14 February, 2014

U.S. Senator Wants Democracy for Hungary

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Want to ruin a country? Introduce democracy, a.k.a. equalocracy. Like communism, it’ll wreck a nation, but it takes longer. Hungary, why would you want Blacks, browns, retards and women to vote and hold public office? Do you want feminists and faggots as your mayors and legislators? Do you want politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama? Do you want Jews controlling your media and entertainment, your pop culture, as they do in every democracy? America’s founders rejected democrazy (they gave us a White, male republic, which we stupidly turned into a democracy – as if Western culture can be made up of a rainbow of races and multiple ‘genders’! Newbies, get a good, older Western Civilization textbook, printed in the 1950s, and read it. You’ll see that White men invented the world, without the ‘help’ of democrazy).


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews and liberals have perverted the concept of democracy, the way they pervert everything they touch. Democracy originally applied only to free-born landowning male citizens of a city-state or republic. Now it’s used to justify giving food stamps and driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in exchange for their votes. It’s quite understandable why the founding fathers deliberately avoided using the word democracy anywhere in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Democracy has turned out to be worst form of tyranny there is.

      Death to the Democratic Oligarchy!