17 April, 2014

More New Stuff from Alex Linder

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What Does That Say About Me?

by Alex Linder.


“I absolutely love this song. Not sure what that says about me.” This idea that one has such interesting taste as proved by ones interests, which are invariably dark, eclectic or edgy in the mind of the so-speaker is just another manifestation of our society’s taught desire to achieve distinction without effort. Instead of excelling, one need merely disfigure oneself via tattoo, or like something for the right reason. It is cheap. It is meretricious adornment. You know what, silly person? Others aren’t that different from you. Smart or dumb, we like the same things for the same reasons. Tied up with this is the whole idea of watching this or that, or doing this or that, ironically. Really? You think that most people aren’t doing that when they like something cheesy or bad? You think they don’t view the thing pretty much the way you do? In what other ways are people totally different? Not many.

This is tied up, in its more pernicious forms, with WASP-associated high-mindedness. “I have to think well of myself. I must be this type of person. I must think of myself that way. If I do something out of line with my self-conception, I must either find an excuse for it or pretend it’s not happening.” You can see this mindset at work across the board. In politics, the WASP officially loves niggers but privately lives nowhere near them. In culture, he may slum, but he’s only watching what the plebs and proles watch ironically. He’s not watching it in the same way they are. Oh. Ok. You betcha. Proles drink Pabst because it’s cheap. Hipsters drink Pabst…for an obscure pseudo-intellectual reason. Merely goofy, that, but in politics we see where the damage comes in. Mere reality isn’t enough for some; they must Hamburger Help it with christ-insanity, on the right, or post-christ-insanity, on the left. Racialists should be comfortable in the world as is. Focusing on perceiving what’s actually there, and responding to it as makes sense.

What does it say about me? Always the same thing: you’re self-absorbed, and not nearly as interesting as you think. A one-word term for that is…common. Which used to be an effective insult; not so sure that holds today.”

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Also: the newest radio segment by Alex: [Here].

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  7. 4 Responses to “More New Stuff from Alex Linder”

    1. fd Says:

      Deep thoughts by Linder. The writing is eclectic for sure.

      “. . . the WASP officially loves niggers but privately lives nowhere near them.” The social science doctors call it–social distance. These people wage war against nature by promoting forced race mixing and forced equality.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Groak”…..ha, ha, sounds like a caveman word.

      Hackneyed phrases we can comfortably live without: “Don’t go there!” “Hey, it is what it is” , “I’m having a senior moment” and “That’s what she said!”

      The yiddishism I hate the most? Yadda, yadda. The yiddishism I still haven’t used yet, but would like to? Schlepping.

      I absolutely love the instrumental version of I say a little prayer for you by the Burt Bacharach Orchestra and Singers. Not sure what that says about me. I think it makes me cool in a Stewie Griffin/Austin Powers sort of way.

    3. Scott Franklin Says:


    4. Happy Days Says:

      The file of this show appears to be empty as of noon EST on 4/18.

      Damn it!