frogs are penis symbols, turtles burrowing in the mud are sybolic of the sex act. Do the sex act, McGreen. Produce some White children. Frolic. Enjoy.

    20. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes, it is good to see McGreen developing a sensitivity to spiritual realities, but he completely missed the point of what I was saying.


    21. CW-2 Says:

      An interesting post by Sri Das. Christianity, of whatever denomination, is in crisis, is in the emergency ward on a life-support machine, thoughtfully paid for by big jew. Although jews vehemently hate Christianity, they figure it can be used in their final push to destroy us.
      Although Catholicism is not by any means the whole of Christian opinion, reading traditional catholic blogs is very interesting and provides a unique window on the thinking of non-WN but otherwise Euro-centric people.
      Reading such blogs is likely to bring a smile of ‘we told you so’. It appears these ‘trad-caths’ have finally come to the conclusion, (it has only taken them 50 years), that the Second Vatican Council 1963-65 was a means to get them on board with the New World Order.

    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      The CA. state prison San Quentin used gas and it was a very tedious if not the most insane way to execute any one!

      Gassing has got the be the most dangerous and insane way to murder any much less “SIX MILLION” haa.

      The tech back then was not even close to the CA. prisons either.

      CA. stopped using gas, because is dangerous to all, and they had to use Moon suits to retrieve bodies, loaded with feces etc.

      Excuse me, where in ONE, just ONE photo of Nasty guards with mask and air hoses, HMMM!.

      NO phucking the kikes are in acting new laws ever day, every day.

      How man regime agency now have a department to stop any from picking on the pussycuted one. Please nigger! haaa.

    23. S.U.N. Says:

      Incidentally, Venezuela is ruled by a commie with more marrano ancestry than his pal Castro, while his political “opponent” is a full kike of Iberian sephardic and nazi-death-camp-survivor heritage. The bottom line is that Florida (Tampa and Miami in particular) is the preferred landing spot for those poor south jewmericans escaping from their fellow blood brothers. It was disgusting already with the Caribbean turds, now its Venejewlans thinking they own the Sunshine State.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      Forty years ago, elderly Sun tanned kikes would walk the boardwalks and tell any goy who would listen to their fantasy lies that AH’s real name was Sheckelgruber. Most these Nation destroyers were retired from NYC or were just thugs retired or were still active fraudsters.