7 March, 2014

Movie About a Western Civ Teacher

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(Above: the Roman emperor Augustus)

I watched the 2002 movie “The Emperor’s Club” last night. It wasn’t a great movie or a bad movie, either, but that’s not the issue here. The issue here is Western Civilization college courses (newbies, “Western Civ” is the study of White culture from ancient Greece onward; in the movie, a Western Civ teacher does his best to instill a sense of history and Western values in his students. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes not). Western Civ was, at one time, required at American universities. You had to take it and pass it, or you couldn’t graduate. But today, Western Civ is no longer required at most universities. No wonder White people feel alienated and insignificant in America. They have no sense of who they are or what their ancestors did. They have no idea that White people created almost everything important in the world. The ending of Western Civ as a course requirement at universities was an important part of the assault on White culture.

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  7. 12 Responses to “Movie About a Western Civ Teacher”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      There is an open hostility towards White men on college campuses these days, especially White men from the “lower” classes. Working class White males are the most under-represented group of college students, with Jews, Orientals and White females being heavily over-represented. Those campus liberals are always whining about the need to “level the playing field”, they’re always chirping about “diversity” and “equality”……but we all know that those are nothing more than code-words for KILL THE GOYIM.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Most drooling kwans know more about MLK and the snivel rights movement than they do the history of their race and civilization. Already the kikocracy is rewriting Western Civ textbooks to depict Indo-Europeans as the most hideously evil race to ever walk the planet while muds are depicted as our moral and spiritual betters.

      Conservative kwans don’t like this trend, but think it’s just temporary and as long as they are making their money everything will work out. The rewriting of our history along equalitarian and Marxist lines is a serious matter, but they can never see the big picture

    3. fd Says:

      Napolean said history is a set of lies agreed upon.

      The education commissars are vicious. The history books have labeled the original Klan of the 19th century terrorists. wtf! The South has been called every name in the book with a continuous add-on.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Education commissars”….exactly! The original Klan of the Reconstruction Era was an anti-Union occupation/guerrilla resistance movement. In other words they were Southern patriots and heroes. Remember, if the Education Commies don’t like something then it must be good!

    5. fd Says:

      “Remember, if the Education Commies don’t like something then it must be good!” You nailed it, Tim McGreen LOL !

    6. -jc Says:

      Who We Are: the History of the White Race
      No people is morally and spiritually healthy unless it is imbued with a strong sense of its own identity. Essential to that sense of identity are an awareness and an understanding of all the qualities which the members of the people share in common.

      It is doubly imperative that every man and woman who claims the privilege of membership in a community based on the bonds of common race and common culture knows and takes pride in his racial and cultural history, for in this history are all the elements which give his community its unique character and differentiate its members from all those who are not members.

      When such knowledge and pride are lacking, a community is subject to a host of ills and cannot long endure. Solidarity and a sense of responsibility to the community give place to special-interest factionalism and alienation. A lack of a sense of identity blurs the distinction between compatriot and stranger, between friend and foe, and leaves the community prey to the greed or malice of aliens as well as of its own pathological members, who will grow mightily in numbers as loss of identity proceeds…

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      What other race but the White race could have sculpted such a magnificent statue like that one of Augustus Caesar? And what other race could have produced a leader comparable to Caesar but the White race? So why are we letting it all slip away, dammit?

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Unfortunately most history teachers in jr. and sr. high school seem to do a crappy job of teaching history. It’s just about memorizing a bunch of names and dates that have no relevance to anything but the next history test. The Treaty of Ghent? The Grand Duchy of Warsaw? Like, who cares? What a waste. And a scam. No wonder most public school teachers send their own kids to private schools.

    9. fd Says:

      Cleopatra was tough, smart and resourceful. In modern times we have Hillary.

      My 9th grade history teacher taught us that Rome fell apart because it bit off more than it could chew. There are several reasons why Rome collapsed. I believe all arguments can be placed under the heading: “Bit off more than it could chew.”

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      For history courses that are taught by people who have some soul, some passion, check out the Teaching Company.

      No dregs or wooden-heads there.

      Dr. Pierce gave a talk about economic man vs. real man. Economic man has taken over. He is the modern man—passionless, boring, “rational” (because he is afraid of feeling), but with a fixed half-smile on his bland face as he stands in the elevator with his briefcase.

      Most teachers, if they even had any passion, lose it early. They are forced to bow down to the system. This also is a sympton of economic man, and the system he has devised.

      Economic man could never sculpt a statue like the one shown. Not only does he does not have enough feeling to do it , but he would not get that much return on his investment of time and muscle. He would never want to sweat, or go to bed with aching arms from using a mallet and chisel all day. And he certainly would not have the muse burning within him.

      I piss on him.

      I piss on him.

    11. fd Says:

      A racist professor wrote on his website that if the ancients of Greece and Rome saw the Federal pageantry and modern sculptures on the Potomac, they would laugh themselves silly — especially the one of Lincoln sitting among the pillars masquerading as Zeus.

    12. Thom McQueen Says:

      oui, oui, Ant. I wee wee on them also.