4 April, 2014

LGBT? PBBBBBTT! Queer Students Always Have to Call Attention to Themselves

Posted by Socrates in "gay", college, egalitarianism, homosexual themes, homosexuals, jewed culture, Socrates, universities at 4:56 pm | Permanent Link

They say they’re just like everyone else, yet, they don’t act like everyone else. Why is that?


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  7. 5 Responses to “LGBT? PBBBBBTT! Queer Students Always Have to Call Attention to Themselves”

    1. Topkea Says:

      If women knew their place, there would be NO faggotry. None at all. But now we make it legal for women to deny sex and obviously a man who rightly needs to bust his nut will find another man whose equally horn to shoot his wad.

      When Der Tag comes, you can bet your (hetero) asses that all this ‘rape’, ‘date rape’ and ‘marital rape’ bullshit will disappear. If the cunt doesn’t give it up, then bamboo canes and bike chains will teach the dumb bitch her place.

      I think all good, red-blooded WNs will be lining up to get some of these uppity cunts in pantsuits smacked up, before they start servicing White cock the way they were born to.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      After the Collapse most colleges and universities will be closed. They do nothing but extend the student’s period of adolescent immaturity well into his 20s and drive millions of young adults into debt with loans. The only remaining question is what to do with all the queers and other such liberal degenerates who infest those campuses? Some will be shot on sight, others will be put on public display in the stocks, while still others will be shipped off to labor camps in the Arctic Circle.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Those so-called institutions of higher education are really just tax-free money-making rackets that are hoarding billions of dollars in various trusts, endowments and investment funds. That money will be confiscated and redistributed to deserving poor White families in Appalachia. The land on which the campuses are located will be redeveloped into White Peoples’ Parks, free hospitals, free libraries and free museums. Campus housing will become affordable housing for the deserving poor.

    4. fd Says:

      Your right, Tim McGreen. The big universities do hoard billions of dollars. The University of Texas has what is known as a sacred cash cow worth billions of dollars accumulated from the oilfields of West Texas.

      I noticed that you mentioned the Appalachia. The crime rate in the Appalachia has always been low. A friend of mine from Kentucky told me the crime rate is low because their White people.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      The honest, hard-working White people of Appalachia are truly God’s Chosen, not that sneaky, mongrelized tribe of camel-traders and money-lenders from the Near East.