18 March, 2014

Hungary: Man-Bites-Dog Story

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Incredible: 60 years later, a communist (not a Nazi) is going to answer for his crimes. But why did it take so many years for him to face justice? Answer: because the government he served was Jewish. Trivia: Jewish communists sacked Hungary twice, once in 1919 and again in 1949, but Americans never hear about it. All they hear about is Hitler, Hitler, Hitler.


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  7. One Response to “Hungary: Man-Bites-Dog Story”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I predict this story will receive somewhere around zero percent coverage in the western Jew-controlled press. But if by chance there is some mention, it’ll probably run like this:

      Sick, frail 92 year old unfairly put on trial for alleged “war crimes”

      By Leonard Rosenthal, Associated Jew Press

      Budapest (AP) An elderly man is going on trial this week in Budapest for his alleged involvement in the Soviet liberation of Hungary in 1956. The man, Mr. so and so, 92, was a Hungarian Communist Party official who helped restore calm and order to Hungary after neo-Nazi terrorists attempted to seize control of the central European country after the death of heroic Soviet leader Josef Stalin in 1953. For this unselfish act of bravery the Hungarian government has bowed to pressure from right-wing, anti-Semitic extremists and has agreed to put Mr. so and so on trial for so-called “war crimes” against the Hungarian people.

      “We’re concerned that this is going to be nothing but a 1930s Nazi-style show trial which will demonstrate how bigotry and intolerance are taking over Hungary”, said Deborah Kleinfeld, a spokesman for the US State Department. “This man is 92 years old and in poor health. Why must they persecute him so? Is it out of a need for revenge? That’s not what the court system is for. The State Department is looking very closely at this case to make sure that Mr. so-and so’s legal and human rights are not being violated.”

      On Monday a crowd of demonstrators in support of Mr. so and so staged an all-night vigil outside his jail cell downtown, demanding that authorities release Mr so and so on account of his age and poor health. “His only crime was that he was a so-called communist and that he loved the Proletariat”, said David Stern, a protester who traveled from New York to attend the demonstration. “We Jews don’t believe in revenge or in persecuting anyone, except Nazis and anti-Semitic scumbags like Ahmadinejad.”

      At a White House press conference on Tuesday spokesman Shmuley Bernstein said that if Mr so and so, a Jewish survivor of the Holocaustâ„¢, is found guilty of alleged war crimes the Obongo Administration may impose sanctions on Hungary. “All options are on the table, bubbi”, Mr. Bernstein said.