28 April, 2014

Democrazy: an Equalizing Movement/Ideology, Like Communism, But Way Better Because You Can Vote for Charismatic Liars

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Daughter: “Daddy, what’s democracy?”

Father: “It’s ‘any retard can vote.'”

Daughter: “Hmmm. Why can ‘any retard’ vote?”

Father: “I’ve been asking myself that question for many years.” [1]


[1] the first democracy, in ancient Athens, was really equal: they chose politicians by lot, drawing names out of a hat, so to speak, which any communist would love, and that’s nearly the way it is in America today, i.e., any idiot can run for/hold public office. Democracy “equalizes” the citizens, just like Marxism

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    1. fd Says:

      American capitalism is a fraud. The Leviathan state which has been in power for 150 years taxes the citizen into poverty. Democracy, perfect equality, has reduced the 14th amendment police state citizen to a condition that he/she is forbidden to be better or different than any other person.

      Under the leviathan empire, everybody labors for consolidated despotism.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Here’s another thread that deserves dozens of thoughtful comments but will probably only get 7 or 8. And most of those will be from the usual ‘tards and trolls. But, fear not, I will once again do what I can to light the fuse.

      First off, the Athens of Pericles and Solon was a democracy, but only for the native-born, free White males of that city-state. No women, foreigners, slaves or coloreds were allowed to vote or participate in civic affairs. Which is as it should be, of course.

      Secondly, we should all know better than to believe anything put out by the right-wing dickheads at FOXJews. Both capitalism and the concept of modern “democracy” have failed. Except for the ruling elite, or the “democratic oligarchs” who run the show. They’ve made out like bandits under this system, because they are the bandits who set it up in the first place.

      Thirdly, no serious discussion about politics and the economy can be held without discussing race and the Jewish Question. No change or progress will be possible until those two vital issues are addressed, soberly and head-on.

      I’m going to leave the room now, but when I return I expect to see at least a dozen additional comments posted here. AND THEY HAD BETTER BE GOOD.

    3. Topkea Says:

      High Aryan democracy is the finest for of government. That means High Aryan Nordic property owning men. When Der Tag comes, only High Aryan male property owning citizens will be allowed to vote and hold public office. These men will be the elite – forming an invincible citizen army. Just a hundred or so of these men could easily conquer Mexico.

      We will be masters in our own land again. We will have nig and wetback slaves, and most will have at least a dozen fertile women. This will come when all the dweebs, peckers, fags, collaborators, and leftards are removed from the fucking gene pool. All the more women for us.


    4. Arminius Says:

      If stupidity would cause pain, imagine the crying in the world of “humankind”!
      Certainly Topkea would be heard as one of the loudest.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      The historical fact that ‘capitalists’, (I’m not talking about free enterprise which is an entirely different thing), are always keen to support communism in whatever form, shows where their real desires lie. Capitalist seek complete control and dominance which is why they are in willing alliance with big jew and the NWO.
      The elites by their control of ‘democrazy’ stifle real democracy. Greg Johnson makes this point clearly in his book “New Right versus Old Right” Here is a quote from the chapter “Notes on Populism, Elitism, and Democracy”.

      “The idea that the common good is the proper aim of politics is often mistaken for democracy, but they are not the same thing. The common good can be served by one man, the few, or the many. Furthermore, it is open to question as to which group – the one, the few, or the many – is most capable of securing the good of all.
      WN are, of course, racial populists. We believe that the only legitimate regime is one that secures the existence of our people and a future for White children”.

      Johnson’s book contains lots of good advice.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      This message pertains to the recently posted thread about Paul Weston and his LibertyGB party. It seems Mr. Weston got in trouble with ZOG-UK when he quoted Churchill’s observations on Mohammedanism to a public gathering in Hampshire a few days ago. CW, do you know anything about this incident, sir?


    7. CW-2 Says:

      Tim, I’m pleased RT reported that incident as there has been almost a blackout of that story. Weston of LibertyGB is now likely facing slammer time, but the manner of his arrest couldn’t be better. Seven cops arrive to disperse a public gathering and arrest a speaker who was peacefully exercising his right of free speech. Now anybody with half a brain can see the only free speech existing in the jewK is the power given to politicians to tell lies. Attempt to state the truth and look forward to jail time.