9 April, 2014

Gentile Apologizes to Jew. Why?

Posted by Socrates in Bolsheviks, communism, communism-as-Jewish, Holocaust, holocaust racket, holocaust survivors, Holocaustianity, Jewish aggression, Jewish arrogance, jewish hate & hypocrisy, Jewish history, Jewish myths, Marxism, nation-building/nation-wrecking, Nazi era, Nazis, Russia, Socrates, Soviet holocaust at 3:00 pm | Permanent Link

It should be the other way around. Are the Jews going to apologize for raping Russia in 1917 and then trying to communize all of Europe (which led to the “Holocaust”)? Are the Jews going to apologize for 3,000 years of nation-wrecking?


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  7. 10 Responses to “Gentile Apologizes to Jew. Why?”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      That article was so offensive that I couldn’t finish it. All that pathetic grovelling and snivelling in front of some 800 year old Jewess. Ugh! Let’s face it, about 75% of our Race is lost to us, they’re no better than the Jews themselves. Maybe even worse.

    2. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Tim, do you think the extreme subservience shown by this delusional German student and the roughly 35%-75% of Whites will be enough to push the worthwhile Whites into action, or will the percentage of the Race lost will continue to increase every generation?

      And if you think this one student is retarded, take a look at these lost causes:


      ps interesting fact that the holocaust survivor birthed one of the semi-regulars at VNN posting under the name george lenz/fdtwainth.

    3. fd Says:

      The German exchange student “felt the despair”. Is that like–I feel your pain? WTF. These Jew events are stage managed all over the place. How many billions of dollars have the Jews spent on their holocaust production? I forgot. The holocaust production is financed by tax dollars of whatever country it takes place. And there is a line in the article in reference to the Nazi children’s children, children. WTF !

      When you by your ticket, you go for a ride. Everybody is on the Jew train.

    4. Thom McQueen Says:


    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      As long as joo have the evanjellycutlist’s on their bandwagon itz will only get worse.

      When that crime happend in NYC/hymie town ala jessehyjackson that involved mass murder and insurance fraud I got a phone call.

      So I answered the phone and it was an evanjellycultist I had worked with, he was screaming hysterically on phone are you ready to accept jezzus now, and went breathing deeply and I said what you talking about ?

      Have you heard the the WTC builidngs have been attacked in NYC etc.

      For awake White’s with an I.Q. above 95, it is hard to take that so many of our people are deluded, brain washed and sick as they support they own annihilation with glee!

      Evanjellycultist’s are now pro fag, and are like any leftist in attacking you if you hint anything negative about ape savages!

    6. Topkea Says:

      fd is right – this was a stage managed event. The “German exchange student” was probably a plant, likely a chosenite herself. The holoco$t inturdstry is finance by Zogbuck$ raised by rabbinical taxes. EVERY SINGLE WHITE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD PAYS THE RABBINICAL TAX. I read somewhere that almost 10% of Germany’s tax revenue is ultimately turned over to isntreal. The figure in the US is probably higher.

    7. fd Says:

      I too suspect that the German exchange student is one of the chosen. Who authorized that bitch to apologize on behalf of Germany? Did she get permission from everyone in Germany? Fake, fake, fake.

    8. Thom McQueen Says:

      She is a Christian. they always grovel before jews.


    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Vive_Caucasia, those pathetic White assholes grovelling for “forgiveness” from the niggers must be Canadians. White Canadians are real PUSSIES. Canada should change its name to Douche-land. Hopefully, the niggers will slaughter each and every one of those White “adults”. But I hope the White kids get away and wake up before it’s too late. They’re better off as orphans than having such wretched parents.

      I don’t think the percentage of Whites who lose their minds will necessarily increase with each passing generation because the Jews and their Black “muscle” will always force a large minority of Whites to remain awake and defiant. Hopefully Whitey will eventually say “enough is enough!” and fight back.

      As long as there are even a small number of healthy, racially-conscious Whites alive there’s a chance for the survival of our Race. Unlike the Chinks, Arabs and Blacks we don’t need huge swarms of our own kind to take over and win. For us it’s a question of quality, not quantity.

    10. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Thank you for the opinion Tim.

      About those groveling pussies, the website lists “English, French, German and American” dullards, not Canadians but I could just as easily see Canadians behaving like this. In short, its the western and northern Europeans mainly of Germanic and Celtic descent that engage in this type of idiotic self-humiliation. The Anglo-Saxon world, in particular, has lost its balls despite having “won” all of the major conflicts over the last 300+ years. The Germans have been beaten into submission, and are still actively targeted for repression at the slightest hint of standing up for themselves. The Dutch and the Nordics are also actively engaging in mass suicide. The French and Italians and perhaps even Greeks , however, seem ready to rebel against the system if only the right type of leadership emerged there… The real brights spots are, ironically, the areas of Eastern Europe typically depicted as “dark and drab” by the controlled media, from the Slavic countries led by Russia and Belarus down to Armenia and westward to the Balkans and former Yugoslavia. There may be a ZOG or two that needs to be dealt with (ie Ukraine, the Baltic states, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and even Serbia), but you won’t ever find any of these people ever go groveling on bended knee apologizing to their historic Turkic and Islamic rivals and enemies. And most of the populations, and Churches and general organizations know and hate the Jews with a passion, and they know that Asians, Africans, Muslims and other foreigners have no business immigrating to Europe.

      I agree that those idiotic Whites groveling on their knees are viewed with utter contempt by the Africans, who will sooner or later destroy them. Check out how Africans burn even their own kind for reasons we will never understand:

      Witches burned alive in Kenya, Africa

      I don’t know, as far as I can tell most young White males have become pathetic, effeminate cowards, and White females act like easy access community property to the diverse citizens of America’s major cities. Quality over quantity is one thing, but big jew is pushing HARD to normalize race-mixing.

      ps about your earlier post on another thread, Neil Tyson Degrasse is certainly a smart, educated man. And clearly he can thank the large amount of White genes from some of his ancestors for that. However, like all Black Ph.D’s, his opinion of himself is a bit much and he likes the sound of “Doctor Tyson Degrasse”. I guess the same can be said about most White Ph.D holders as well. The bigger problem is how this one Black man, as opposed to countless Germans or Russians or Anglos who are top notch scientists, is held up as the standard to be worshiped by young Whites. Go on most major forums featuring college students, and you’ll see Tyson Degrasse upheld as the very embodiment of male perfection, with White girls and white boys drooling over him. Of all the people they could have picked to reboot Carl Sagan’s old Cosmos program, they of course pick the Black man. Much like Jew Einstein is presented as an intellectual diety, or Black Obama was the candidate of the people, or MLK, Rosa Parks, and Ceasar Chavez as heros of the common, working people. Or the most nonsensical of all: Michelle Obama as the embodiment of the ideal “woman”…